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DIY Cooktop Repair Videos - How to Troubleshoot a Cooktop Video
DIY Cooktop Repair

Learn How to Repair Your Cooktop in Minutes... with our DIY Cooktop Repair Help Videos... Today!

Why isn't my Cooktop working? Whether it's grease buildup or food crumbs, one of the most common causes for a gas burner that has trouble igniting is debris blocking gas flow to the igniter...

Cooktop Will Not Turn On

You can’t cook with an appliance that doesn’t operate. If you have tried turning it on, but it doesn’t, you have a problem that you should fix. You will experience this problem when you haven’t plugged the appliance in the power source. Before you call a repair technician, confirm that the unit is properly plugged in. Also, check the outlet and confirm that it’s not defective.

Surface Burners Will Not Heat

For the cooktop to cook the food, the coils need to heat. If the cooktop is receiving the power, but the coils aren’t heating, your problem may be easy to fix. This issue is usually comes due to loose connections between the coils and cooktop.

You don’t need professional skills to fix the coils but be sure to disconnect the power by unplugging the cooktop or turn off the breaker. You should remove the coils and clean them so that they can receive power.

Before you remove them, check that the coils are properly installed and there is nothing stuck between the coil element and stove. Sometimes all you need to do is to remove the blocking material and you are good to go.

If the outlet is working properly but the cooktop isn’t, chances are that there are issues with the internal components. Do you have the skills to fix the components? If you don’t, you should watch our DIY Cooktop Repair Videos that will help you out.

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DIY Cooktop Repair Help Videos - What Some of Our Very Satisfied Customers are Saying...

Love your videos! I have been watching for some months...

Love your videos! I have been watching for some months and have gain helpful tips and information which has lead to me having more confidence when approached with appliance issues. Keep the videos coming King!!
F. Klub...

Ice Maker Repair  - Thank thank thank you are the only video...

that I have found and I went through many a whole lot, and you are the only video that tells us to turn the top small cam wheel counter clockwise, into service mode! And you sir, are an angel.... thank you so much!

D. Majka

Dryer Repair - Saved Me A lot of Money...

Thank you for making this video! I was able to take my dryer apart and fix it confidently with this video. My dryer's issue was the thermal fuse/thermostat. I'm pretty sure I saved a lot of money with your help.

D. Mangalindan


Front Load LG Washer Leaking Water...

Chris, thank you very much for this video. You saved my family hundreds of dollars. I fixed this problem in 10 minutes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

G. Lopez

Front Load Washing Machine Repair...

Chris. Great video. I literally fixed in less than 15 min like you said. And the tip on #’ing the wires / taking it step by step... GOLDEN ADVICE. Thanks for sharing!!!

M. Merker


Thanks a million, Chris! I watched your video and must've had #2, a blocked or frozen flow tube (freezer was set to 7/7; coldest setting)? I let freezer thaw for just over a half hour with the freezer door open; Ice cube blessings were in the works: the cog then turned and did a full rotation (versus stuck and grinding noise), something clicked, old cubes were spit out, the arm then raised and water turned on and off to fill the "tray." Hallelujah and thank you!! God bless you for having taken the time to share your knowledge with the world. PS I now have freezer set to average coolness.

F. Fransen

GE Dryer Will Not Start...

What an amazing help! I was about to call a repairman when I thought might be smart to check. Thanks for the great video!

Heather H.

Why My Gas Stove Oven is Not Working or Heating...

OMG!!!!! best video for this problem, you are a GURU my friend. all steps covered start to finish... my kind of guy... throw the BS away. Cheers from Canada

Robert R.,

Troubleshooting Ice Maker Repair - Sears Kenmore Whirlpool Kitchenaid

After watching over a dozen troubleshooting videos, yours is the first one that covered the mechanics of the ice maker and the door switch. I had already replaced the inlet pumps and the icemaker, with no luck. After watching your video, I found it was simply a bad door switch.

Conrad F.,

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