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We are always adding Additional Courses. For now the 6 Main Courses offer many in-depth Modules and Units and the material is continually updated to keep things current to changes in technology, as appropriate.

Full Training & Support is provided with Step-by-Step Videos, Live Chat, and Technical Phone Support. If you get stuck at any time... We are Here for You...
How to Start a Profitable Appliance Business in 30 Days or Less
Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Made Easy
Apprenticeship, Beginners & No Experience Technicians
How to Operate a Profitable Appliance Repair Business... from the Start!

One of Our Packages offers a FREE Professionally Designed & Optimized Appliance Repair Business Website. That's one less thing you have to pay for to get your business up & running.
This is our foundation course, the place where most technicians, even those with experience, begin their journey towards mastering the appliance repair industry.

This part of the Course is for the Technicians with NO Experience. We start you off with the easiest Appliances first.

This allows you to grasp the repair & troubleshooting skills much easier & faster.

Seasoned & Experienced Technicians - Earn More $$$
Appliance Troubleshooting & Repair
Refrigerator Troubleshooting & Repair
This Course was designed to help the Technicians with Experience & would like to Earn More $$$, Be Your Own Boss, or work for themselves Part-Time or Full-Time.

Also, for the Techs that are working for an Independent or Large Appliance Repair Franchise Business, not happy with employer, over-worked, under-paid or just want to move on.
In the Appliance Troubleshooting & Repair Course, you will learn troubleshooting skills, NOT disassembly and parts changing skills. Anyone can guess and change parts.

Once you have become confident & proficient with the fundamentals, either through our above coursework or in your own experience.

You can focus in on refrigeration, this will be the one Appliance without a doubt that will make you the "Most Money" in Your Appliance Repair Career!
Selling Used Appliances Business - Average $1000 to $1500 a Week
How to Get Hands-On Appliance Repair Training
How to Get Hands-On Appliance Repair Training
How to Find Free & Cheap Appliances, Repair & Sell - Make on Average an Extra $1000 to $1500 a Week or more... !

Earn While You Learn! How to Get Hands-On Appliance Training from the Comfort of Your Home... We Show You How!

Appliance Certification Final Exam has over 80+ Appliance Questions. Don't worry we will teach you what you need to know and...

Your Appliance Training Career Starts Here...

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