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Who is Ask the Appliance Repair Guy? Why Choose Our Appliance Repair Training Help Videos? That's easy we offer an "All-in-One" Appliance Repair Training Videos. Take a Look at the video below...

Welcome to Ask the Appliance Repair Guy... Also known as...AARG

AARG will quickly become DIYers best friend, offering DIY Appliance Repair videos, materials, manuals, etc.. Our primary goals is to save do-it-yourself home owners money, time & frustration on how to repair your broken appliances yourself without paying high service calls (average $75 - $150) and NOT to mention the cost of parts and labor.

Here you will find Easy, Simple, Very Affordable Step-by-Step Videos with troubleshooting shortcuts & repairs that will have your appliance up and running (most of the time the same day) and a lot of extra bonuses inside our membership(s) with unlimited access.

We will provide the resources you need such as; Always Up-to-date Materials, Easy to follow Step-by-Step Videos, Troubleshooting Shortcuts, Appliance Tech Pro, etc...

But most importantly, you will find the tools you need to fix your appliance with ease.

Here at AARG, we encourage you, we inspire you and we motivate you with skills necessary to repair your appliance as soon as possible.

How We Got Started!

AARG began almost thirteen (13) years ago in a very proud moment, when my son expressed his interest in learning all about repairing appliances. After scouring the web and the real world for appliance repair courses and schools,

Right now, we are proud to present the simplest, easiest and most affordable Appliance Repair Training videos and memberships that can and will give you the knowledge & tools you need to properly & correctly diagnose, troubleshoot & repair any of your major home appliances.

Our premium memberships will indeed be a very powerful asset because it is simple, easy to follow, step-by-step & self-paced and you can access them from anywhere as long as you have a basic internet connection.

DIY Appliance Repair Made Easy
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