Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair

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This http://applianceassistant.com appliance repair video looks closely at the repair of a whirlpool built washer. This appliance repair video of for washer …


Ric Cross says:

who’s the band in the intro?

Jeffery Brown says:

I have a Whirlpool Estate. It seems to work fine, except AFTER THE CYCLE
FINISHES, it starts refilling again, and if you let it go, it doesn’t stop
filling. It just over fills, and continues to overfill =(

I took it apart and checked where the water comes in, but I couldn’t see
any problems, except I could blow through the cold side, but the hot side
would not let me blow through it. Could this be my problem?

Rita Hilliard says:

My Whirlpool duet front load washer will slowly fill with water after use.
Is there anything I could check before calling a repairman?

Jim Riddle says:

This video is so INCREDIBLY helpful. I needed to replace the pump.
Everywhere else that I raid said to lay the washer on its left side – an
incredibly easy and safe thing to do NOTNOTNOT. IN 2 minutes, you can have
the cabinet off, sit on a short stool and in another 3 minutes have the
pump replaced. 2 more minutes to put the cabinet back on, and you don’t
even have time for your coffee to get cold!!!

Etienne Drouin says:

Thanks !!

Haley Kovach says:

I have a whirlpool washer model LEB6200KQ2 and the washer will fill with
water but will not drain water or spin and tried on all cycles but will not

Wash Speed says:

speed can be checked with this app

Amber Satterwhite says:

My husband and kids went out of town and I decided to catch up on laundry.
After my washer filled, it stopped doing anything. I tried to start it and
it made a clicking noise. It has done this before and a professional came
out and noticed we had a sock stuck in the pump. I didn’t want to pay
someone to come out, so I used this video to get to the pump to remove my
daughter’s sock. THANK YOU! To say my husband was shocked was an

tylonda jenkins says:

I have a whirpool cabrio washer im pretty sure my timing is off..how do I
fix this myself

Digitalozzie says:

I have a 2003 Maytag HAV2558AWW Rev. 10. It currently still works and runs
through all cycles but recently started making a bit of a rumbling noise
during the spin cycle even though it is not out of balance. Does this model
have a spin bearing that may be going out? Or could the clutch starting to
slip make a low rumble sound? I haven’t pulled it apart yet because it is
still working. Need your advice on what to look for. Thanks.

ryann2k1 says:

Thanks for the video. My whirpool has a problem that after spinning then
the cycle repeat to fill the water while keep spinning. it never stop. The
water valve, I guess, is still functioning well as other cycle work fine.
would it be the control board problem?thanks

lp1guy says:

Thanks sooOO Much!!! 

Daynisha Morrow says:

When i press start my washer wont light up..

Jason Nelson says:

Wow, great video, I’ll bet these guys are also the musicians that play the
background music too…..I’ll bet the “appliance assistant” is the
guitarist…Was I right? (I’ll bet I’m close…..

applianceassistant says:

Awesome! Thanks for the comment!

grergs says:

I have one the same, like a whirlpool, but wen it spins to drain the water,
wen it goes fast, it like jumps frantically, like it jumps off its axel or
something, do you know why, and how, or where I can get it fixed?

Mitchell Vackar says:

I just replaced the belts on mine and turns out i didnt have to remove the
shell just tilt it backwards I would look under it before going through the
trouble of removing the shell just a thought.

applianceassistant says:

@isracueto Thanks for your comment! I’m glad I could help!

hpdragon723 says:

Make one on how to replace the bearings on a Whirpool Cabrio. Good video.

NAS KHAN says:

No i didt and if you do i would appreciate it, i have whirlpool Awo/D 4405
and i put a blanket to wash the machine was full i had to punch the blanket
and close the door (i did the machine wrong) i went out and when i come
back the machine did me wrong it was water every where, so now when i click
on START button water leaks from the part where u put washing powder. (i
think its blocked by powder, the water comes and it doest go to clothes its
blocked it leakes from that part, thanks.

applianceassistant says:

If it’s this type of washer and it just fills with water and sits
there…Then I would look at the lid switch first… I have a video for lid
switch repair on this type of washer posted on my channel. However, most
other top load washers work the same way. some will agitate and not spin
but most just fill up and stop. Hope that helps!

applianceassistant says:

You may want to look at the tub and suspension video that may give you a
better idea of how things should look… But I would guess that the rear
tub suspension spring may have broken or rusted through its mounting hole
in the frame. Also check that it is still good an level. Sometimes they can
move on the floor and find a low or high spot and get out of balance. Good

Jonathan Seale says:

Looking for a new washer? go to washingmachinereviewz com

Jason Stout says:

My top load washer is leaking water but it does not seem to be comming from
the inlets at the rear of the machine… any thoughts?

applianceassistant says:

No problem ; ) Did you get it figured out? can I help?

dorsome says:

please i woke up this morning and there was water on the floor from the
washing maschine help what can i do.is it serious ?

biglou250 says:

This video saved me from prying my washer apart with a crowbar. Thanks, in
the end I probably saved $150 by doing the repair job myself.

jim taus says:

i have a estate whirlpool washer,everything works but it won’t spin.The
agatater water in and out work right on spin cycle also.I wonder if someone
could let me know 1 or 2 things it could be!! thanks

ApplianceRepairLocal says:

Thank you for sharing this!

applianceassistant says:

I’m having a hard time finding diagrams for that model from the USA based
websites… In most cases a front loading washer would need to have the
rear half of the tub replaced. : ( However I’m not sure if that washer is
actually produced by whirlpool so I can’t be sure without a diagram. Here
they permanently press the bearing into the back of the tub… not a fun
repair, and usually a very expensive part. Sorry I can’t be more clear with
the info… i hope that helps some! Good luck!

applianceassistant says:

@Desiboomommy What is your brand and model number?

sean mcmanamon says:

My Whirlpool toploader does not drain completely, leaving about 10% at the
bottom. Also when you pull the timer to start a cycle, it seems like it is
starting up in the wrong part of the cycle. Does that make sense? I’m
fairly handy, what do you suggest?

smb3825 says:

Thanks this helped. Didn’t have to call a repair man

meape says:

I never took apart a washing machine before. Thanks to your video I didn’t
just start ripping stuff apart and try to figure it out as I went.

Surf the Bible says:

Your video worked for me! I appreciate the quality of the videos, too. 🙂
It kept me from buying a new machine.

William R. Murphy says:

My whirl pool washer will go thru the washer cycle, but when it comes to
the rinse cycle it will not spine out, also it has been leeking some out
under the unit. it agates ok fills the wash cycle , won’t drain or spin
out. what could the problem be Bill

applianceassistant says:

Votre très bienvenue! Je suis content que cela a aidé!

Tara Blackburn says:

my washer fills up with water but wont spin. i took the front off and a
black thin “belt” looking thing fell out, it was broken. i called Sears
Parts Direct and they told me that the model i have does not have a belt. i
am holding what i thought is the belt in my hand…what else could it be ?
i have spent an hour on the phone with the parts line and no one seems to
know what part i am talking about. i am 2 hours away fromthe nearest parts
store – just hoping you can help. thanks

applianceassistant says:

If it is blowing the circuit breaker there is most likely a short somewhere
in the washer’s electrical system. It may be in the timer but it can also
be somewhere else. You will need to know how to use a multimeter for
checking continuity. You will also need to know how to read a wire diagram.
If the washer is in good condition visually, and you are not comfortable
with tracking down a short you may want to call a tech to troubleshoot it.
It’s not as easy as a lid switch or motor coupling:(

applianceassistant says:

Hope that CRAIGSLIST washer works well…

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