Troubleshooting A Dryer That Won’t Heat |

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In this video you’ll learn why your dryer might not be heating properly. Remember, parts are specific to your model and the ones shown today may not be the r…


JettyJetShow says:

Hey there, my whirlpool dryer will not heat Lec5000pq0, and the timer will
not advance. Ive looked at the site, and it seems i need the heating
element AS WELL as thermal fuse. Is this the solution? THank you!

Jeff Lebowski says:

My electric dryer wouldn’t heat but the interior light and motor worked, I
took the dryer apart and tested everything, all of the parts passed the
continuity test so it baffled me. It turned out to be the circuit breaker,
there are two lines(120v + 120v) that run to your 240v dryer and stove. If
all else fails check the circuit breaker.

zerocool1ist says:

I am sure my dryer thermal fuse is blown prob from somebody not making sure
the lint trap was clean and clear before drying and the dryer got so hot
that the fail safe fuse blew. It is not the first time this is like the
third blown fuse i use to have a note taped to dryer saying in huge letters
CLEAR LINT TRAP i took it off and a week later BAM! I cheked main fuse box
ALL GOOD. Maybe i can use a paper clip to complete the blown fuse circuit?
Its crazy with lazy people not clearing lint this can be a weekly problem
lol about 60$ to fix.

Tyrone Jones says:

My Whirlpool electric dryer (model #GEC9858HQ1) stopped heating (I stopped
the dryer when I saw/smelled smoke). I checked the lint filter (it only had
a little lint on it from trying to dry a bath rug 2 days ago) and back hose
for airflow problems, but so far nothing. I also checked the circuit
breakers, finding that none of them had popped. Then I opened the back
panel of the dryer to check the plug itself and found that one of the
connecting ground wires was fried. It runs normally, but without heat. My
theory is (if true) that a nut might not be screwed into the bolt correctly
to connect the ground wire that’s fried. I was attempting to correct this
problem when I first got the dryer, but my sister was in a big hurry to
turn it on. What do you think?

amberview30 says:

The music is distracting.

jeanette marquez says:

Hi I recently bought a high limit thermal (53-0771) for capacity plus
admiral, the model number for the capacity plus admiral is LNC8764A71 and
my question is were can I install the high limit thermal that I recently
purchased? Can you specifically describe to me were I can install this?
Thank you for your help

William Ryle says:

got it fixed. one of the porcelain stand offs that keeps the element off
the housing apparently was missing. the coil had fused to the housing and
burnt out. replaced it and got a new standoff and its fixed. thanks for the
video. not so hard when someone shows you how to do it. thanks again

Ernest Watkins says:

great video series i was able to watch and fix my dryer. First time
working on a dryer and it went well

dovie2blue says:

It would be great if you could SHOW US the parts of the dryer and where
they might be inside the dryer. Demonstrate as you talk, in other words.
Thanks for the info.

Saba Khan says:

I have a gas dryer. My dryer is drying the clothes but it is taking longer
than usual because the dryer is not geting as warm as it usually does. I
have to run the dry cycle twice and even than some of the clothes are not
dry. Any suggestions please…

Blake Babin says:

Hello I have Whirlpool Cabrio Electric Dyer that will not heat but
everything else works fine, would the be the thermal cutoff or the
thermostat or both plus the fuse? 

William Ryle says:

replaced my thermostat and heating element, a coil type in my frigidaire.
when i first turned it on it got really hot and i thought it was fixed.
went in to check twenty minutes later and again it was not heating well. i
checked the thermal limiter for continuity and i have it. what in the world
could it be.

William Ryle says:

oh yeah. all the lent is cleaned out and the vent is a straight shot out
the room. no kinks.

PartSelect says:

@Olen4Change Thanks for the compliment.

PartSelect says:

Thank you for the compliment! We love hearing from DIY’ers. We have a large
library of repair videos so if you ever need any help with any future
repairs I hope you’ll check out our videos.

PartSelect says:

@Sandra Tee We’re regularly adding new videos but as of yet we do not have
videos for testing parts with a multimeter. We have information available
on our website PartSelect . com in our Free Help Section that will describe
how to test the heater, element fuses. If you do need more help then please
let us know and also provide the dryer’s model number.

RikaKazak says:

I really liked the video. And as someone that knows how to test continuity
etc. (I’m a landlord and replace everything from a hot water tank heating
element to a dishwasher drain pump)…having the video “moving along” and
not lasting 15+ minutes is nice. (turned out the dryer was only getting
110…something you caught in this video, but I haven’t seen in the 8 years
I’ve been doing this)

Dronron says:

Thanks! I need to replace it anyway (since it hasn’t been going through the
timing cycles for a while), so I will do that later today and let you know
how it works out.

PartSelect says:

Thank you for your comment about the video.

PartSelect says:

I would inspect the outlet and make sure the dryer is getting between 220 –
240 volts from the outlet. Check that none of the fuses/breakers have been
tripped as the dryer needs 2 of them to operate correctly.

PartSelect says:

@ITALIAN REUNITED The problem may be with the gas valve coils. I’ll send
you instructions on how to test this part with a multi-meter. Let us know
the results of your tests.

Dronron says:

Thanks for the info. So after having done all the things above and finally
replacing the timer, the dryer still does not heat. Do you have any other
ideas by chance? I’m running out of options and any advice would be much

bill5martin1 says:

BTW, I have an electric dryer, If that helps any.

jedimagi says:

Do you have a video on how to replace part 3980062 or 3978918 (Machine
Control Electronics) for Kenmore dryer model 110.82822102? I have checked
and/or replaced heating element, thermal cut-off, thermostat along with the
thermal fuse and thermistor, but still there is no heat. Going through the
tech sheet for this model, it appears the only remaining thing could be the
Machine Control Electronics circuit board (inside dryer, not touch-pad
user-interface). Much thanks for your excellent videos.


i have a one problem, have a dryer, gas turn on (fire) go off after a 5mins
of less. replaced all main electrical parts. ex for 2 coils on the gas
burner. what you think could be causing that?

tomkat006 says:

Helpful general overview. Thanks!

bill5martin1 says:

One of the two thermostats on my whirlpool dryer burnt out.You can see
where the wire started to melt, but not to badly. I bought a brand new
thermostat & received it today. I replaced it, but it still won’t work. It
tumbles,but no air comes out. The exhaust comes out though & is cold..I am
confused, because even with the one thermostat out. Wouldn’t the second one
pick up some slack & it would take longer to dry? Do you have any tips? I
don’t have the money to buy’t a new dryer.

PartSelect says:

@whatnameisleftaghh I saw the video about your dryer. We have a dryer noise
troubleshooting video that I will send you to compare the noises from your
dryer to the sounds in our video. If you need more specific help then
please provide your dryer’s model number.

PartSelect says:


Dwayne Rabalais says:

I have a whirlpool estate electric dryer that seems to heat inconsistently.
It takes multiple cycles to dry a single load of clothes. Both filter and
vent have been cleaned, thermofuse, and all thermostats have been checked
for continuity. Any other suggestions?

Tom thao says:

I have a gas dryer, Frididaire. It will heat up only the first time and
after the heat goes off, it never come back again until i turn the dryer
off and turn on again. Anytime i want to dry my clothes, i have to turn on
it couple times. The blower works great. Anybody has any suggestion will be

4deneydurr says:

It was just nice to knoe what parts where which. I wish, though, that there
was someone there showing repairs to the dryer. Kinda like the show “Home
Improvement”-Tim Allen

PartSelect says:

@4deneydurr We have repair video’s for replacing parts for dryers. If you
can provide your dryer’s model number and the symptom’s you’re having then
I can search out and see if we have the appropriate video. I will also
email you this information.

PartSelect says:

@Teri Ollila Have you recently updated your Adobe Flash Player? If you’re
using an older version of the Flash Player then some of our video’s won’t
load. You can updated it on their website. Thank you for letting us know
about your problem. I’ll also email you this information.

Tom thao says:

Thank you for your suggestion. I will do that.

ruhtraenedla says:

The guitar music in these otherwise useful videos is distracting and, after
awhile, very irritating. Also repeating the lengthy description about
getting parts from Parts Select is also annoying after awhile. Also is
useful to have someone actually demonstrate where to make actual
multi-meter checks,- just having someone lecture is poor use of the medium.

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