Trina Foster In… Washing Machine Repair DIY Won’t Drain Spin or Agitate Lid Switch HELP

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Close So Your Washing Machine is acting up ? WON’T Drain, Spin, or Agitate and is Agitating YOU!! (Also TV Repa…

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John Bruches says:

Trina, these are details people need to see. People need to see how to get
inside the case of washers and dryers and then how to reassemble them. My
brother cut a hole in the side of his dryer, and then gave me a call and
asked how to open it up.

chuck debbie says:

Trina love your video. This occurs from women sitting on their washing
machine. I believe they sit on it for a thrill. wink wink.

foxfire77blue says:

Thank you so much. I was able to fix this all on my own, and it works!!!

Sheri Burbridge says:

Trina, thank you SO MUCH for posting this! My switch broke in half last
week and this video have me the courage to order the part and do the repair
myself! I followed along with your video and besides a rusty bolt and
getting that case on, it was so easy!! You are awesome, thanks for
inspiring me :-)

Moy Musouka says:

This is an amazing video. Thanks for posting!

Martha Roberts says:

You are so CUTE! 🙂 Thanks for the very informative video, I really
appreciate the details and your concise description of every step, keep up
the good work!

nicbreck10 says:

It is almost 1:00am and I just finished fixing the lid switch after finding
your video just a little while ago. Thank you so much for your video
tutorial! Normally I would have to call someone to do something like this
for me but was able to do it myself FOR FREE! 🙂 Your video was great and
so easy to follow along! 

kenneth maze says:
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Trina Foster says:

@martinccy Hooray!!! Way To Go!! I’m So Glad you did… Whoopee!!! Hey!!,
Hey! Proud Of You…Good Job!!

clleaner says:

I looked around and almost had a repair man come out THANK YOU!!!!!! SO MUCH

Trina Foster says:

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ONLINE ALWAYS… Thanks Again!

Bill Moir says:

righty tighty, lefty loosy, aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Trina Foster says:

Thank You However.. This IS how I Dress EVERYDAY! In Fact this was Casual
for me because I was doing a repair… I normally wear FULL dresses with
petticoats.. Thank You for the comment and for watching 🙂

Blackseed1978 says:

Great job ! Thank you.

T Hillyer says:

Thanks so much.

Trina Foster says:

Oh, Thank You So Much!!! I really appreciate it!! I will subscribe you too..

jjt2me says:

Thanks so much for showing the reassembly and giving commentary about it. I
had trouble getting the washer shell back on, didn’t know how it was
supposed to fit, and was really struggling. Everything in the video was so
clear and complete. Thank you. P.S. my lid switch had separated along its
midline, so I just epoxied the two halves back together, and it works.

Emiel Bressington says:

Repairing the old lid switch with cable ties will last longer than the new
lid switch. If you must put in a new lid switch you should put a cable tie
around the switch itself so that it will never break open again. then your
lid switch will NEVER fail.

J Cords says:

You don’t need makeup and a costume from your wardrobe. You know enough to
keep the audience attention.

ccranger109 says:

Thanks for posting this DIY video, it was just what I needed to be able to
complete my project successfully. Big MUAH

Isaac Bailey says:

OMG Just watched that video INCEPTION!

Trina Foster says:

Huh???? Really???? Didn’t know that…. Do You mean to secure the lid switch
in an effort to prevent the lid switch from coming loose and eventually
breaking??~ Im assuming..?? Thanks for the tip… **Trina**

Trina Foster says:

Glad to have saved you Money! That was good you checked the pump! Sometimes
socks, stuffed toys, or underwear can get in there too… You are a
Fabulous Do It Yourselfer ! Hooray!! Thanks for watching xoxo Always Karen !

Trina Foster says:

Glad you did this yourself !! WHOOPEE!! I’m So Proud of You!! 🙂 Okay You
are having trouble with getting the Shell back ON the rails? It is THE Most
difficult part of the repair getting the shell onto the rails! YIKES! If
you can have someone HELP you it works better- Have ONE person lift the
shell as YOU get down and Look at the rails , Then help that person set
them on to ALIGN them- It can take some force and can be frustrating but it
helps to have TEAM WORK. Let Me Know what happens 🙂

hardi tjang says:

when i turn the timer. i heard something unusual. after that, my washing
machine wont drain and spin. then i came youtube… ill go buy lid Switch

Trina Foster says:

Yippeee!! I am soooo thrilled it worked for you!!! Glad you gave it a whirl
as DIY Girl.. Way to go!! Thanks For Watching and Letting me Know it

Trina Foster says:

You Did it!!!!!! ~~~~~~ALRIGHT!! ~~~~~~ ………..WAAAAY TO GO!!!……….. VERY
PROUD of You!!! FANTASTIC!! Great Idea using the tubing my friend.. 🙂
Love That… Thank You sooo much for letting me know…. Wonderful!!!!

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