Shipping Bolts (part #4011FR3159D) – LG/Kenmore Washer Repair

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Grace Biondi says:

where can i buy shipping bolts for my washer says:

There isn’t necessarily anything damaged in the washer. I would suggest
just turning it on and seeing if it works.

Ben Frazier says:

does the tub need to be in a certain position to install the bolts
properly? do you have a video on draining the washer? says:

No, the tub doesn’t need to be in a certain position. We do not have a
video on draining the washer.

RedRider2001 says:

I inherited an LG front loading washer and dryer from my parents and had it
shipped across the country (with a lot of other stuff). Nobody knew
anything about shipping bolts and so they weren’t installed. Should I
expect damage to the drums or anything else (they are already moved and are
in storage now)? What can I expect to need to repair? Even if I have to pay
money to repair them it still might be worth it since I’m upgrading from a
15 year old washer and a 30 year old Maytag dryer.

Excursion911 says:

THANK YOU very much. I received the washer directly from Sears with three
bolts removed and one remaining. It vibrated all over the floor during the
spin cycle. I didn’t know what the shipping bolts looked like. Your video
was so helpful. I removed the last shipping bolt and it works great. I only
ran a few moments with the shipping bolt in the machine. How do I know if I
damaged the machine by running with bolt left inside? Thanks

Melinda Bod says:

4 Professionals could not find the problem with my Washing Machine… until
i came across this Video on YouTube about ‘SHIPPING BOLTS’ and ask them to
watch and remove them. 3 months of madness as my Washer danced all over the
Kitchen floor like a thing Possessed!! Moral of this POST: When you buy a
Washing Machine – make sure the SHIPPING BOLTS ARE REMOVED before the
Delivery Men or Contractor leaves your House!!! Thank you for this Video. says:

You’re welcome! I wouldn’t worry about damage to your washer unless you
notice something going wrong.

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