Rotor (part #AHL72914402) – LG Washer Repair

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Buy part #AHL72914402 now: This free troubleshooting video shows step-by-step instructions on repla…


hotrodder4891 says:

I looked and could not find the link. If you could post it here that would
be a great help! Thanks

heylookacar says:

The video makes it look easy – it’s not that easy but it is very doable says:


Tuttoirlanda says:

Is this a common issue with LG washing machines?

rover2007514 says:

I’ve had my washer since 1/10 and had to replace this in 11/11 and now
again this month (12/12). While it’s easy to fix, at $86 for the part, it
makes me yearn for my old top loader. Good thing I bought the $99 svc plan.
These things are a P-O-S…

dan7102 says:

I have had to replace this part 4 times in four years. Absolutely the worst
design ever! Cheap plastic gear to mesh with a metal shaft! Really!!? And
you have to buy the whole rotor assembly just to replace that stupid
plastic hub that probably costs $5.

S.K. Richmond says:

They make the part with metal insert now. (Metal on Metal contact) just
bought one and repaired it within 10 minutes. Very easy repair. says:

YouTube doesn’t allow you to put links in comments. If you look directly
above where the comments for this video start, the link is right there. It
says “Buy part #AHL72914402 now:” and the link is right below that.

hotrodder4891 says:

Where did you find this part in metal? Thanks. says:

On our website. There is a link in the description.

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