Pump & Motor Assembly Replacement (part #AJH31248604) – LG Dishwasher Repair

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Buy part #AJH31248604 now: http://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/1472730?TLSID=1621 This free troubleshooting video shows step-by-step instructions on repla…

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Gord Wait says:

The trouble with knowing how to fix things, is I end up fixing things..

This was my evening..

David Courington says:

Thanks for putting out a great video! I just had to replace the motor in my
LG and this vieo was spot on for showing every step.

Marcel Nienhuis says:

Thanks. Very clear and easy to follow. 

Martha Yim says:

I replaced the sump and motor assembly on my LG washer today and now when I
turn it on there is no water entering the machine. Yes I turned the water
line back o. Please help!

johnny alonso says:

my LG stopped getting water into the dishwasher. also the blades arent
spinning. im hoping its the motor assembly. any advice?? regardless – this
is an excellent tutorial. very easy step by step video. def recommended.

RepairClinic.com says:

I would recommend using the repair help section of our website (link in the
description). If you enter your dishwasher’s model number there you’ll have
access to model, part, and symptom specific repair help.

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