LG Washer Repair – Leaking Water – WM2101HW

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Fix your LG Front Load Washer that has these following dilemmas: Leaking Water At: http://www.appliancevideo.com In order to complete this repair you will ne…


ApplianceVideo.com says:

Its based normally on how much the customer uses the product. 

ApplianceVideo.com says:

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poppyshoessp says:

Great video. Very informative. 

Richard Foster says:

Why wouldn’t you take the front cabinet off? It makes it a lot easier. The
tool for the outer tub spring made by LG does not work. I can replace a
door gasket on a LG washer in 45 minutes. And I take the front off.

Richard Foster says:

See this video Door Boot Seal (part #4986ER0004F) – LG/Kenmore Washer Repair

bobthebull says:

Thank you Appliancevideo.com………. it has been very useful information
for us. On the base of this video, we can decide now whether to
troubleshoot the problem by our own or shall call so expert

amdnovello says:

I guess that lg machines give a lot of work ;)

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