Kenmore Whirlpool Dryer Won’t Start – Easy Fix

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This video will show you what you need to check if you press the start button on your Kenmore or Whirlpool Dryer and it does not start up. It does nothing an…


kedra626 says:

Mines makes a buzzing noise but won’t start…any suggestions?? It’s a
Inglis IED4400VQ1

kedra626 says:

Mines makes a buzzing noise but won’t start…any suggestions?? It’s a
Inglis IED4400VQ1

Stone Primeaux says:

Thank you very much you saved me a lot of money simple fix 

Michael Priddis says:

Rock on man! That worked for my dryer. Saved me $1000 because my wife was
expecting us to go to the store and buy “A new washing and dryer. The
stackable ones in blue.” Thanks!

Chadwick Cornett says:

Thank you you where dead on thanks

Jelsick says:

It wouldn’t start. Unplugged it tried it again and it worked. Let it sit
for a couple of hours and tried it again. Wouldn’t start again. Unplugged
It again and it started. I’ll try replacing the fuse as it seems to be an
intermittent problem. It may go out completely soon. thanks for the

Anna Hemingway says:

Wish you would have shown how much of the dryer to take apart to get to the

Daniel Botha says:

Thanks a lot, fixed it!!!

Jeremy Matthews says:

Where can I find a thermal fuse or part number it a whirlpool if that helps

Angela Price says:

I’m trying it….

weedbgone says:

Thank you so much! I put electrical tape on those wires put them together
and boom it worked! you just saved me hundreds!! Part was $12 at sears.

Shelley Hutchins says:

Hello Mr. Bill, my question is about taking the back off. It appears that
my back does not come off. Rather when I removed the screws, it looked like
it released the drum casing. Could this be due to my dryer being a cheaper
model? It is a Kenmore 90 series. If this is the case do I have any other
options for getting to the fuse?

B Mauritsen says:

I have a whirlpool duet, lights come on but when I press start it beeps
once the sensing light turns on and that’s it (no buzzing or humming
noises). I tried the diagnostics codes and came up with 02, i also checked
the door, lint and moisture sensor. any suggestions?

Blaine Motsinger says:

Yep, it’s the lug nut…fixed it

Alanna Vang says:

hi there Bill Newberry hope u can help me out. Ok heres my problem i
rescent replace my termal fuse on my electric dryer cause it went out, so
it worked for about 2 months now so this morning i turn it on it stop
working. I can c the heat element kick on everytime i turn it on but no

Spyder Dogg says:

what could be the issue if im having the same exact symptoms ….and this
hack isnt doing anything for me???

Keith Leeman says:

That’s what I needed thanks! 

calhoonas says:

Awesome video! Solved our problem, and now we’re off to replace the fuses.
Thanks so much!

Mike Kerbs says:

you rock bro!

Heather Alford says:

Thanks for the video! My dryer is doing exactly what you describe in your
video except for that it does produce heat. You didn’t mention that.
Could it still be the thermal fuse?

rodrigo medina says:

Thanks Bill ,Awesome video exactly what I needed!

travis roland says:

Thank u so much

robviolin1 says:

Great vid. Thanks

Rob Chapman says:

Thank you!! My dryer hasn’t worked for almost 3 weeks. This solved the

John Day says:

what is the part number for the fuse. Does lowes carry it?

Tiffany Willms says:

nice video mine does nothing and i did a test on it and i got the f1 code
replaced part and now getting the f2 code any thoughts?

Jared Hildebrandt says:

Thanks for the video! I was able to fix my dryer with a $15 part and 30
minutes of my time!

John Bedell says:

Bill, thanks so much. Can I run the dryer with the fuse by-passed until
the part arrives? Two days? I have vacuumed out the dryer intake and
blower along with flushing out the vent. What is your thoughts?

hobhamwich says:

I am not going to recommend you do this.

Bathsheba says:

It worked! Thank you.

Larry Laidman says:

Thanks Bill! Saved me hundreds on repair tech or new dryer. Problem was
exactly what you indicated. On our way to get a replacement fuse before
running again.
Have a great day, mine is allready better!

mwfWolverine says:

Awesome! Just what I needed….thanks!

James Mills says:

i think this is it.

Michael Enciso says:

Dryer works again, THANKS!!!

Ken Atchison says:

Great thanks exactly what I needed!

Melissa White says:

Worked for me and was easy!! Thanks so much!

JA Quinn says:

i got good voltage and thermal fuse read good. what now? i have a roepr
dryer. how do i check operating thermostat or start switch? 

wturney84 says:

Awesome video. I was working on mine and found this video. All good now.

Pink Floyd Tone Hound says:

Awesome tip!!!! it quickly diagnosed the problem -saved me hundreds of
dollars!!! Thank you SO much!!!!!! Now to just source a replacement

Kathy Katherine says:

I had just finished installing a new heater element around 1 month ago then
the dryer would NOT start. I just changed the thermal fuse and IT
STARTED. Thank you for making the video. It’s really EASY to do, but I
find putting the back on again the hardest. Lol :D

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