How to replace washing machine bearings

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In this video Matt replaces the drum bearings on a Bosch washing machine. Drum bearings for all makes and model of washing machine can be found at http://www…


eSparesVideo says:

Check out our website at, If you cannot find your
parts listed fill in the info at the ‘Help Me Find The Part I Need’ link at
the bottom of the page or contact us on 0844 375 3375 for more assistance.

mauricemojo234 says:

nice one

Daniel Garczarek says:

Great vid guys! Just stripped my Bosch Maxx 5 in no time, just to find out
that it has “welded” tub with drum and bearings, with £185 price tag…
Bugger! New washing machine it is then…

eSpares says:

It seems that how to replace washing machine bearings was the most watched
video on YouTube over the weekend! How to replace washing machine bearings

Beni2411 says:

C’était trop facile avant mais maintenant il n’est plus possible d’enlever
les façades avant des machines à laver.

It was too easy before but now it is not possible any more to remove front
panel on washing machines.

shelly farr says:

I knocked out the rear bearing and the seal…. bet there was no inner
bearing thing part of it is stuch on the slindle….. how do i know if it
is the race in the housing or piece of the bearing stuck 

Heinz Ruffieux says:

Wow! Thank you VERY much! Very well done! Not sure if I want to spend that
amount of effort for my 10 year old machine, though :-)

Cyrus GM says:

Very helpful video Matt. I’ll be replacing the bearings for my parent’s
Bosch Clasixx 1200 Express now that I’ve watched this video. Most electric
mechanics are charging extortionate amounts. It’ll be a tough job but we’d
rather give it a try before possibly buying another machine. Thanks again
and I’ll be visiting your website to get the necessary parts. 

Nigel Wright says:

Great video
Just to say regarding SAFTY FIRST. Guys always tell your wife you are about
to repare the washing machine and it will be some time before it’s working
(if at all)

PV person says:

Please could you post a video/instructions on how to replace the bearings
on a Hotpoint WDD960, or similar, as it doesn’t have a rear access, and not
sure how to get at the bearings. I have successfully replaced bearings in
several older w/m’s

MikeTheITGuy says:

Awesome video. Not only on changing the bearings but it’s cool to see the
full teardown in case a different part needs replacing. I’m wondering if
it might be better to rent a bearing press tool from the local auto parts
store to avoid damaging the new ones? In the US, most loan them out for
free. Or, you can find a socket that fits around the edge of the bearing
so it’ll go in evenly.

saeed das says:

excellent video, well done. THANKS

Karl Morteo says:

So I have the washing machine in pieces (the easy bit!) The problem is that
the parts alone are about €70. A comparable new washing machine comes in at
about €360.

How to replace washing machine bearings

Astro Scope says:

Fantastic video Matt,
You mentioned running a service once a month with a limes cal e and
detergent remover. Can you please direct me to these items. Perhaps you can
show me how to run the service too?


Purple Monkfish says:


greenmarine5 says:

excellent video, however trying to get the company to just sell you the
bearings is like Pulling teeth from a healthy baboon. Most manufactures
want to sell you half of the drum with the new bearings. Whirlpool told me
I had to order the half of the drum with the bearings already installed. I
laughed and hung up. My local appliance parts store had the bearings and
seal in stock for $49.99 USD.

Артур Пирожков says:

Thanks for video. But how do I know which bearings I need before I
disassemble the whole machine?

chubsiesmum ch says:

Hi I have a zanussi with bad bearings the drum is a sealed unit the model
is zwf12070w1, is there anyway this can be fixed?.

darren Anderson says:

no need what so ever to used sealant, that’s what the black seal is for.

John Patterson says:

Enjoyed watching and explained well but for a 12 yr old washer…I don’t
think so as had few other teething problems in recent years. Gonna get a
new Eco one as think time is right. Cheers tough

K Bragin says:

Why anyone would vote this video down is beyond me. It is brilliant.

simon Hopkins says:

Why have you used silicone sealant when you replaced the tub seal? Surely
the point of having a new seal does away with this, or is it just because
you broke the tabs off the tub thus reducing its structural integrity?

Snoopy1944 says:

What an excellent presentation. Neat work! I have an LG front loader model
WD14030RD which has noisy bearings. Are there any significant differences
between the Bosch in your video and the LG? 


an absolutely NIGHTMARE…..! Engineer charges £150 to do this…. and to
do it yourself would be a disaster… better take it to the recycling
centre and buy another one for £200… very unfair for many reasons: stupid
designs… expensive job… and rubbish parts…. 

YairAudioClinic says:

Absolutely awesome !
I am just about to replace the bearing in my 13-years old AEG, and this
video makes it look really doable. Only thing I’m not certain with: once
you get the half-drum out, seems like you need to be very aggressive when
knocking the old bearings out. So how can I be sure I wont be damaging the
drum itself ?
Thanks !

mooo says:

Great video. Thanks for the tutorial. Now I’ll try fixing it.

TheGingerSpitfire says:

Could you just tell me, if your washing machine stops spinning, does that
mean that the bearings have gone. My machine is exactly the model used in
this video. Thanks.

Richard Saupe says:

Great video, made it look really easy, Well done! Also my employees at
appliancerepairman have purchased many spares and had a flawless

lane jackstadt says:

Hi Matt, just took apart my drum assembly to get to the worn out bearings.
Here in the states, they will only offer the rear drum assembly with the
bearings. All I need are the bearings and seal. My machine is a Bosch
WFMC3301UC/06 Do you know where I can purchase the bearings?

Melanie Highley says:

Hi there, great video. We are trying to remove the drum from the casing of
a Hotpoint machine WMD960P, however water has been leaking through which we
didn’t know about and we think the bearing and the drum have rusted
together. We cannot remove the drum from the plastic housing as it simply
will not just ‘tap’ out. We have pretty much whacked it to death (with
wood taking the force so as not to cause damage). Have you any helpful
ideas or are we screwed? Any help much appreciated. Kind regards, Mel

Patrick Amarger says:

hello, thanks for this great tutorial. do we really need to replace the top
seal also.
thank you for your answer

Richard Watts says:

Great video and good to have my Hotpoint WT960 open so that I could see how
the repair would work out and listen to the noise in more detail.
The noise is like something inside the drum rattling around.
I have checked the bearings and they don’t seem to have any play, however
there are four blue baffles inside the drum which as loose and when moved
make a similar noise to that when the drum is rotated by motor.
Is it normal to have these loose baffles? Could this be the noise?
If so I really don’t need to worry or is there a fix?!!

harry w says:

respect job well done,just one tip though.use the old bearing to knock the
new ones in.

Said Raji says:

Great job 

ikhan5 says:

Brilliant video – I’m planning on doing this (reluctantly!) on our Indesit
– hope it’s a similar process. I’m worried about splitting the drum though
– I’ve seen a video on youtube where the drum was broken off (I couldn’t
see any clips like on this one)and that was an Indesit model – I’ve already
purchased the bearings so I hope mine isn’t a sealed unit (I can’t find a
video for my particular model – any insights on an Indesit WIDL 126S? –
cold feed only version)

Nicky Webb says:

Hi I need a bearing kit and tub seal for a becko wma 10w but I can’t find
them on your site? 

Malc Tulloch says:

Great video Matt, thank you for this tutorial. I have a Bauknecht WA 8410,
it’s about 25 yrs old, my bearing are not sloppy but they are noisy. Do you
have a kit for it, bearings, seals & a belt. Many thanks,

KubaGaming says:

You don’t have to break the plastic things! You can put 5pences underneath

Tim Sutton says:

Excellent video that told me all I need to know, which was that repairing
my Haier washing machine was a task beyond my patience. Second-hand washing
machine it is then! – but great video and really informitive.

Wash Speed says:

as general check after repair, speed of washer could be checked with this
iphone app:

AdventTerra says:

Many thanks for the tutorial. My dad repaired the washing machine for
£16.50 when we thought we needed it replacing. Works fine. Saved us from
spending a small fortune :)

Sascha N. says:

Hey there, thanks a lot from Germany, this will help a lot, but hopefully,
i can also find a rep. kit fast,… cause it is realy urgent .. :D

brian bointon says:

Hi I am about to undertake this job on a SMEG WMF 16AX. Are there any
particular difficulties with this model or is the procedure similar to the
Bosch – I thought there was only one bearing plus the seal on the espares
site. Great video by the way.

Caspar Pilkington Laugesen says:

Great video! Just what I needed.
My kit comes with some high temperature lubricant. Is this intended for the
shaft seal? Is it to be applied around the shaft?

Hugh Nightingale says:

bearings and spider on my hotpoint WMA31P now replaced and all working.
Thanks for the excellent video espares. so much better than the hopeless
customer service, in my opinion, from yourspares.

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