How to repair Indesit washing machine that is Flashing

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Washing machine Indesit starts to flash for longer and longer periods before starting – caused by failing capacitor. How i fixed it. Replace blown capacitor …

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soupflood says:

In my case, only the first green led from the left (error F08 – Heating
Element Relay Stuck) and the power red led were flashing (during the
rinsing). I tried replacing those capacitors (except the 400V one) and I
also tightened the drain hose away from the computer board. It works for
now, thanks!

nextlevelromania says:

very useful! indesit repaired! thank you!!

Owen Matthews says:

Great video.
I repaired 6 of these in two days.
There are apartment blocks full of these machines !

Maxxxshop says:

Yesterday I fixed the problem using a 1000µF/10V capacitor. A 470µF should
also be okay.
That issue is known from motherboards. Normally you can see the apacitors
bulge on a failed board.
Greetings from Germany

Rafał Kachniarz says:

Holy crap. An instructional video on Youtube with no crazy intros, less
than a minute long and actually helpful? I am not exaggerating when I say
this is a first for me. Thanks!

gotze tenchov says:

Thank you! The same problem. Two capacitors are gone. I replaced them with
the same/16v for 0,50 Euro. The “master” asked 120 Euro! Thank you again.

Pedro Miranda says:

Tks! Same problem with my Indesit Wild 106. 0.40€ for the 680uF

Gerhard Rath says:

Thank You for the guideline! Same problem, same solution: Replaced the
Capacitor (I took 1000 uF/40V) – the machine works.

sh4rkybe says:

Hi, is anyone availabe in East London to help with this repair or with the
soldering of the new capacitor as I don’t have the equipment, please let me
know urgently, will be happy to pay, thanks

Remco van der Lende says:

GrThanks for sharing this great solution! I had the same issue with
flashing lights on my Indesit WIL164. Replacing the capacitor fixed the

Mirko M says:

Thank so much for you videoexplanation. I’ve replaced old capitor with a
new one 1000uF 16V and washing machine is OK now.

shahrad hashemlu says:

very useful .thanks for video. just cost £5 for fix. I save £160

Gut Imre says:

In my Indesit blew up the second capacitor, but I easily eliminate the
problem. Machine again works well. Thanks a lot, a lot, a lot of pictures
and suggestions. Greetings from Serbia

bojanpes says:

Thank you, work!!! Great video!!!


Thank You very much. I have saved 200€. The sympton of my breakdown was
than every all leds (green and red) blinked, for if it helps someone.

Sarah Eaton says:

I have a WIL 133 uk tev. I have the same problem with the flashing LED’s I
have tried several companies but can’t get hold of a capacitor – Can anyone

Ismael Mesquita says:

Thank you very much because your fantastic video help me to solve my

billymultifinish says:

just a quick tip if the door wont open, remove the machine lid (2 screws at
the top rear) slip your hand down behind the front panel and press down on
the inside of the door interlock .
this operates the door interlock and releases the door manually.

ha2kan says:

dude perfect, I used 680 uF 35 V and it is working again. thanks so much.
it cost to me 2,5$. it was same at my washing machine and all lights was
flashing, now everything ok.

josealexpardal says:

thank you for sharing your knowledge , it save me a lot of maney to buy a
new machine, i put a capacitor 1000uF – 16v and work for a new machine.

dubtinao says:

Just bought new machine the lights were flashing i would of loved to keep
my indesit had it yrs

J- say says:

Greetings. It worked like a charm . I replaced capacitor of 680uF / 10v
with one of 1000 uF / 25v and no problem. Bigger capacitors work ok, just
pay attention at voltage.

Pepo Paletto says:

Thank you very much! You do a great job with that! In Austria they give me
an advice to buy a new washing maschine. Thanks!

Jane thomas says:

Hi Soupflood, so I can still use the machine even though it is flashing
away and it spins ok? I bought Indesit as it was cheap and could do I asked
for it but that was only 3 years ago, this is my second washing machine in
8 years. The one before these was a reconditioned one that last me until I
left the UK for Spain and even then we sold it and it was still going
strong. Shame they don´t build them to last these days.

Rafał Korzeniowski says:

Thanks from Poland. You saved me a lot of money. Thank you for sharing your
knowledge .

Nuno Gomes says:

nonameboyslb did this board was identical to yours? Esta board era igual a

Javier Bernal says:

Thank you very much for your video. Thanks to him, I noticed my WIXL-85.
Very good job.

bogdan2501 says:

Thanks! You were of great help! I just fixed my washer using your advice
and saved me a lot of money! Wish more people like you exist on the
internet 🙂 Again thank you very much!

Julia Leighton says:

hi my 125 wahsing machine door wont open the lights are all off any ideas
how to get it open

Paul Kovacs says:

Thank you. I just fixed it.

apollotoad says:

My friend thank you for this very usefull video. I just checked the
capacitors and two are blown 🙂 Thank you very very much!!!!

Mike Pickering says:

Hi, what lights are flashing and or on for you guys? My red door lock
lights flashers non stop and on other lights. Washer starts if you turn off
at wall and on again – but only water in few spins then water out. Stops
and red light flashers again. Anyone else had this problem. Guess it cant
hurt to try this idea. Thanks for posting vid.

igorniamor says:

Hi,i have the same probleme,did you find a solution? Thank you

Rory Davis says:

you saved me bout £130 today,thanks!!!

diwici03 says:

Incredible but true: this solution worked like a dream for me. Paid only 1
euro for 2 new capacitors instead of around 180 euro for the Indashit
mechanic. Thanks a lot!!

nonameboyslb says:

nao exatamente igual, mas parecida

András D. says:

Many thanks! The problem was exactly the same, one of my friends changed
all the capacitors. The instrument is working perfectly now.

NBraz says:

Mine has the timer for 4hours always on and the machine doesn’t respond to
any program i select. Do you think it can also be a blown capacitor?

soupflood says:

Mine has all the pieces ok but still stops at times, knob rotating and the
water pump evacuating the water – giving error ( 8 flashes=heater relay /
pressure switch / connections error. yeah right ). I use it like that 😀 I
suppose the culprit is the processor. The old mechanical ones lasted longer
than these silicon tins nowadays…

Rick Massey says:

Thanks alot!… This fixed the problem for me. Only cost me a couple of
quid to fix. Only problem is now i have all the washing to do from the
machine being broken! hahahah

gizipok says:

Hi! My washing machine had the same problem, but I have managed to fix it
(replaced faulty capacitor). Greetings from Hungary!

Didi Dehaas says:

This really was an awsome video and solution… I replaced the faulty
capacitor (cost 0,90 euro !!!)… in total less than 1 hour work. Many
thanks, just saved a lot of money and machine is working like new !

spranrol says:

Thanks! This worked for me too! I used a 680uF 16V capacitor which cost me
2 euro only. You can see that a capacitor is broken if the top-site is not
hollow or flat anymore.

John Fotis says:

mine does the same thing, just opened it and the capacitor is blown,
tomorrow i will go and replace it, i was ready to buy a new one, but if
that works you just made my day!

Enry B says:

WoW… It’s Right! The machine is now working properly! I’ve bought the
capacitor: 680uF, 16v… “Grazie” from Italy!

Basiliskstation says:

Replaced the capacitor and is running great now. Thank you!!! Greetings
from a now clean & fresh smelling Amsterdam!

Christos Xipolias says:

Mine worked also!!! Thank you very much! If someone stays in Greece, please
contact me, i have spare capacitors!

José Valiente says:

Tja, jag har samma problem med tvättmaskinen. Kan man lera

Feco Orjovics says:

Hy! I have a WIL 105 machine. I would like to change the drum bearings, but
my drum is from one part. I can’t disassemble. Can you help me? Thanks in
advance Ferenc from Hungary.

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