How To Repair a Washing Machine That Won’t Spin

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Our old GE washer decided it didn’t want to spin anymore. (GE Profile, Model # WNSR3120W0WW) I didn’t like the thought of replacing the washing machine or …


Wash Speed says:

speed of washer can be checked with this app:

Sarah Moss says:

Why is there no sound?

Wil Becerril says:

This is exactly what I needed thank you

Chris Kevin says:

It will happen again if you see oil on the bottom pan, which he removed in
the video, the oil from the tranny is leaking onto the belt causing it to
slip, and burn, these belts are made to last, and only burn if you overload
or there’s oil. Best case is if you see no oil on the bottom, if not, this
will only be a temporary fix, until you buy a new washer, or replace the

public3nemy45 says:

thank you soooooo much saved me from buying a new washer

David Bader says:

Perfect video for me this morning! Replaced belt for 16$ instead of buying
a new one for $400. You deserve a Christmas card from me!

sbab83 says:

man I wish mine was that easy. There’s no belts in mine, had to have a
repair guy come and he had to replace like the entire assembly

Xitlalmina Queen says:

its easier to open from the front ,just 2 clips,on the top,front access for

mrisor892 says:

genius! in a throw away world where people think its acceptable to replace
something rather than try to fix it, its good to see there are true
soldiers who are prepared to actually investigate and diagnose instead of
just wasting shit and making some pikey scrappo a few quid. my hat goes off
to you sir….

thecrystalkid says:

it’s not clear whether you mean it didn’t agitate either? just spin or both?

professorice2 says:

@roadragecustoms i have that same problem now, did you go 2 a sears 2 get
the belt?


@SuperMusleh Cheers..But i purchased a new machine since posting this

RosaBeha says:

@roadragecustoms It seems you like to tinker at your washing machine. Why
you don’t take up the belt slack? I guess your next belt change will be

andres bognot says:

how much for the rubber?

roadragecustoms says:

@therockkkkher We got the washer in ’98.

julio199331 says:

thanks ours just messed up and was wondering how to fix it

neil foster says:

my indesit washer wlA101…all lights up,door lock lights up red,set the
program i want then press start,the red door locked light goes off,then
nothing else happens..any ideas please…

roadragecustoms says:

@KODIEBLAK I’m sorry. I really do more with cars than appliances. I’m not
familiar with other models of washers. I only made this video because it
was my washer & it was easy to figure out. I hope you get it fixed.

ushirley17 says:

thanks for your help,God bless

erika barajas says:

i was washing a blanket on my washer the i heard this loud noise so i went
and checked and the washer was out of its place.. i open it and still had
some water in there so i took blacket out i left the other stuff … it
agitates but when i gets to the cycle spin wont do anything.. do u think
this is the problem.. am a girl and dont want to get ripped off when i call
someone to fix it .. thanks

ApplianceAdvice says:

keep up the solid work brother, I like the video’s your making!!

Joaquin hernandez rendon says:

¿No es más fácil quitar la tapa de enfrente ?

ledarksparck says:

ooooooooh i’m gona tray that.. where did you get that belt from?

roadragecustoms says:

@thecrystalkid It only didn’t spin. It agitated still.

RandomVideoCircus says:

what if it’s the motor, is that hard to fix too?

jignesh134 says:

Thank you nice video.

syed ali kazmi says:

hi i have LG intellowasher WD-8074FB its doesnt workin its showin 5E pls
tell me how to fix the problem ill very thank full to ya

Surendhar Karla says:

I am using IFB MODEL AW60-8061 …… in this model dn’t spin in last 2days
….. what the reason for this…. pls anybody clear this problem…..

Bigdale89 says:

Great information and instructions. When I opened her up, it was just the

Harold Jackson says:

@roadragecustoms Nice job. If anyone needs help with appliance repairs in
Orlando Fl. you can call Jackson Appliance Repair Orlando . com at
407-385-3662. We repair most all appliances for only $69.00 plus parts.

671yigoboy says:

like putting on a fan belt

Whitney Bowman says:

it was obvious because he didn’t do anything with the agitator…

KKAH9109 says:

No sound, pls update video with sound.

dikoid says:

excellent advice got it fixed myself in 5 mins I can cancel the repair guy
tommorow thanks mate

Musleh zaxoyi says:

@KODIEBLAK chack the motor brosh

Wash Speed says:

to check if repair is OK, the speed of washing machine can be checked and
measured with this App:

Kejuan Caldwell says:

where did you get the belt from though?

crunk4124 says:

is the belt the same for all GE models ?

Joaquin hernandez rendon says:

@gnjn004fam Muy bien, gracias.

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