GE Dryer Repair – Wont Heat, Testing and Replacing Heating Element Coil WE11X10007, 5300622034

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Video for GE dryer dis-assembly: Video for GE dryer re-assembly: *** If…


MrZombieLive says:

Man thanks.. U saved me a lot of money.. Keep it up. It’s tough out here.
Instructions are spot on. 

rod threet says:

Thank you for the video…

Skip Ryan says:

Thank you so much for posting this video! I took my time and went step by
step with your video when I replaced my dyer element. It took me about 3
hours from start to finish and it works perfectly! I also used your
disassemble and re-assembly videos to take apart and put back together my
machine. They were all so incredibly helpful!

rod threet says:

Im going to attempt this project. I hope i dont end up buying the entire
plate with the element already attached. You make it look very easy though,

Andrew Maunder says:

Excellent videos. I vaguely remember bumbling through the element
replacement process around 10 years ago without the benefit of such
information. This time it was a breeze!! Thanks.

canyonman1963 says:

Open the control panel and look to see what the grey wire attaches to. If
it goes to the timer, then the timer may be bad. If it goes to the temp
control switch, it could be the problem. Also, did you test the original
element for continuity? Was it broken? If it tested good and was not broken
anywhere, it did not need to be replaced.

canyonman1963 says:

Should be able to look it up using your machine brand and model number on
pretty much any appliance parts store

T. Matthew Anderson says:

I have two wires, one from the timer and the other from the start up knob,
but I don’t know which one goes where on my thermal fuse. I have a GE

Richard Frauley says:

very imformative video

canyonman1963 says:

You can go to my website to the dryer parts page and order it from me
there, or you can order from appliancepartsdepot (dot) c0m as well. Just
the coil kit will be considerably cheaper!

Jason Anthony says:

How do I know what type of coil I need to buy?

Harolda Peck says:

Great video, thx so much!

canyonman1963 says:

You need to look at the tech sheet for your machine and follow the wiring
diagram on it to get the wires to the correct locations. The tech sheet
should be in the console panel.

19champy90 says:

Old one was no good. Inner element was broken. The grey wire goes to the
circuit board panel. I don’t remember the number listed under that wire on
the board. I could create a video response so you could see what I’m
talking about. Thanks again for the prompt response.

canyonman1963 says:

You are Welcome!

John Goerge says:

From where can I buy the coil only? sell the whole coil assembly
which is close to $150.

canyonman1963 says:

Thanks for saying so, and you are quite welcome!

canyonman1963 says:

Always need the broken machines model number to get correct part for that
machine. The answer is probably yes, but calling a parts store with your
model number is best way to go.

19champy90 says:

I have replaced the heating element on my GE dryer but it’s still not
working. The outer element worked before the new elements were installed
and still the same after replacing elements. What I found was that the
element only has power from one of the wires that connect to the element.
The grey wire that goes to the top control panel is not “live”. Any
thoughts on what it could be?

luismendosa64 says:

Hi there do you know if I can use a ge hotpoint heating coils on ge profile

Richard Frauley says:

outer element was broken thank you very much

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