Gas Dryer Repair Video: Heating Problems

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This Whirlpool Built Gas Dryer Troubleshooting Heating Problems Video looks closely at how to troubleshoot and repair problems …


Curiosity says:

Wow, not good but excellent! Your ability to share and then ask other to do
the same is commendable! You don’t find that attribute often today! Forget
the thumbs up bit 5 STARS! *****

Jacob Bragg says:

I have a maytag gas dryer, flame lights for around 30 seconds first time.
Then burns approx. 11seconds every minute or so. Any ideas n this?

Nurminee Walker says:

Thanks for sharing. Here’s a question for you: I have a Frigidaire Affinity
Dryer FAQG7011LWO that shows an E56 error. Do you know which part(s) may be
affected? To help, the dryer does not produce heat.

Hays Coleman says:

best vid of dryer repair ever (i watch vids like this for fun)

Dylan Hartigan says:

Hi. My dryer heats up sporadically. I have to turn the temp handle around
and restart it to try and get the heat to engage. It was working on and off
but now I can’t seem to get it to heat up at all. I checked the pilot light
and it does not look like it is on. Could the problem be in the temp
setting handle? Thank you. 

Stefan Stefansson says:

I have an Amana LG8409W/L2 from 1996 that has worked fine. A few weeks
ago, the flame would just stay on for a short time. I changed out the
coils and all went back to normal, until today. Without any changes being
made, the glow/ignite will just stay on and no gas is fed into the burn
housing. Tested the flame switch, and it lets electricity through w/out
resistance – so it seems to be good. Now I’m not sure what to do. The
glow is bright and strong, and the flame switch seems to be fine, but
there’s no gas flow, so what is the matter? The gas line hasn’t moved a
millimeter so I’m assuming all is good there. Is it possible that the
flame switch is broken even if current goes through it w/out a loss? The
coils should be just fine as they’re new. What controls the gas valve?
Please help!!!

john casey says:

You were very informative. Amazing how you explained it, Hays coleman said
it best. BEST video ever.

Patrick Henkell says:

Thank you very much all is good the therm over load fuse was bad 22.60$
and my dryer is working fine thanks

Ultra Vires says:

Got a kenmore gas with that won’t ignite. It runs cold throught the cycle.

Guy Botterill says:

I have a roper and it will ignite for 5 minutes then the flame goes out
when it reached temp. When it tries to ignite again it doesn’t. Any

Matthew Graves says:

My ignition coils glow but then shut off?, then they glow again and click
but no flame? 

meeztered says:

When the gas comes on for a moment then turns off you say to replace the
safety coils, or in rare cases the “valve.” It appears I have am
experiencing that rare case, what is the valve?

Michael Gause says:

Very good video, good job.

Dan MacDonald says:

will not heat any longer.
Kenmore model: 110-78002010. I replaced the coils and ignitor. as the glow
begins a loud buzzing occurs. Flame ingites for a few seconds then goes
out. Any clues? Should i replace the flame sensor now? Thanks!

laura stein says:

Using this today for our gas dryer.

Ron Bor says:

Great video

proamlito07 says:

Very good vid. thanks, i like the way you explain.

Rafael Carranza says:

Excellent Video, thanks for sharing. I have a couple of old Maytag MDG16
Dryers working with propane Gas, and recently we changed the main Gas
Regulator, and started to have problems with clothes being burned; we also
have other more recent dryers LG & Speed Queen, and didn’t have that
problem. What do you think is the trouble? 

Shane Vetter says:

I replaced the coils, thermal fuse, and igniter. It kicks on and flame
starts then in a few seconds the igniter and gas flame goes out. Why won’t
it stay lit. I have a Inglis dryer made by whirlpool. 

deanne cahill says:

my GE front load dryer starts the gas goes on and runs for a while then the
dryer goes off and i can’t get it to go back on for a while what could be

Gary Bjorling says:

I have an older maytag, the flame comes on but only stays on for 15 seconds
then turns off, where should I start?

TeaPartyWithAMoose says:

Hi There,
my Roper gas dryer only get flame at the first time. after that I can see
the glowing but no flame again. checked the duct, it is OK. Can you help?

David R.

chriscoronel1 says:

Great video i have the same dryer my problem is after a few mins the flame
go s away how do you check the coils

Matthew Graves says:

Whirlpool Gold Gas Dryer – No Heat my ignition coils glowing and then
clicking and no flame, it just keeps trying and making that audible buzzing

Andre van Wyk says:

Thank you very much for clear, intelligent and helpful advice. Helped me
understand and isolate the issue quickly!

ggkohler says:

Outstanding video. I appreciate the clear and concise presentation. Many

Islanderzzz says:

Thnaks for the quick reply. My dryer has 3 types of cycles, reg., perm.
press and fluff dry which starts at 60 mins. and go down in incraments of
10 mins. 60, 50, 40, etc. is this(fluff cycle) the cycle (timed) you’re
talking about?

Jerry Boerger says:

Excellent video. I was confident all thermal switches, flame detector and
fuses were good. My dryer burner was not always reigniting through thermal
cycles.. This is the first description that suggest that the gas coils fail
intermittently. Which is exactly what my dryer is doing. Thank you for such
clear descriptions.

tbasshuntin says:

Waste of fucking time…forgets half the steps.. wasted 72$ because he
skips shits…fuck this.

scottom8380 says:

You guys rock! I watched this video and now my dryer is working again. We
have had the Kenmore gas dryer since April-1994 and this is the first time
it had any trouble. Thanks for this easy to follow video!

Islanderzzz says:

I have an old maytag ldg7500. My problem is that the timer doesn’t advance.
Sometimes the load of laundry will complete the cycle fine and most times
the timer gets stuck. Seems to be good air flow. I first replaced the valve
coils, worked fine for a few loads then problem came back. Replaced valve
coils (again) AND timer, worked fine for a few times then problem came
back. Flame seems to go on and off fine and even though the timer doesn’t
advance the clothes still dry and the dryer doesn’t seem to overheat. Can
you help me?

Ale Rosas says:

I have a Kenmore dryer machine. The burner igniter glows and then after
seconds there is a click and there is ignition; however after several
minutes working and heating well, there is a click and the ignition stops.
Then when restarting the machine right away 2 events happen. One: the
igniter glows and the ignition starts and then again it stops. Second: The
igniter glows, but then there is not ignition. Is there something
overheating? Thanks

ArrestedReligion says:

You probably mentioned this but what do you think:
– Auto High heat
– drum turns fine
– HSI never lights up
– HSI resistance good
– As a result no heat
– Venting is good

I think posible causes may be flame sensor, thermal fuse, thermal cut off,
high limit t-stat, or operating t-stat

without a name says:

Are this gas dryer’s dangerous? I’m paranoid about shit blown up or
catching fire.

TheCalvin874 says:

I have a Kenmore Series 80 gas dryer and I get the “click” and the orange
glow and flame the first time, maybe an additional time or two, but after
that I noticed I don’t hear the click anymore i hear more like a hum, then
the orange glow with no flame. Does this sound like the coils or something
else like the flame switch? Thanks in advance for your time.

scabscerte says:

This is an outstanding presentation, thank you.

Misfit980FIFA says:

I have a whirlpool gas dryer like the one in the video. Replaced the
igniter and thermal fuse. It ignited for a minute or two and now it won’t
ignite and won’t heat clothes. Don’t know what to do to fix any ideas?

sirbo311 says:

Awesome video. Thank you for your help. With your video I was able to
diagnose my thermal fuse and replace it for $2.50. No call to the repairman
for me!

56fairbank says:

Great video but one thing I notice that you explain wrong is the operation
of the gas valves. As soon as you turn the dryer on in a heat mode, gas
valve no. 1 will open as it has full line voltage across both the holding
coil and the assist coil. Valve no. 2 remains closed until the flame sensor
opens. Then you have full line voltage across valve no.1 hold coil and
nearly full voltage across valve no 2 coil via the igniter which will only
drop a few volts.

Big Al says:

Thanks for sharing. Here’s a question for you: I have a Frigidaire Affinity
Dryer FAQG7011LWO that shows an E56 error. Do you know which part(s) may be
affected? To help, the dryer does not produce heat.

applianceassistant says:

Sorry it took so long to get back with you! I’m trying to get back up to
date on my comments after a big side project. Thanks for the comment! I’m
glad you liked it!

applianceassistant says:

Well I can tell you what it’s not… Maybe that will help you figure out
what it is. It’s not the ignitor or thermal fuse. but it could be the flame
switch, cycling thermostat, hi-limit thermostat, or timer. hard to say
which one for sure without testing for voltage when it’s not working. What
is your model number?

Joey Placido says:

@ Danielgabriel22 – while the igniter is energized and lights up, the
solenoid coils are energized and it should open the valve. But if it’s
faulty, it won’t open the gas valves hence the possible culprit.

applianceassistant says:

It does sound like you need a new set of coils on the valve. Good luck!

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