Dryer Repair- Replacing the Cycling Thermostat (Whirlpool Part #3387134)

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http://www.partselect.com/PS344510-Whirlpool-3387134-Cycling-Thermostat.htm?SourceCode=15 Click here for more information on this part, installation instruct…


Linda E says:

good video ! can you please give us a description of a bad Cycling
Thermostat when its bad … thanks

PartSelect says:

@huzzler631 – Thanks for the suggestion about the Sawzall and duct tape.
However, it’s important to follow Steve’s process of replacing the
thermostat so the dryer stays at a constant temperature. Glad you enjoyed
watching the video!

katraju says:

LDG8904AAE Maytag gas dryer. It works only in ‘time mode’ and no heat at
all in ‘electronic mode’. It does get hot to touch on the top in ‘time
mode’ though. What [art could be the issue. I need electronic mode to be
working back. Thanks

Bob Fishell says:

Perfect DIY guide.

huzzler631 says:

Trick screwdriver. also, wouldn’t it be faster to just sawzall the back
cover off and then just duct tape it back on. I got that trick from working
on cars. why take all the time to remove a million bolts on the oil pan
when you can sawzall it off and duct tape it back on. I have a friend that
uses a cutting torch to do it but, i consider myself a qualified mech. and
don’t like to mickey mouse my jobs.

huzzler631 says:

@partselect Boy, that’s just like me to forget about replacing the
thermostat. I usually just eliminate all that safety stuff and just crack
the wires together. that way I save money on useless parts. I actually
built my own dryer once. very simple. it consisted of a bbq grill and an
old table fan. I caught a couple pcs. of clothes on fire but, once I got
past the r & d stage it worked fine.

PartSelect says:

@PATRICIA WOODS The belt has two sides to it. A smooth side and a ribbed
side. When you replaced the belt did the ribbed side face against the idler
pulley? The belt should look like a backward ‘S’ when place properly around
the pulley and the motor wheel. I can look into your question further but
I’ll need the model number.


can you please help im losing my mind i replaced the dryer drum belt on my
G E dryer and but it back together it works but is running counter clock
wise i did not do wires at all is there any reason the belt would be on
wrong but still work only going other way ? im so tired of taking it apart
and putting it back together ..help please

geeky39 says:

I have replaced the heating element, the thermal fuse, the high limit
thermostat and the cycling thermostat…and I STILL DON’T HAVE HEAT. I am
beyond frustrated. Now what?

PartSelect says:

@fishellb Glad you found it helpful!

PartSelect says:

There are two things you can try. First with a pair of needle nose pliers
grasp the connector and gently move the connector back and forth with the
pliers to loosen the connection to the thermostat. Or you can try using a
straight blade screwdriver to remove stubborn wire connectors. Carefully
use it to loosen the connection. Hope that helps!

PartSelect says:

@geeky39 I can understand your frustration. I recieved your email and have
sent you a response with 6 suggestions like testing the breakers, checking
the belts, cleaning out any lint etc. to get the problem. Let us know if
you have any other questions or need anything else.

alexisjp83 says:

My wires are STUCK on this old thermostat!! Any hints on how to getting
them off w/o damaging them?

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