Door Switch and Latch Assembly (part #6601ER1004C) – LG/Kenmore Washer Repair

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Robert Lang says:

It would be nice to have THE information to test this specific latch on a
meter. My latch is hot and I believe not working but I have NO ERROR

jdutson1 says:

I have replaced my door switch and latch assembly on my Kenmore elite front
load washer. And I still have the same problem. What to do next.

Kinaldio says:

Can you offer any information on how to test a latch switch using an
ohmmeter? says:

You’re welcome! We’re glad to help. Congrats on your repair.

Nathan Day says:

thank you thank you! yall are amazing!

watchoutfordeer says:

Thanks so much for this video! You saved me an expensive visit from a
serviceman! My Kenmore front load machine needed this door latched replaced
(after just 2 years!) and with this door latch (Part #6601ER1004C) along
with a (~$60!) “Washer Boot Removal Pliers” (Part Number 383EER4001A), I
was able to do get my machine running again within 5 minutes time. The
pliers are a bit expensive, but nothing compared to calling in service. says:

Thanks for the comment! We appreciate it.

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