Direct Drive Washing Machine Repair Video Tutorial *Watch in HIGH Quality!*

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MJAndersonPhoto says:

THANK YOU!!! Perfect instructions – was fully apart in minutes & coupler
clearly broken!

lmhunsaker12 says:

Thank you so much!!!! We had to replace the coupler, and this helped
tremendously!!! Great video!

Ryan Ferguson says:

Thanks Mike! Great explanation. I was going to attempt this on my own but
I’m glad I found your video. Made me much more confident I could do the
repair. On a side note I just fixed a dryer belt on my neighbor’s dryer
while he was out of town hunting. With four kids his wife couldn’t have
waited a week for him to return. Never tried that before and it went well.
The following day MY washer coupler went. Your helpful video was my reward
for helping my neighbor yesterday :o)

Gabriella Titocca says:

Awesome! It cost me $5.95 to fix a dead washing machine. You are the MAN!.
You’re the bomb. I could not have even put the body back without you!
Excellent tutorial. I saw a few and this is the best hands down. I live in
NYC area and guys won’t come into the house for less than $150. God knows
what I saved! What can I say? You can have my old lady tonight for a while!
This was great. The second time I fixed my machine from YouTube. 1st time
was the agitator dogs. Cute smile too. Thank YOU!

Mark MacDonald says:

Great video, I think my problem is actually the clutch but your video
helped me diagnose the problem. Thanks

appliancemike says:

@Stimpy2301 Yeah man, There is residual water, but in out redux version of
this video, we address that matter. Thanks!

joeyveee49 says:

hey Mike, You are a great help, i just saved 400 hundred bucks, my washing
machine is like new. thank you so much. regard joey veeeeeeee

shanexu3 says:

Thank you for your video. It helped me fix my washer.

lotushand says:

I cannot thank you enough for this tutorial! We were able to make a 10 year
old, $50 washer run like new again in about an hour. The washer broke late
Saturday night which caused us to panic, but we figured out what the issue
was and watched your video and we’re washing clothes for the week as I type
this. Five of the six plastic pegs had snapped off, and the rubber was so
broken down that none of the peg holes were even remaining. Seriously,
thank you so, so much!

Neo Quello says:

@appliancemike please… no music.. this is good..

infiniteoutcome1 says:

Wonderful tutorial! Greatly helped me change the coupler in my washing
machine. Great work mike! Thank you, Dave

SuperPhantom501 says:

great job.. i fallow your video and fix the washer pump. you save me not to
buy the new machine. thank you very much..!

scubaangel517 says:

Piece of Cake…thanks! ps. on the couplers with the metal middles, make
sure you tap on the metal part, not on the plastic. This guy made it
easy…I love youtube!

S5rTNrN3S6Tw6T5v says:

good job!!

bigclivedotcom says:

Jeez, I wish British machines were that easy to disassemble!

shelbysupersnake says:

thanks nice video i had the same problem and i fixed it, great video.

john101165 says:

Thank you so much you are a god send. I followed the instructions and was
able to fix my washer at a cost of 8.95 buying a genuine part from E-bay.
They also have one for 5 dollars if you want the cheaper one.

suethelawyer says:

Amazing! This is so Cool! I am impressed and actually looking forward to
the repair. Thanks mucho! Jeff

dertyboy says:

ApplianceMike you saved my LIFE! I’ve been wearing dirty whitey tighties
for weeks. Thanks bud!!!

David Jones says:

Excellent – I really appreciate your efforts to help those of us who want
to do our own repairs and maintenance. Thanks again.

Jared M says:

I actually left the pump hoses attached and they didn’t get in the way.
Less messy clean up. The hardest part of this whole thing is getting the
coupler parts to line up when installing the motor.

mistfam says:

Yay!! I just fixed my washer!!! cost me $4.88. I am woman, hear me roar!
lol thanx so much for the awesome vid, you just saved a single mom a ton a

narcissus197 says:

THANKYOU!!! This worked a charm… You got me over here feeling like the
maytag man himself… lol Thanks man saved me from buying a new machine.

hvyhitter says:

What a great detailed video No nonsense. Very well described. Gives me
confidence in taking a look at this job. We have a maytag that is going
slow. your video helped think about the job and what is in there. I
probably have a transmission or motor problem. Mine just slows down and
makes a rubbing sound. We will see. I doubt my washer comes apart THAT
well. I guess we will see. Thanks!! My wife and I thought that was OUR 3
year old crying in the background 🙂

sonikiller0351 says:

Appliancemike, you rock! Thanks a million!

edbh8 says:

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I can’t thank you enough. Help me save

Jim C. says:

Thank you, Mike! You helped me a lot and proved that YouTube is good for
more than baby videos and smut.

RubenVill says:

This video showed me how to easily remove the housing and now my washer is
FIXED! I would hear a hum of motor when I turned it on. I diagnosed it as
transmission issue but being able to get to it I just rotated it a bit and
it’s been working now for a few months. Gives me time to save $ to replace

Hoosier Momma says:

This is incredible, thank you SO much! You’re instructions were so simple
and clear, even this stay at home mom was able to repair my washer in no

Tim Nye says:

Good Job. I personally put the rubber boot on the transmission side. Each
to their own. Also- why remove the hoses from pump? Simply rotate pump
toward left side. (I have a long screwdriver that I place in the hole on
bottom left of frame. This keeps pump out of the way.) Removing the hoses
is more effort and possibly opens the possibility of leakage greater than
just leaving them alone.Be sure to turn the transmission shaft (spline as
you called it) to test if the transmission is locked.

William Thalin says:

This is awesome!!! Thank you a ton! Thank God for the internet!

SuperPhantom501 says:

great job.. i fallow your video and fix the washer pump. you save me not to
buy the new machine. thank you very much..

ChrisPhaleus says:

Thanks Mike for the easy to understand & follow video. The culprit of my
machine was a broken plastic coupler. Thanks for the help:)

blakedudemanguysuck1 says:

thanks mike the vidio had great instructions on how to chang it easily. john

Eric Kaiser says:

Thank you!!!! You saved me!

fredkidner says:

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! You saved me $200 and it was so easy.

maknmusiq says:

@Stimpy2301 …. I did get a lot of water out of the pump and hose… i
don’t think i needed to remove the hoses from the pump.

26jwilliams says:

thanks this video explain the whole process now my wahser works thatnks alot

moto27cm says:

This is also applicable to the Roper RAB4232DWO model. Like mentioned
below, there are two red wires that connect to a solenoid on the motor that
must be removed and reinstalled which weren’t pictured on the model in the
video. A great video and great help.

appliancemike says:

@iztheterrible there’s a phone number on the video to order the part.

josephchanel says:

Wish I had of watched these ” how to ” videos before I ” tore up my washing
machine !!!! ” Now I know where to go to get some advice!!!! Thanks Joe E.

terrence warren says:

thanx appliancemike for your insightful video, i saved alot of money by
watching your video and repairing it myself.

Jason Walton says:

Great vid. Wanted to note I was able to get the motor out without
disconnecting the hoses from pump. As I was doing this in the house and I
knew the machine still had water in it

tasuhu says:

Great video! Perfect instructions! Saved us a lot of money and gave us a
great sense of accomplishment!

geomash says:

Thank you appliancemike for the instruction.. I was able to replace the
coupler on my washing machine using your instruction with no issues. This
was my first time working on a washing machine.. GREAT INSTRUCTION.. Again
Thank you.

Mark Garland says:

Thanks appliancemike!! Great vid. A $27 coupler and I’m back in business.

pier2dock4 says:

Worked like a charm. Great directions and info. Thanks, the part cost less
than $10.00 and I was finished in about 20 minutes.

Jason Read says:

you just saved me a wad of cash Mike. Thanks for the awesome instructions!

Tom Desimone says:

you’re the MAN! you just helped me fix my washer! (AFTER the repairman
looked at it and said it was the “timer”) thanks alot!

imakittenwclaws says:

@maczerb I agree! He saved us over $100! He totally needs to post a P.O.
Box we would gladly send him $ his way! He’s a do-gooder which are rare and
hard to find these days.

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