Circulation Pump Motor (part #4681EA2002H) – LG Washer Repair

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Randy Rodz says:

this is one of the reason technicians dont have jobs on these days!!

Chad Landers says:

Absolutely spot on! Thank you so much! Just fixed my LG for less than $50!!

Christophe Ratusny says:

Very helpful video. I was able to replace the pump and now it’s working
wonderfully. Thanks! says:

Yes, that is the drain pump. says:

Thanks for the comment!

Ryan W says:

FANTASTIC, if would have been helpful to know what wires go where but
otherwise, perfect. says:

This could be a few different things. I would suggest using the repair help
section of our website to help diagnose what the problem is.

sean klechak says:

I made a simple mistake. While taking this apart, I got impatient and
disconnected the wiring without marking positive and negative. Is there an
easy way to tell or a manual online? Thanks says:

That’s great! We’re glad we could help with the repair.

ray romero says:

My Machine is making Buzzing noise . and onlly works after draing the pump
. what confuses me is the noise is coming from behind the machine.. says:

Since this is a 120 volt two wire AC motor it doesn’t matter what terminals
the wires go on. If it was a DC motor it would run in reverse if you
switched the two wires around.

liccrr36 says:

Genius says:

It could be a couple different things. I would suggest heading to the
repair help section of our website (link in the description). If you enter
your model number there you’ll have access to model and part specific
repair help that will help diagnose your problem. says:

Great! Congrats!

Roger Cline says:

My LG washer, after the spin cycle, has a little water in the tub, and the
clothes are still very damp. Is that a problem caused by a bad circulation
pump or is it something else?

BekTrent says:

Fabulous vid – thanks! Just a few minor differences with the LG wd-1248rd
(Australian model). The part number (in Aust) is 4681EA2002A, and the pump
housing is not secured to a base plate, but to the frame of the machine
itself via three phillips screws around the edge of the larger drainage
hole. There is also a plastic ‘border’ around the control panel that needs
removing before you can remove the front of the machine. You guys rock –
you saved me a LOT of cash!!!

Senor Wolf says:

Very good illustration…. Thank you!

froger76 says:

hi can you tell me what the pump is on the opposite side of the circ pump?
seems to have 1 pump on each end of the housing. is that the drain pump? says:

We actually do mention reconnecting that wire about a minute later at 6:48.

Sjoukje Postma says:

Thanks a lot, I was able to fix the machine with this video

HolyCow! says:

You missed a vital step – right at 5:54 notice that electric wire? you
forgot to mention to reconnect that wire. If you don’t do that you the door
will always seem open to the washing machine and it wont run.

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