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The Whirlpool service and Support YouTube Channel is here to help guide you through simple repairs and maintenance of your home appliance. Here you'll find useful videos about dishwashers,... [...]
We have the skills and know how to repair most home appliances. Cookers, washing machines, dishwashers and more. Call us today! [...]
Dryer Repairs. . . . . . Dryer Repair Help - Free troubleshooting and videos ... www.repairclinic.com/RepairHelp/Dryer-Repair-Help Free repair help to fix yo... [...]
To use a clothes dryer, clean the lint trap before putting in the appropriate load of clothing and picking the best drying cycle. Dry clothes on low heat for... [...]
Repairing a refrigerator light doesn't require any tools whatsoever. Find out how to repair a refrigerator light with help from an electrical repair speciali... [...]
Ok, from mikeycbd's twin in the UK, these are the modules you will need to review if you want to repair your fridge. I've hijacked my twin's youtube channel ... [...]
Troubleshoot problems with a freezer by turning the temperature up and down to make sure the compressor is working and checking the seal around the freezer d... [...]
We service all Kitchenade / KitchenAid appliances. On mixers commonly the worm gear(s) ware out or it could be a speed control or a loose wire ApplianceWorks... [...]
This video is mostly to show what a nice, new (and glowing!) dryer heating element looks like in a Sears Kenmore 90 Series clothes dryer! If you want to see ... [...]
This is a short video on how to replace a broken drum belt on your clothes dryer. The replacement belt cost me a little under $12 and the entire job only too... [...]
Unclog a dishwasher by cleaning debris from the basket, using commercial drain clog products in the hose or using a plumber's drain clear. Consider replacing... [...]
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