How to Replace the Circuit/Phase Board in a KitchenAid Stand Mixer

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If your KitchenAid mixer runs at full speed every time you turn it on, you probably have a bad phase board–also referred to as the circuit board. Luckily, M…


zpam says:

I have a similar KA to this. Stationary with lift. “Heavy Duty” . It has
problems with the switch. Specifically, it doesn’t want to turn off. See a
short video of the problem here: v=HmnXFxKN5Mc

Any idea? 

Manuel Lopez Sanchez says:

Thank you Mark for the great videos…they are really helpful. I have a
Artisan model stand mixer and I would like to know if there is any chance
to convert a 110v model in a 220v model…Are there any parts that should
be changed to do so (besides the plug)? Im moving to Europe and I wouldnt
like to depend on a voltage converter. Some of my friends that live abroad
using mixerrs with voltage converters tell me that they run too fast on
lower speeds, actually they lost the stir speed they had back in the US.
Thanks again

Juan C says:

Yes! You Rock! Opening the back of mine: KitchenAid Ultra Power, Model:
KSM90, MaxWatts=300, Hz=60, revealed the Black wire was loose. Symptom:
Ran only on Speed 1&2. With needle-nose pliers, a light squeeze on the
female spade terminal (curled part that slips on) now it won’t vibrate off
again and I felt it slip on tighter.
YouTube rocks too! Thanks eReplacementParts !

Brenda Dominguez says:

My kitchenaid Artisan model # ksm150pswh will only mix at one speed and
wont shut off unless I position the switch lever at a particular spot on
the OFF position. What can it be?

Cam McIntyre says:

I found the video helpful to open the mixer; I needed to replace the handle
for the latch that locks the mixer down. After putting it together, now it
won’t run at all. I don’t see any loose wires. Any suggestions?

susan wallace says:

Thanks , that was great information. Can I purchase circate and control
board from USA as UK prices are a rip off. I have a KPM5 pro mixer.

Dianne Wallace says:

Thank you Mark! Your video is very helpful. Were going to attempt to give
our KitchenAid Mixer some TLC thanks to your step by step video.

Alice Crawford says:

I have a K5A made by Hobart. If I need parts for such an old mixer, are
they available today at Kitchenaide? I’ve been having a problem getting
beaters for a hand mixer from anywhere, it’s model KHM-3

Ron Burns says:

Great video series THX. My mixer was having motor speed issues. My phase
board was caked in flour, very likely causing it to short out. after
removal I used an old toothbrush and warm water to clean it off, made sure
i was dry and “let it set over night!!!!!”, reinstalled and powered it up,
working great. …. NEVER use water on your mixer or any other electronic
that are any where near power!!!! The parts on this board are diodes, caps,
and resisters, water will not hurt these if they are not cracked or have
power to them, and if they are cracked they are already bad. Proceed at
your own risk with this tip, if you are not sure ….DON’T DO IT!!!

Javier Adrián Di Iorio Fernández says:

Hello, mark good video, I have a question if I use a kitchen aid 110 volts
and 60 Hz, and I make it with a power transformer 220 volts 50 hz will
convert volts but not the hz, so the machine would work faster or slower,
if I change the circuit board / phase 120 volts 220 volts on the other, the
speed will work correctly

Gourav Sharma says:

Hi, I have same model mixer, the motor was working but the planetary was
not moving, i didnt knew how to open it so i opened it from the back, i
only got as far as unscrewing the control plate.then i found you guys on
youtube and now i know how to open the planetary, i screwed the control
plate back in place but now motor is not moving, any ideas…??

Maggie C says:

Is there a video showing how to replace the control board on this model?
Thanks for the great videos!

Christina Ratti says:

I just ordered the phase board for my KSM90 mixer from you because my mixer
will not turn off in the off position. I turn it to the off position and
then the lever bounces it back on again. Will not turn off unless I unplug
it. Now I think I may have ordered the wrong part. Is it something else
that you can help me with? And if I ordered the wrong part, can I return
it? Thank you?

Tim McCall says:

very helpful i changed both the faze board and speed sensor as long as i
was gunna open it up. and the brushes. make sure the brushes are in right.
they will fit in the wrong way but the mixer wont run at all.

hullspeed says:

And if the circuit is open? That is, if there is infinite resistance
between the red and white leads to the control plate, then what might the
problem be?

ptb650 says:

My mixer won’t turn on. I know the cord is good. How do I check the control
board and the phase board before i buy replacement parts. I have an ohm
meter to check the switch.

Carlos Mtnez says:

Could this be a solution to transform a 110v model to 220v? (American 60Hz
to European 50Hz? Thanks.

Camilla Galang says:

Would you happen to know if this is the part that needs to be replaced in
my case? I accidentally plugged my sisters 110v pro600 into 220v and sparks
flew out the back. Please reply soon.

BigRushProducts says:

Nice!…I’m doing a school project with the Kitchenaid classic. Is it
possible to make it go reverse? Going reverse is our only option wit this
project and switching the wires didn’t seem to work. Any advice on making
it go in reverse? says:

You can get that part on our website. See video description for more info.
Thanks for watching! says:

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Luap Salta says:

Maybe she put the wires on the wrong posts or didn’t put one or more back
on at all. If sher took the brushes out, she probably put them back in
incorrectly. says:

Currently we do not but will likely in the future so feel free to subscribe
and stay tuned. Thanks for watching!

jeniffer ponce says:

wife dropped her kitchen aid mixer and now it won’t turn on any ideas?

nathaniel goulbourne says:

hello i have a betty crocker mixer model # bcf 1250 mixer not spinning
.please tell how to fix it my email address is

enkaisu says:

Did you send me a PM on YouTube? I haven’t quite received it… Or I’m
looking in the wrong place.

tylersontag says:

Got any idea where i can get the same replacement part for a hamilton beach
stand mixer?

enkaisu says:

Sorry I never received it at all. No notification or anything but I did for
your other replies.

iTRYER says:

This is good to know, now that I own one. But here is the trick question…
where did you buy a pour guard with the “classic” mixer?

Guy Ko says:

Good stuff!! This video has been a great help. says:

Thanks for watching! First thing is to double check if the motor brushes
are in correctly. One of our videos titled, “How to Replace the Brushes on
a KitchenAid Stand Mixer”, will be very helpful to you. says:

@TRYER25 Haha. That IS a trick question. The answer is sort of a trick
answer, though, too. We purchased the mixer in this video used (with its
pour guard and other attachments) so that it would serve as a good example
for repairs that would similarly be performed by our viewers on their own
used machines. Because of that, we’re not sure where the mixer or its
accessories were originally purchased or in what combinations.

Keith McLane says:

Thank you for the video. Very helpful. I did have one question that may
seem obvious but I just want to be sure. When purchasing a replacement
circuit board, how do I ensure I’m getting the right size? Just make sure
it has the necessary Voltage required per the manual?

enkaisu says:

Yes it is. I never got any sort of notification of your “detailed
suggestion”. Now if you’d please provide it here or resend it, it’ll be
much appreciated. YouTube Service emailed me with every other comment of
yours except for the one that is supposed to help me.

lunera40 says:

GREAT VIDEO! My KitchenAid is very old, would it be wise to order the
brushes and the gear. Other than not working on low speed it sounds very

Chamara Fonseka says:

very usefull

lunera40 says:

GREAT VIDEO! My KitchenAid is very old, would it be wise to order the
brushes and the gear. Other than not working on low speed it sounds very
loud as well. Is a KitchenAid MODEL K45SS, 250 WATTS, 115 VOLTS, 60HZ says:

@ptb650 Like most circuit boards you can’t test it unless you know what the
logic, or output values, of the board should be. You must rely on the
symptoms the mixer is having. The most common symptom of a bad phase board
is a mixer that will only run at high speed. A bad phase board may also
cause the mixer to not turn on. However this symptom could also indicate a
bad control board, switch or cord. I hope this helps, -Mark

Hector Carrasco says:

Hello, I am Spanish and i like to know where I can buy the electrical
circuit for the model 5KPM5, thank you very much. A greeting.

kaytidyd says:

I have a 4KSM50P bowl lift. Periodically the mixer would stop working in
the middle of a batch of cookie dough and the reset button would fix it.
Machine doesn’t turn on now. Checked phase control and noticed the blue
wire casing has wear. Should I order both the worm gear and the phase
control board? Also should the screw in the bottom middle be tightened, its
loose? Maybe it controls planetary rotations? I ordered grease from your
site to replace leaking oil. Thanks

mergs52 says:

My mixer will only turn on if I put the switch to speed 6, then plug it in.
After I do this I can change speeds and turn it on and off. I also have to
sometimes hold the plug into the wall. After watching your videos I am not
sure if it is most likely the phase board, power cable or brushes. Do you
have any insight? says:

Glad our video could be of help! Sounds like you may have only messed up
the speeds. Sadly there is no definite way of adjusting the speeds without
the aid of a service center only tool. Take it to your nearest service
center and let them know what you did and they will be able to get you
fixed up in no time. says:

Thanks for watching! The older mixers are really good! You can order the
brushes (#W10380496) on our website. With the speeds being off and the
sounds you are getting you might want to consider taking it to a local
service center for servicing. Those older mixers are tricky to adjust the
speeds without the use of a special service center only tool. says:

The best way to make sure that you are getting the right one for your mixer
is to check the diagram for your model. There is a link in the description
of the video to our website where you can find the diagram for your mixer.
Once there you will be able to get the right part. Thanks for watching!

felplay vina says:

how do you test that part. says:

Please enable your channel comments and I will send you an informative
response that allows links.

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