How to Repair a KitchenAid 600 Professional Mixer That Isn’t Spinning

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Repairing the gears on a KitchenAid 600 Professional 6 Quart Mixer. This video provides detailed instructions with close up views of the gear repairs. If you…


Stephanie Dobson says:

Thank you soooo much for this video! Question: does your mixer have the
flip-up port cover. Mine came off and I have no idea how to get it to stay

Shawna Tucker says:

Thank you so much for the video! We’re stuck however on the Retaining Ring
Pliers. We got a pair at Home Depot, and they won’t go into the little
holes. The size says .070 so I was wondering what size you had.

rehas406 says:

How did you get the housing back on so easily? I have put everything
together step by step but when I put the metal silver housing back on it
doesn’t go back on all the way. Have I missed a step? 

Gary Johansen says:

One of the better repair videos I’ve seen Thanx

Matt Martin says:

thanks for the help, I have a wolfgang puck stand mixer 700 watt. Its very
similar to your mixer and this video helped a lot. I’ll have to replace all
the grease b/c of all the metal shaving in it. I had 3 gears stripped. Nice
to see that they where all metal gears….thanks again.

rehas406 says:

How did you get the housing back on so easily? I have put everything
together step by step but when I put the metal silver housing back on it
doesn’t go back on all the way. Have I missed a step? 

2008wisam says:

@ketptsc i have the same problem and i had to fix it twice,now i’m done and
enough waisting money for a realy bad mixer and i would not recommand that
anyone to buy it.

goinghomesomeday1 says:

If you want a mixer to handle dough making – spend the extra few dollars
and buy a Hobart N50.

goober-nette goobernette says:

(KitchenAid Bevel Gear for 6 Quart Mixers – 9703337, KitchenAid Mixer
Replacement Worm Gear – 9709231, Kitchen Aid Mixer Attachment Drive Gear –
9703338?) As for grease: does it have to be the one from that site or would
Home Depot carry something like that ?– I am in Canada which sometimes
makes it a bit more difficult 9or pricey) to get stuff ordered from certain
sites in the US.

socalmonk says:

Great video, very well done.

José Aguayo says:

Fixed it yesterday-the worm follower gear had seven teeth that had been
ground down flat (not broken-there were no metal pieces anywhere). Thank
you again. Your clear instructions and video gave me the confidence to
tackle this, and I got the job done for $20 instead of $200. Not to mention
the satisfaction of being able to fix something myself. Many thanks!

Julie S says:

Thanks for an excellent video. Just took apart my mixer (only a year old)
and discovered the worm follower gear missing 3 teeth. New part is ordered
and now we wait.

repairit2 says:

It is just stuck on the shaft. Put a pair of pliers underneath the bevel
gear and tap it up with a small hammer. It will come off, just needs a
little coaxing sometimes.

repairit2 says:

Does the motor sound like speed is changing from 8 to 10 without a
noticeable change in rotation of the planetary (mixing attachment)? Could
also be an issue with speed control assembly. See service manual for more

repairit2 says:

Yes, absolutely food safe grease must be used. See the website link in the
video description, the grease they sell is food safe.

ketptsc says:

@cbaiocco I have had the bevel gear on two different Pro 600s break a
combined total of 6 times. It’s not an odd gear to break. I finally gave up
and ordered a Bosch Universal Plus for mixing bread dough (which I do 2-4
times per week). I would like to use these instructions and fix it
hopefully for the last time, and then only use it to make cookie dough,
frosting, etc. All previous 6 repairs were done by an authorized shop, some
of which were covered by the warranty.

Jen Klassen says:

how do I know how much 2 oz of grease is without a scale? I am trying to
put this back together right now so I really hope you see this soon!

repairit2 says:

Many thanks for the kind comment! I will have to put your idea on my todo
list for a future project – LOL.

Gable Young says:

Thanks so much. I’m off to get a snap ring plier to see what gear needs to
be repaired. I agree that Kitchen Aid should be built stronger. I use mine
very hard but thought that It should be able to handle the work load.

nightranger4117 says:

Thank you for the video. Mine had the plastic transmission cover which I
replaced with the aluminum one(my wifes kitchenaid is 10+ years old. It
locked again when my wife was using it. I had replaced the bearing pieces,
gears were in excellent shape. It locked up while my wife was using it. I
checked it again, and the gears were fine,but the screws were loose on e
trans cover. I suggest running it for a minute and rechecking the 4 screws
on the trans cover for tightness.

TheDurnans says:

I bought my KP26M1X shortly after you, in March of 2009. Mine died today
while making bread dough. My worm follower gear was worn to about nothing.
The remaining teeth were super thin, but the worm and all other gears,
including the bearings are almost like new. I use mine A LOT, but for bread
dough, which I suppose wears on the gears. I went to the website you said
and ordered a few of those gears, and 1 each of all the others with the
grease. That way, I’ll have the parts on hand next time!

Jack B says:

Did you use Food Safe Grease, if not what did you use?

slh123 says:

Excellent video.. very helpful.

goober-nette goobernette says:

thanks very much!

nightranger4117 says:

After I ran it again(with the top cover off, the big steel one on top), the
screws were loose. I think after everything seated, the cover was loose. I
retorqued the screws, and it was fine after that. Problem solved!

repairit2 says:

Thanks for the kind feedback, glad to know it helps others in the same
situation I was in!

Mikkel Salling says:

There is a question farther down asking about the part marked MOV1 on the
motor control board 9707220. I have the same problem (and I can’t see that
anybody answered). Does anybody know what is standing on the side of it
(once it is blown you cannot read anything from it, all is black). I
believe it is a VDR (voltage dependent resistor, not a capacitor as the
other asker stated), which is there to protect the circuit against too high

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