Samsung Refrigerator Repair – Not cooling properly, freezing up on the back panel – RF266AEPN

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Fix your trusty Samsung Refrigerator which has these following issues: Not cooling properly, freezing up on the back panel Visit us at http://www.appliancevi…

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Thanks Matthew we try our best to provide quality videos to help Do-It
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Shawn we have a Samsung RB1855SL that doesn’t keep the fridge as cool as it
use to, is this the same issue? Thanks.

Karen Kashchy says:

This is a really helpful video. Thank you for posting it. We have the
same fridge and 4 months ago had to have the drain hole defrosted because
water was pooling under the vegetable pins. Imagine my surprise when it
started happening again. I watched the repair man last time, because I was
far from thrilled about having to pay $200 to repair a new fridge. If it
happened again, do you think part of the defrosting unit is defective? The
repair shop won’t warranty their repair past 90 days and Samsung and Lowes
won’t help since the fridge is out of warranty. I truly think we got a
lemon fridge. I’m going to have my husband use your video and try this

Robin Weiner says:

Great video, My problem is that the freeze is cooling properly but
refrigerator is not, had massive ice build up and fan noise from top fan,
unplugged refrigerator let set for 24 hours, freezer reached temperature
but refrigerator has not, you do not feel no air flow from the top of
refrigerator, chiller compartment is getting cooler than frigerator, could
top fan be bad?

ryk1265 says:

Great video!

hondagoal says:

Great video. thx.

Jim Stumbo says:

Never buy a Samsung refrigerator. They are currently the subject of a
class action lawsuit. Mine is the RS267, but it affects many if not most
of their models. The coils in the fridge will freeze up, and prevent the
fridge from cooling. There is no fix, and the only thing you can do it
take it apart and manually defrost it, only to have the coils freeze up
again within a month, and then you have to take it apart again.

Duane Grant says:

Great video. I have that exact unit in the video, and my question is what
is the part# for that replacement kit you put in? I can only find
individual parts, not that whole assembly. 

Josh Mushibwe says:

Whats the name of the replaced part? 

JL Hohbein says:

Frozen in drawers 

Wang Hwa Ee says:

Hi . Just wondering how much the heater cost? And where to get that part?

Rob Delefonte says:

Thanks for the informative vid. Much appreciated, couldn’t do one as good!
Will share.

Matthew Saratore says:

Awesome video, thanks! Just cleared my drain of ice.

jso911srv says:

Great video thank you!!! But I have a question. A few days ago the fan was
making a terrible noise and I found ice near the top. I unplugged for a few
hours but apparently not long enough. Since then the noise had stopped but
I noticed the fridge section was not cooling. Fridge was at 50 and the
freezer was at 0. Found this video, took the panel off, and low and behold
the ice on top of the coils, around the fan, and on the bottom plugging up
the drain. So I am thinking its the defroster. But you told a poster ice
building up near the fan is usually air and humidity from bad seal. Your
video shows ice near the top by the fan section but you replaced the
defroster. Is there a way to test the defroster?

Gloria Sumner says:

Can anyone tell me how I know if my ice maker is on or off? If the little
icon is on does that mean the ice maker is on.

Shannon Johnson says:

Thank you I need to try this my fridge also makes a loud popping and
cracking day and night . Do you have an idea what that might be it sounds
like crushing ice and turning ice . I do not have the water hooked up and
never has been and the ice mode is off . I see on the web many people have
this prob. As well. Most of the dealers / stores in our area have stopped
selling samsung refrigerators it’s to bad that they can’t make a good one
bc they sure are nice looking peaces of junk. I will be buying parts from
you guys . Our fridge has had problems since it was new and 2 yrs later
still has problems .

Kevin M says:

Fantastic video could not of been better in the quality and ease of
following what to do. Could this be what is causing water in the bottom of
our fridge section in our Samsung Freezer on the bottom unit. Water will
also form in the crisper drawers. The water under the drawers will freeze
and make the drawers hard to open. Thanks again

colonialtitle1 says:

i have a samsung model number RF4287HARS 4 door french door 28 cu. ft.
fridge, freezer started going above 32, and the fridge going above 44, but
the strange thing is the display panel is showing 0 for the freezer and 36
for the fridge, the settings are at -2 for the freezer and 36 for the
fridge, i have unplugged it for 30 minutes and it resets and shows the
actual temp correctly but then it starts showing wrong temps again and will
not freeze or cool correctly, when i set it for power freeze it starts to
come down but then goes whacky again. please help.

brendan hermiz says:

Hey awesome video, but I have a question. I have the same fridge and it
seems to be cooling fine, no issues there, but I recently noticed a loud
fan related noise. Upon further inspection I found there to be ice build up
in the top section where the fan is. Is this a precursor to my heating unit
going or can I just clear the ice and be ok? I had the fridge set to
factory setting, not overly cool and anything like that. Any info would be
great because the noise is quite annoying, thanks!

Melgjorge6 says:

First thing. Do you check the heater to see if is open. You said to start
with the heater? Why. We dont know if the heater is bad or not. 90 % of the
times is the sensor. Sensor is bad or sensor has to be on the low side line
instead of the cappillary tube.. According to samsumg the sensor needs to
be move to the low side line. Also make sure the drain is not clog. If it
is removed the little metal clip the goes from the defrost heater to the
drain. That clip is too short and is not reaching the drain. That cause ice
build up on drain. In the case samsung has a new part #. New desigh of clip
we can call it drain heat probe. You can use the whirlpool one. Whenn drain
is clogged you get a lot of ice on evaporator cover and also water leakege
under the crispers.

Jeni says:

Our Fridge and Freezer seem to be cooling fine but we started to notice
large amounts of water under the Vegetable trays just and noticed the holes
down the right side of the Duel cooling full of ice chunks. I have taken
everything apart and am letting it all thaw with the doors open. The drain
seemed totally clear when I poured hot water down it. Just like in your
video there is a chunk of ice above the heater by the screw hole. The Vent
hole further down that I assume leads to the Freezer had some black mildew.
We have also had lots of problem with our seal getting mildew on them but
decided against replacements when we looked at the cost unless we are sure
that is the problem. I want to be sure we are replacing the correct part.
Can you give any specifics on how to test to see if the problem is the
Heater, sensor or something else? Does it seem strange that there is mildew
around the pipe to the freezer? We live in Florida so Humidity and mildew
is always something we chase, plus with 3 kids they have left the door ajar
more than once. I have not had any fan noises that people have mentioned. 

FreedomExpress11 says:

Hello Mathew, can you tell me how to do this procedure on Samsung
RFG297AARS. Specifically, can you tell me how to remove the back panel?

Melgjorge6 says:

yes use the whirlpool part # 819043 which is also approved by samsung. says:

It’s no problem. We live, breathe, and love appliances! We’re always happy
to help 🙂 Thank you for watching.

Jackmanis says:

great video guys. How do I know if it is the defrost unit. Mine is just
like the one in the video. Its not get cool, Freezer is fine, Cleaned all
the vents and coils. Just not sure what to check next. Any help.

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