Samsung Refrigerator – DIY repair

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Temporary repairs to your Samsung refrigerator.


R Lee Clarke says:

freezer is the problem. Fridge is at 38 degrees.

Justin Bish says:

Having a problem with this same model samsung. The freezer works but the
fridge will not stay cool. Compressor and compressor fan both are working.
Also the freezer and the fridge fans are both working I am not sure what
the problem could be. I’m thinking the main board might be bad. 

Tito Blank says:

I’m trying to fix a samsung fridge. Freezer works but the fridge
compartment is warm, the fan doesn’t run I’m trying to find why is not
running I check the motor and it’s fine ( the motor is 12v DC ) and the
input to it is below 2v 

cdawgRJ says:

can someone please help me out? I bought a house with this refrigerator. My
problem is the ice maker does not work. The previous owner says he never
used it and it should work. I looked at other videos and it seems like the
motor has to work. Mine does not work.
Also, the second problem, half of the Blue Lights indicators do no light
up. Example, the child lock light is out and the freezer light is out. The
numbers look great tough.
I appreciate any help from you guys

R Lee Clarke says:

I replaced the board after watching your video. Now the temp gauge on the
front of the fridge has gone down from 28 to 12. It has been over 12 hours
and the popsicles are only half frozen. Do I need to unplug the fridge to
let any ice inside melt? If so how long? Any other suggestions? Thanks. BTW
your video was very well done.. 

Beverly Mcpherson says:

I dont see any answers .. is this post still live ?

Beverly Mcpherson says:

thats the same fridge I have.. almost ready to buy a new one.. Where is
your 2nd video to show how to replace the board ???

jaime bruce says:

Have a RS2555SL and the electrical controls have stopped working. Would
this need a new motherboard? And if so, what would the part number be?

Rhonda Parker says:

My display panel is frozen and the only thing that displays is 88 88 on the
front panel. I have a series RFG297, 28.5 CU FT. Any suggestions on how
to ‘unfreeze’ the display screen?

masterK A says:

good job on this repair finding the relay,,this model is cursed with a
defrost heater failure I say 3 out of 40 units that were made

Anthony Martin says:

yes this trick runs compressor 24 hrs the board does not know it running
the compressor The Main board has set time for defrost that turns off the
compressor to turn on the defrost heater / now he heating the freon (not
Good) changing the psi this could pump the oil out of the compress KILLING
IT. THIS WILL VOID SEAL SYSTEM WARRANTY. Ps it never defrost the freezer
evap coil i 5-7 day temp in freezer and frig will raise.

Anthony Martin says:

no just not defrosing

themizaru says:

my samsung was working, i unluggded it to vacuum the coils and the fun, but
it wouldn’t work after i plugged it back again, the fan is not working the
condensor is not running( cold to the touch), any advise? thanks

chuck gonzalez says:

Thank you thank you, I just save some people a ton of money w/ your
popcicle stick trick, their frig was only 13 months old

Angela Seebohm says:

Our Samsung refrigerator has a larger readout on front, it now only reads
88 08. I can no longer get ice from the front but I can still get water.
Also I am getting an iceberg on the bottom of the top part that I have to
keep cleaning away or it drips into freezer and causes problems there. Is
there anything you can help us with please?

ximena salazar says:

Hi I saw your video I have a Samsung twin cooling fridge model RB214ACWP
and its freezing my food in the fridge area what can be the problem
somebody already change my cooling thermostat can you help me I appreciate
any suggestions thanks

Tim Aldag says:

i have a Samsung Fridge Freezer RFG297AA, and the ice maker does not maek
nice cubes, it makes frozen large clumps

Sara Groves says:

I have this problem with my samsung, same unit as this one. How do you
order the part and replace it. He said at the end of video he would show. I
dont see any new videos for it.

Chris Chin says:

Very helpful video. I have a problem where the evaporator fan does not turn
on. I melted the ice that was blocking the fan and checked the fan with a
DC power source. It works with a battery so I eliminated the fan. Is it the
control board? Also what is an inverter board next to the control circuit
board? I have a Samsung RF266AERS.

matt w says:

i have a similar model but the compressor is running, it is just louder,
hot to the touch, and there is no cooling going on in the fridge
compartments. Would this likely be a bad compressor even though this fridge
is no more than 3 years old?

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