Refrigerator Repair- Replacing the Fresh Food Door Gasket (Whirlpool Part # 12550115Q)

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brightful5 says:

Thanks mine has dents in it which is forming ice in my fridge and freezer

Andres Boza says:

It is easier to prepare the gasket by using a hair dryer while you install

Sajal Dey says:

gift now gaskwt ues

Ken Jarmel says:

This video saved me $100. Thank you, thank you, thank you

PartSelect says:

You’re welcome for the help! I would suggest having a look at the fridge’s
defrost drain and make sure that it’s not clogged with ice or debris. I’d
also look to see if the fridge is level. A ripped door gasket can cause the
outside warmer air to get in and cause condensation. A poor gasket seal
allows cold compartment air to escape. Sweating will most likely form
around the door opening if the door seal is poor. Hope that helps!

85ZingoGTR says:

Oh wow. I thought these were glued in not screwed in. I just got a new
Frigidaire Gallery fridge and am paranoid about pulling out the protective
plastic from under the gasket fearing that I would detach the gasket.

PartSelect says:

Check the door cams and make sure the door is closing properly. You may
have to tighten the screws and align the door to create the necessary seal.

spamandrun says:

checked top and bottom and when i tighten or losen either one it makes it
worse =(

Mi Nennuka says:

My parrot eat away one of the corners of the gasket so I going to have to
replace it. I’m a woman so I need a lot of tips on how to do it. Thanks for
you help, great video. Since you are here I have a question; this
refrigerator suffers from incontinence associated with the whether. LOL,
every day that is too humid it leaks. Any Ideas. Thanks

PartSelect says:

@resodziadzu I am sorry to hear about how the gasket was shipped to you.
Let us know how your installation goes and if you need any help then please
let us know! We’re here to help.

TriodeLuvr says:

Well, turns out the problem wasn’t the thickness at the hinges. Apparently,
the step with the hair dryer is critical, but I skipped it. My gasket
didn’t look too bad, but it wasn’t sitting completely flat to the door and
had several slightly deformed areas. I’ve been pushing it in and
straightening it out by hand, and the door closes much better now. I may
yet have to use the hair dryer, but I’ll give it a day or two first, just
to see if the gasket settles in. thanks for the video!

TriodeLuvr says:

I wrestled with this nearly a half hour after loosening the screws, but
could not get the gasket into place all around. It turned out to be much
easier to remove the retainer (liner), install the gasket, then reinstall
the retainer onto the door with the gasket already in place. The only
problem I have now is that the door won’t close completely. the thickness
of the gasket at the hinges is holding it open about 1/4-1/2″.

meetmetoday says:

thanks for the demo much appreciated kindest regards

PartSelect says:

Hi there! The gasket should definitely not detach upon pulling the
protective plastic away, as it’s screwed in.

PartSelect says:

I’d start with inspecting the hinges, cams on your fridge door. Pay
attention to these parts when the door opens and closes. Try tightening the
screws on the hinges as the door may be a little out of alignment. Do you
notice any water droplets around the outside of the fridge or a thumping

PartSelect says:

@tinman225 – Glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks for your tip about putting
the door on a long table before replacing the gasket. Great idea.

Safa alhilli says:

Hi i have a problem. My fridge door wouldn’t close however my freezer does

PartSelect says:

Thanks for the update. it sounds if the spacer in the door is missing.This
spacer can break off and a lot of times.To fix this, simply remove the door
and place a spacer under the door. Note that any plastic spacer will work
as long as it will go on the hinge pin and is not too thick

Ed Mccloskey says:

Good video on replacement. For the most part the instructions are the same
for my refrigerator a Hotpoint. Hotpoint has a metal bars to hold the
gasket on rather than the fiberglass door panel. Since mine was also a side
by side I removed the door, laid it on a long table then replaced the

Ellen Mach says:

I have received a gasket scrunched up in its box. Because of this shipping
method, the gasket has major deformities that do NOT straighten out with
the Sears suggested method of using a hair dryer. I will try your
suggestion of warming in a bathtub, but am very skeptical. The lip that
sits against the frig. door, held by the metal bracket is no longer at rt.
angles to the rest of the gasket, and I don’t think heating will do the
trick. It’s absolutely asinine to ship the gasket folded up.

piddler51 says:

I used to always leave the screws a little loose (kind of snug) and shut
the door making sure the door was closed all the way around the fridge. The
screws would be just snug enough so I could push the door completely flat
to the fridge opening all around. The screws being just snug allowed the
door to flex and the liner to slide so it could adjust to the opening and
shut properly when I retightened the screws.

PartSelect says:

You’re welcome and thanks for sharing your repair experience. Let us know
how the repair goes and if the gasket creates the seal needed to keep the
hot air out (Tip: keep an eye out for water droplets around the door as
that indicates a problem with the seal).

PartSelect says:

@meetmetoday You’re welcome!

spamandrun says:

hello i replaced the gasket on my fridge thanks to your help and it all
went smoth but one cornor at the top handle side of the door will not touch
the fridge to the point were i can almost stick 2 fingers in and airs
rushing out. i tried the hair dryer and made sure to soak it in the tub for
a few hours so right now its duck taped shut any advice?

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