Refrigerator Repair- Replacing the Freezer Door Gasket (Whirlpool Part #12550116Q)

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ltcis says:

Thanks for taking the time make this video and walking us through the
procedure. I’d never attempted it before, and after watching your video,
the job was a total snap! I really appreciate it!

PartSelect says:

Thank you for your suggestion and will pass it along. We are always adding
new video’s to address common appliance parts. If you can provide your
freezers model number then I will see what information I can find for you.

PartSelect says:

@motcov43 – Yes, Steve removed the screws which holds together the door
panel, liner and the gasket. He then reused them to install the new gasket.
Let us know if you have any other questions.

PartSelect says:

You’re welcome! Just did a quick check and we carry the do the fridge’s
door shelf model number is 67003699 and door retainer shelf model number

PartSelect says:

That’s a great tip! Thank you for sharing.

sleepyhollow783 says:

In addition to my previous comment, the seal looks as though the door was
1st, then the seal, & then the interior panel was compressed over the inner
edge of the seal if that helps to describe. The frig was built in 2000. The
seal is not simply fitted into a trench on the door. Thx.

Robert Johnson says:

It is much easier to put the new gasket on the inside part of the door
first. After getting the gasket on, screw in the inside part of the door.
The gasket is very snug so it is very difficult to put on when the inside
part of the door is attached, even when attached loosely.

PartSelect says:

@boy1er1990 You’re very welcome! Good work at getting the job done in 20
mins, keep it up!

PartSelect says:

Got your email and responded!

PartSelect says:

The same principles apply to a chest freezer but if you can provide the
freezer’s model number then I’ll see what specific installation
instructions I can track down.

James Biehle says:

Very useful video. Two tips were particularly useful: preheating the
gasket, and watching that the interior door panel doesn’t drop out. I
replaced the gasket on an upright Kenmore freezer and, seeing the bit about
the interior panel, I took the door off,laid it on my dining room table,
and replaced the gasket there. It was much easier to see where I needed to
adjust the fit in this position, plus, the interior panel stayed put as I
worked. Thanks.

PartSelect says:

@kore464 No problem! If you have any questions or need any additional
guidance just let us know. If you click on the link in the video
information, you’ll find helpful installation instructions from some of our
customers too!

nwcurtis says:

Thank you very much, this was very helpful! It was nice to know what to

PartSelect says:

Success! We carry the freezer gasket for your Amana refrigerator. The part
number for the freezer gasket is D7605115Q and for the fridge gasket it’s
D7605116Q. On our site we have installation instructions that most people
find helpful when repairing their appliances. I hope you read through the
information we have available!

PartSelect says:

@neub2009 Happy to hear our video was helpful to you! Thanks for your

The Workbench says:

Exact same fridge I have… exact same thing I need to do, ha. Thanks for
this video.

dude2850 says:

This is b/s loosen all the screws do not remove the panel you can slip the
old gasket out of the panel groove then feed the new gasket in behind the
panel quite easily have done it for 40years.


I have a whirlpool model number 21TEA. The thermostat on it is bad. It
comes on and off erratically. Can you tell me where the thermostat is
located. This is a single switch temperature control. Do you sell the
thermosts ? This fridge is an 05 model. Thank you.

Beth Lebowsky says:

There don’t appear to be any screws or bolts holding the gasket to the door
on my freezer. Is it possible that it’s glued on? What next?

PartSelect says:

Here is a quick test you can do on the gasket to see if it’s defective.Take
a piece of paper and placing it at various points along the door. Close the
door normally and slide the paper out. If the paper slides out without any
resistance then the gasket is defective. Let us know how you make out and
if you need more help then please provide the model number of your Kenmore

martismith1950 says:

I have a Amana fridge, with the roll out freezer door, what happened is
during storage we removed the doors, the freezer door had leaned up against
something for over a year and the upper left corner the seal is not sealing
against the door and causing frost, can I remove the dent in the seal by
applying a blow dryer to it? It’s not cracked just dented in

yasm2002 says:

Steve, thanks for the videos… My Kemore freezer (self defrost) for last 2
months is not cooling like before and temperature is less than required
temp. (but still working and cold) My freezer door doesn’t suck tight after
closing I checked the defrost timer and also the defrost heater both are
good , do you think the gasket is bad? I dont feel any cold air is going
out ..

geob01 says:

Mr. Cousins complaint sounds to me like humidity is getting into the unit
past a bad door seal. You can’t HAVE puddles without a supply of air
carrying vaporized water.

Rob Jag says:

Why don’t you post a video on how to remove bottom sliding freezer doors? I
have’nt been able to find one on youtube.

Charles Cousins says:

Forgot the model number – GR9FHKXPS01. Thanks!

PartSelect says:

@noahshark Let’s start with the model number of your fridge!? You can
either let me know what it is or head over to our site and plug it in for
more specific directions.

motcov43 says:

Steve – did you remove the three set screws that held the door panel in
place and use those for the gasket?

PartSelect says:

It sounds like you’re having a defrost drain/line issue.The ice building up
in the freezer and a puddle in the fridge normally indicates the defrost
lineneis clogged. Check that area first and also the drain pan to if
there’s any water in there. To answer your question – enter in the model
number you provided on our website’s Instant Repairman and it will help you
access your fridge’s schematics. We don’t have any videos that can help but
the schematic should help. Hope this information helps.

PartSelect says:

Thanks for the tip!

scott preston says:

i was wandering if this method can be applied to a chest freezer??

Paul Svenson says:

Thank you for this video. It has been most helpful! Paul in San Diego

PartSelect says:

I sent you the answer to the email address that was provided. Thanks!

PartSelect says:

You’re very welcome! Glad we could be of help to you.

Paul Boyle says:

Ah perfect video, only took me about 20 minutes to repair it. Many thanks.

sleepyhollow783 says:

The Kenmore Elite, side by side Model #10650502990, does not have screws
behind the seal. One can not be sure how it is fastened, glue?, Etc.? How
is this type of seal replaced? Thank you.

PartSelect says:

Thanks for sharing your input! 🙂

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