Refrigerator Repair – Replacing the Door Closing Cam (GE Part# WR2X4901)

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Fred Trombly says:

Hey! You showed and telled this so well I think I could do it and really
impress my wife. Thanks much!

Jamie Hammond says:

Hey Internet, I need an HD video showing me how to replace a tiny part on
an ancient refrigerator….

PartSelect says:

@poopdoc I would look at the door hinges first to see if they are broken,
cracked, or worn out first. If the door hingest are working then I’d look
at the lining around the door to see if it’s brittle, cracked or worn out.
If you can provide your fridge’s model number then I can see what
installation instructions we have available to help you. I’ll also email
you this information.

PartSelect says:

@929Shock Thank you for sharing your advice about the door cam. We love to
hear about people’s experiences when they make their repairs.

PartSelect says:

@DrTommy123 – Are you finding small pieces of black plastic around the
refrigerator door? What’s your fridge’s model number? You can also head
over to our website PartSelect . com and plug it in to our search bar. If
you need help locating your model number just let us know. I’ll direct
message you this information.

PartSelect says:

@kane1er You’re welcome!

Tommy Smith says:

is this the only part u need to fix your fridge from not closing all the

hawgsfan says:

I should also mention that we have an odd rubber smell in the fridge as
well as the freezer. I’ve vacuumed the areas that I could around the coils
to see if that made a difference.

Ken W says:

Great video. You just saved me a lot of money for a 10 minute repair I did
after watching your instructional video. However, my refrigerator was old
enough to where I couldn’t obtain a cam, so I had to get creative with
nylon washers and it works perfectly. Thanks!!

Roberto Carbonell says:

Thank you, from Brazil!

cdrw62 says:

Great video, very easy to follow, but wish you had added how to replace the
same part on the freezer door (which has the added issue of having the
icemaker waterline going through the cam) like you did on the Whirlpool
refrigerator youtube video. Is it just as easy to do on the GE as on the
Whirlpool? Thanks!

PartSelect says:

From what you’re describing yes it sounds if the door cams are faulty. It
looks like for your model there are 2 door cams – one at the top and one at
the bottom. Have a look at both and see if one or both needs replacing!

PartSelect says:

That’s awesome and very creative solution!

hawgsfan says:

Steve … I’m thinking that this is the problem with my Kenmore
refrigerator (106.56536400). The doors just don’t snap close like they use
to and they’re not even when closed. I’ve inspected the door seal and it
seems like it’s still in pretty good shape. There’s no mold or moisture on
them. Let me know when you get the chance and thank you for your
informational video from one of those dads that would like to try and fix
it on his own before having to go and hire someone!

PartSelect says:

You’re welcome!

PartSelect says:

@UgotHacked35000vr Hi there, is your problem your fridge door not closing
properly causing ice build up from air getting in? And/or are you having
troubles with your ice maker not making ice? Let us know and we will find
out what you need to do to fix your fridge!

PartSelect says:

@cdrw62 Thank you for your suggestion. We love hearing feedback from our
customers. The process is similar for replacing the door is similar on the
Whirlpool as the GE. I can take a look and see what video’s we have
available. I’ll need your fridge’s model number. I’ll also email my

PartSelect says:

Sounds like it! The doors have hard nylon cams at the bottom hinge pin and
bottom of the door. The cams wear, over time, and can start to make popping
noises when opening or closing the door. Hope that helps!

PartSelect says:

You’re welcome and glad we could help!

BrittleWater says:

Thanks for the video. I was trying to figure out why my door wasn’t
closing. I found out my bottom closing cam was completely broke off.

kane1er says:

thanks for the vid buddy.

929Shock says:

Steve, at 3:13 you ought to mention that there is a second cam on the
bottom hinge, as seen in the video. It seems like 90% of people who have to
make this repair also need to replace the bottom cam because once they
figure out the top cam on the bottom of the door is broken the weight of
the door has already damaged the other cam. DIYers, make sure to order TWO
cams when you do this repair!

Buzzeh says:

hello, I need help to repair my refrigerator model # gss25qgtb ww, When we
get ice out, some of it freezes on the cup, and now its all frozen and no
ice comes out because the little flap doesnt close and the air from the
outside gets in.

Paula Schall says:

Thanks for the video! I am not sure if this is what I need to replace on my
Frigidaire, but when I open and close the door there is a popping sound
from the bottom of the door. Could you tell me if that is the same thing?

poopdoc says:

Hi. I was wondering if you would have a solution for me. I have a GE
refrigerator and whenever we let the fridge door close the impact of the
door to the fridge leads to the freezer door opening a smidge. I dont know
if I should fix the adhesive lining and if so how should I do that. Thanks.

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