Refrigerator Repair- Replacing the Condenser Fan Motor Kit (Whirlpool Part # 833697)

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Jason Cook says:

My fridge is not cooling on the fridge side but the freezer is still ice
cold. The large black drum on the bottom back is hot. I have a whirlpool
ultraease II. Fan is still working and there is no dust on the coils under
the fridge. Cool air is coming out of the top vent but it’s not enough to
cool the whole fridge. The doors between the freezer and fridge are hot.
Any suggestions?

Rusty Mercer says:

Great tutorial!

Jason Cook says:

The fans are both running. There was heavy frost on the coils in the
freezer. Is that normal or should they be dry? The fan in the freezer is
running and the fan under the fridge is running as well. 

PartSelect says:

You’re welcome! Hope your fridge lasts for many more years to come!

PartSelect says:

@yfsapp1 The problem could be caused by either the defrost thermostat,
defrost timer or the run capacitor. I will email you a link to our website
PartSelect . com that will explain how to test the thermostat and the
timer. Also, I will also include instructions about inspecting the run
capacitor. Let us know the results of your tests.

david barnett says:

i have a whirlpool 22cf sxs ref i bought in 2008 the freezer is getting
cold enough to make ice but the fridge side really aint getting cold the
vent at the top of the fridge side is blowing air a little bit you can feel
colder air comeing from vent on freezer side the blower moter is working
but i dont no if it is working full speed could it be a defrost problem
there has been no drainage of water

PartSelect says:

@prado713 If you send your model number I can help you find a replacement
motor that will fit your model

mistersnarly says:

Thanks for the video! I was just about to go and buy a new refrigerator.
For $45, this one runs as good as new. Great instructions!

da man says:

I have a Kenmore fridge freezer ice maker water, fridge in the bottom of
the fridge side every half hour it makes a loud knocking thumping sounds
almost like some one knocking on a door…any idea what this might be?????
any help would be greatly appreciated.

SecurityHere says:

I did this. Great tip on the old motor plug re use.

PartSelect says:

Thanks for the compliment! 🙂

PartSelect says:

I’ll send you instructions on how to test the fan motor with a multi-meter
so you’ll know if the clicking noise if the fan or the fan motor. Let us
know how you make out.

PartSelect says:

@927Adam Great job at getting the motor replaced yourself! Happy to hear
that you found our video helpful!

PartSelect says:

@prado713 Does the sound stop when you open the door? It may actually be
the sound that the motor is making and probably needs to be replaced.

thenoog1 says:

Hmm Repair Clinic has this part for $96. I was suprised to click through
and see yours for $41.70!

PartSelect says:

@Deftone124 More than likely you’ll have to replace the condenser fan if
it’s not working. Have you cleaned the fan motor area recently? Dust and
other debris can block the fan from working so you can clean it out and see
if that helps. I’ll send you an email with this information and some tips
on how to clean the fan with a brush and vaccum cleaner. If the fan still
does not work after being cleaned then it should be replaced.

PartSelect says:

The condenser fan pulls heat away from the coils and helps to maintain the
fridge’s cool temperature.

PartSelect says:

I’ll need your fridge’s model number to provide some specific information.
Also have a couple questions. Is the fridge having any temperature
problems? i.e. fridge/freezer are too warm or cold? How long does the sound
last? a few seconds or longer? One easy thing to do first is the water
dispenser for about 3 minutes. There may be an air bubble in the line.
Also, make sure the fridge is level.

kodye414 says:

dam workin on tht old dinosaur ass thng

hapybrian says:

This isn’t when someone turns off the water, is it? That can happen if the
ice maker hoses encounter a sudden increase in pressure, causing them to

PartSelect says:

Yes, dusty coils can cause the fridge to overheat. Dust, pet hair and other
debris can build up on the condenser coils and prevent the refrigerator
from cooling. They can be cleaned by unplugging the fridge and cleaning the
coils with a condenser brush or a vacuum cleaner. Hope this information
helps. I’ll also direct message the above information.

Juan Isidro Acevedo says:

Hi, can dusty coils cause the fridge to overheat? The fridge on my parents
house doesn’t have the back cover anymore, I guess some technician took if
off. I ask because the fridge is getting very hot on the sides. Thanks in

PartSelect says:

@ghd1959 If definitely sounds like the motor could be causing your
troubles. If you can give me your model number, I can try to give you some
more specific help. Or you can head over to our website and plug it in

PartSelect says:

It sounds if your condenser fan motor needs to be replaced. I’ve sent you
information on how to test this part and also included is a link to the
parts page which includes installation instructions and the repair video
for your specific model of fridge.

PartSelect says:

Start with testing the condenser fan motor. The condenser fan motor runs at
the same time as the evaporator motor (is that fan running too) and the
compressor. o inspect the fan, first disconnect the power and then remove
the rear access panel. Look for any debris or an obstruction that might be
preventing the fan from moving freely. It can be tested with a multi-meter.
Hope that helps.

stars41stats says:

Hello I recently began hearing a loud noise from the rear of the fridge
when the fan kicked in and then the noise stopped so I looked behind and
the fan blade wobbles excessively and doesn’t work now its a Roper model
RS25AGXNQ01 serial #ss3839401…send me info please sir ..thanks

PartSelect says:

@royb25 A few things can cause the fan to run constantly. The thermostat in
the fridge may be defective as it monitors the internal temperature turns
on the colling system when the temperature rises. The fridge’s vents might
be blocked by dirt or covered up which makes the fan work harder to pull
air into the fridge. The condenser coils may also be dirty and can be
cleaned. The fan/motor may be defective which make it runs constantly. Hope
this helps and I’ll also email you this information.

Pretérita Zegarra says:

my fridge is a KitchenAid (mod.KSRA22KKSS02), the cold air from de freezer
in the top part is continuos and my food freezes especially in the top, but
also in other areas. What solution can you suggest to me for this problem?
Thank you in advance.

PartSelect says:

I’d suggest testing the defrost thermostat and thermistor to start as one
of them may be defective (they can be tested with a multi-meter). I’d also
suggest looking at the air diffuser which allows cold air to move from the
freezer to the fridge and vice versa. Hope this information helps.

Juan Isidro Acevedo says:

Thank you very much for the answer. I gotta say, I found this video while
googling for info about problems with the refrigerator and I’m very
impressed. You guys have an ample selection of very informative videos. And
Steve is just great. He has a clear tone and that professorial yet
buddy-like demeanor when talking. Very explanatory and effective. Thanks
for making these, you do a great job guys.

PartSelect says:

@eveningniteshade – Yes, we have a great tutorial about how to determine
what’s wrong with the fridge. The video is called “Troubleshooting A Warm
Fridge And Freezer.” I will direct message you the link to the video. If
you have any other questions or want more information then please let us

billhorn1000 says:

Steve, my refridgerator has started freezing up all my food, eggs, all
product and all freezable items in fridge.(not the freezer part). The fan
runs continously, but at time I do not hear it. What can be causesing that,
the condenser relay or maybe the thermostate? HELP bill

PartSelect says:

I’m sorry your fridge is making that type of noise. The noise can be caused
by the condenser fan. I would inspect the fan for any debris that might be
blocking the fan from moving freely as well inspect the rubber mounting
grommets for signs of wear or tear. If the condenser fan checks out then
inspect the evaporator fan. Let us know how you make out and if you need
more help then please provide the model number.

redwoodepa says: fridge is not cooling..i have a GE Model cools but
very little..the compressor turns on but the condenser fan does not..i can
feel vibration coming for the motor but no movement.. any thoughts?

PartSelect says:

Check the compressor fan. If it’s running but has a clicking sound with the
burning smell, the compressor relay switch could be burned, and you’ll need
a new switch. Hope that helps.

PartSelect says:

@thenoog1 We do our best to offer prices that are as competitive as
possible. The difference there seems a bit high though, are you sure this
is the same part? If you need any help confiming, don’t hesitate to let us

PartSelect says:

@billhorn1000 Being with testing the fridge’s defrost thermostat. A bad
thermostat is a common reason for fridges being too cold. I will send you
an email with a link to our website with information on how to test the
thermostat. Please let us know the results. If the thermostat checks out
then please provide us with the fridge’s model number so I can investigate
other causes. One last question – has the thermostat been adjusted – as in
it might have been set on a higher setting?

PartSelect says:

@udb13 If you can provide your KitchenAid’s model number then I can see
what installation instructions we have available to help you with your
fridge. I’ll also send you an email about this as well.

927Adam says:

thanks. this was helpful. i recently had to place my motor. it wasnt too

C.K. Bowen says:

So does the fan blow air toward the condenser or pull heat away from it?

kilmer009 says:

I love it how this guy is so chill and calm while doing this. Every other
amateur would be swearing like a sailor while doing this, trying to get
those tiny screws into those tiny nooks and crannies. Great instructions.

Ron Baldy says:

My fridge doesn’t get cold it’s (warm) up top, but the bottom freezer
compartment freezes drastically. Its a Matag model #MBB22256GES built in
2002 Any help or info as to what parts I would need would be appreciated.

dexdrums says:

Hey I have a FRS23KF6EB8 that makes a loud clicking when the condenser fan
is on. I read cleaning the fan would help, it did not. I tested it by
stopping the fan and it only click when it gets to a certain speed. What do
think motor or fan blade?

PartSelect says:

@david barnett We have a troubleshooting video that explains the reasons
for warm fridge and freezer’s that I will send you (can’t post the link
here as Youtube won’t allow me). Have a look at the video and if you have
any other questions then please let us know.

Keith Watson says:

I have a Frigidaire model FRT21LRG and it seems to be running fine but I
smell burning in the back by the wires. I vacuumed out the coils, cleaned
the tray and vacuumed below. What am I missing? I plug it back in and the
smell is strong.


I have a Fridgadaire fridge in garage that stopped cooling, but I noticed
the condensor fan motor sometimes dosen’t start back up with the
compressor. If you push outward on the fan blade it starts up usually. I
cleaned it the best I could do. Should I change the motor and is that why
the fridge is not cooling down properly?

PartSelect says:

@FResto85 The purpose of the cover is help block dust and debris from
entering the fridge. You can leave the back exposed but if you do then make
a reminder to yourself to dust the condensor coils frequently to ensure
they are clean.

thenoog1 says:

My refrigerator seems rather old. I am wondering if this part would work to
replace my broken condensor fan motor. The model number is ED25PQXDN03.
Whirlpool. Thank you.

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