Refrigerator Repair (Not Cooling, Defrost System)

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This video looks at the #1 Most Common Refrigerator Issue…Defrost Problems! Something as simple as leaving the refrigerator d…


SuperJeremi10 says:

i have a Kenmore fridge that hardly cools its not keep its cool well the
fridge is 1 year old when i open the door to fridge its warm the freezer
is slightly cool cool enought to ceam my ice cream from melting but its
soft but you can see there is moisture everywhere and then fan isnt
blowing very cold at times but after the compressor kicks in it blows
really cold for bout 20 min the compressor runs long times there is no
ice build up but the frame of fridge been the doors and on the grill
and fridge side get really hot 

Travis Millard says:

i have the same Frigidaire, mine wasnt cooling, well it was cooling but not
cold enough, or making ice. I had a big chunk of ice on the top right of
the defroster and tops of dust on the coil lines in the back. So far its
running and is cold but not cold enough to make ice.

Ratcat Nugile says:

Is it essential to observe the polarity on the Defrost element when
plugging it in? Will it still work if pos is plugged into neg?

Sharkie626 says:

I want to say. I first watched your video in 2011, and 3 years later, it
still comes in handy, let me explain how. We have the same Whirlpool-made
Top-Freezer model that you showed in this video. We have one of those
outdoor cabanas, and early this year our freezer door would bind just
before fully closing, and none of us noticed it for a while, so,
considering it is outside, you can only imagine how much humidity was going
into the freezer.

The ice got so bad, that it blocked off the drain hole, and when the
refrigerator went into defrost, the water from the melted ice started going
though the air-return slots and making puddles on the refrigerator shelves
below. Since we didn’t have any thing that can spoil in it yet, I took one
of the steps in this video. I shut it off by the circuit breaker (because
it is easier than pulling it out to unplug it) and kept it off for 2 days,
because I kept the doors closed due to pollen outside. I came back to it
then, and the ice was all gone, and everything was nice and dry again, so I
turned it back on. 2 weeks later, there is no more huge ice build up, or
puddles on the shelves. Thanks again! 

FRVTC says:

Good advice and good video. GBYAY

Shawn Shing says:

Just want to say thank you for education us about the malfunction of the
refrigerator . That was priceless .

Sincerely. Thank you sir

La Luna says:

Excellent advice, thank you.

David Kocsis says:

amana refridgerator abb2524deq is what we have just defrosted it the 2nd
time in a month , lower part is freezer which works great what could be
causing this to keep freezing up? we do here it rattling throughout the day
and sometimes we hear this knocking noise but that knocking almost sounds
like its coming from the top part in the fridge, were stumped can you
advise what to do, thanks

Frank L says:

Didn’t thaw enough …chunk of ice blocking..thanks saved me service fee
and possibly getting ripped off. I wonder how many refrigerators are
replaced for not knowing any better.

Cityj0hn says:

Great video, too bad there isn’t a little info on the circuit board defrost

My refrigerator heats the duct between freezer and fresh food compartment
and won’t stop heating it unless I reset the fridge, then it will do that
again after about a 30 hours even though there is no frost and the duct
door is working properly.

As far as I can tell there is no defrost heater or thermostat on the
evaporator (is that possible?), it does not get warm in parallel with the
duct. There is however a temperature sensor in the freezer section as well
as the fresh food compartment.

I thought about jury rigging a power reset every time the door closes
because I like to tinker 🙂 at least until I can figure out how to fix the

Babatope Loko says:

Hi, I noticed my fridge stop working when the door was left open, my
housemate heard a loud bang, and now, when I try to switch it on I hear a
little grumble like it wants to start, then it just switches off, and it
keeps on repeating this till I switch it off again. Which problem do you
think it is?

kareemshaikh shaikh says:

I have a Roper s/s fridge, freezer. The lights are on, the fans/motor are
running, but fridge is not freezing nor is the fridge itself
cooling….just a light is on.

rodel placido says:

just want to ask if how long before you refill the freon of a refrigerator

Susan Kleesh says:

nothing on electrolux caravan refrigerators

Merida Velazquez says:

Hi my side by side refrigerator is not cooling,and the freezer side gets
full of ice,can you help me.

atarangi reggaelove says:

hi my refrigerator is not cooling have no idea what happen apart from the
bulb thats blown have had it almost 2years model is a Fisher and Paykel
Active Smart E402B i dont hear anything from the back of frigde so im
guessing its not working at all,dont know if its worth getting a new one or
fixing i have had no problems with it at all in the pass

Joel Eldridge says:

How do I replace my thermistor on my Kenmore bottom freezer

Mara Natha says:

Thanks for this video. I had the same problem with my Kitchenaid
Refrigerator, Model: KSCS25QFAL00. When I tested the heating element for
continuity it passed and for the resistance test it gave me reading as
Zero. Could you please tell me what does this mean? Is the defrost element
bad? (I am using Klein Tools MM100 multimeter. 

Wilfred So says:

Hi, so I just learned how to use a multi-meter today. I checked the
thermistor, and its resistance varied with different temperature waters
indicating that it’s working. I checked the resistance of thermo-fuse and
it was close to zero indicating that it also is working. However, when I’m
checked my defrost heater, I’m getting a resistance of 1 which indicates
that it’s broken.

However, I’m not sure if the way I’m checking the resistance is correct. I
did it the way it was done at the video @ the 5:32 mark and got an infinite
resistance. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to do it the way the video did
it @ the 5:50 mark, as I didn’t try that at all because I didn’t understand

Do I need a new heater?

Farhan Tariq says:

Hi, I have maytag and whenever I put new control board circuit board is
keep burning.. any thoughts? 

Gary Batts says:

This is the best description of the “defrost cycle” I have seen. It helped
me fix my Maytag fridge for about $25. You have a wonderful way of
describing this technical defrosting process. Thanks!

Yvette Benner says:

I have a Whirlpool side by side model GSC25C6EYY. This morning I noticed
that the refrigerator was not cooling and no airflow going into the fridge
unless the freezer door was also open. The freezer was working okay, but
now I notice it’s not as cold and a little more moisture, the ice maker is
also not making ice. The back of the freezer is frosty too. Is this a
defrost issue?

Sel am says:

I unplugged mine with doors open for 24+ hours and re-plugged but nothing.
it’s still not cooling :(

Vigilant says:

What does the thermal fuse do on the evaporator of a samsung refrigerator?
The service manual states there is a thermal fuse and a thermistor in the
freezer but the illustrated parts breakdown states there are 2 temperature
sensors. Is the Thermal fuse the same as a bimetal thermostat?

408organics says:

+applianceassistant Hi could you please take a guess as to why a fridge
powers on but does not cool. Im buying a used one and the owner says adding
freon is not the problem, not sure how they would know that. But anyways it
is a Beverage Air brand UCR27A. Please let me know the only possibilities
asap, thank you !

Zee C says:

Will try this see if it helps, thanks.

Sajal Dey says:


Malik Shahid says:


Benjamin Amiot says:

Yep, that, the door left opened…

44sunsets says:

This video is an outstanding explanation of the defrosting system, nicely

My Whirlpool WRI24UG self-defrosting fridge has an intermittent problem
where the freezer fan stops blowing for a few days (thus the fridge is no
longer cool), then it returns to normal and the fan operates fine for a few
days, then it stops again. Rinse and repeat. I wonder what the problem
could be — the fan doesn’t seem to be dead.

The fridge repair guy fixed the problem — turns out it was a faulty fan
motor after all. It seems some motors can develop a fault where they
overheat and then will only work intermittently from then on. Had to swap
it for a new motor.

A Washington says:

Ii have a jenn air side by side model JSD2690HEB and when I got up this
morning and noticed that my food in the freezer was defrosting and my food
in the refrig part was warm so I came to you tube to see what the problem
could be. after cleaning all the food from the freezer I made sure the
door was closed. waited an hour but it still was not getting cold but I do
hear the fan running. so I unplugged my side by side for about 5 minutes
and replugged it to see if I would hear the compressor kick in but I
didn’t. So do you thnk its the relay or the compressor that I need. 

la morena says:

frigidaire refrigerator ffpt12f3mw apartment size was plugged in the wrong
and is smell like is burn anyways i plug the fridge and it the bottom part
is working even the light came on the freezer is cool but not like before
the fan is not spinning and still smell like is burning i mean what is the
issue right now, i want someone to check it out but before that i would
really like to know my options thank you

Will Christensen says:

The coils on the bottom are covered in lint. How do I clean them?

sathish rock says:

iam work video

Arif Yılmaz says:

It is really instructive enough. Thanks

Mary Steele-Faust says:

saved money following instructions…THANK YOU

Cheryl Lynn says:

This is most helpful to explain how the defrost system works. I will give
it one more try to unplug rather than just turn off before calling a

evilspin says:

Hi, very instructive video. I have a problem with my side by side myself.
The guy who sold it to me has delayed fixing it everytime and they have an
attitude and I just want to exchange it for another fridge and he keeps
saying he rather try to fix it :/ very frustrating esp since he said all
his other fridges cost more and I have to repay another del. and they
always lie about where they are at and who the manager and owner is.
Anyway, the fridge is not cooling correctly. There is no frost problem
covering passage ways and the little filter door is usually closed all the
time when fridge is set to coldest. I rigged it to keep the filter door
open at all times and the fridge and freezer are still not at it’s coldest.
Any suggestings?

Michelle Moorer says:

Thank, you Common Since. I appreciate the Info. It works for Me! 

Tekuam Fikadu says:

refregrater repair tut

MalawiCrisp says:

Hi, I’m trying to recover a Coolzone compact U/C fridge freezer I recently
bought, I think I tilted it too much in transport & now it won’t cool
properly. It cools a bit, the freezer is down to <5c, but the fridge isn't
really cooling much atall. Can you tell me, have I simply ruined the
system - people talk of oil creeping up the pipes from the compressor, or
is there something I can do to repair it? Thanks in advance:) 

James Lawless says:

Hi, I have a Samsung side by side fridge freezer Model RS20CCMS. Recently
the digital display has said it is at the correct temperatures but I
noticed the fridge was getting warm. I turned the fridge off then back on
and the digital display went from saying 2 degrees fridge side and -20
Freezer side to 16 Degrees fridge side and -10 Freezer side. I pulled the
cover off on the inside of the freezer side and used a hair dryer to get
rid of excess ice build up. it all worked well for a week and then did the
same thing, the display was showing correct readings but when turned off
then on again would show its actual temp which was not cold at all. Do you
think my problem is with the display controller or with one of the
thermostats? Cant really afford a new fridge at the moment so any help with
this would be great! Thanks!

kareemshaikh shaikh says:


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