Refrigerator Not Cooling – What to Check

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How to test the thermostat on your refrigerator. This video will show you how and why you should check the thermostat or cold control on your fridge. If you …


SP330Y says:

Hi, I have a chest freezer and it wont freeze up or even get cold, when i
turn the thermostat on i can hear it click and then the compressor turns on
and i can hear it working through the machine BUT still it doesnt get cold?
Could this be the thermostat thats faulty? I am sure that the compressor is
okay, i can hear it running smoothly.
Is there anyway i could bypass the thermostat by connecting the wires
together so it misses out the thermostat and runs at full coldness, then i
would know if its the thermostat, if that does not work i presume that the
freezer has no gas inside it.

Benjamin Walker says:

I have a question. I have a vending machine that doesn’t get cold. I’ve
line tapped the low side and the pressure test gave me a negative reading I
added freon it got cool but not cold. Before I added freon to the line I
pulled a vacuum on it and it held pressure no leaks. I go back to the
machine a few days later plug it in and get another negative vacuum and its
not cool again. What do you think could be the problem?

Dan Tes says:

Thank you. I find yours very easy to follow and to the point that other
stuff around here. My problem is, Fridge and freezer are not cold,
defrost timer is ok, checked it as you showed. system not in defrost. No
frost because turned it off for 12 hours just in case. Fans, both in
freezer and at compressor working. cold setting at factory setting, never
changed. Compressor working, telling from sound its making. Do I have a
thermostat problem or a sealed system (probably a leak)?

Joshua Bryan says:

What if I have a refrigerator that I can hear the fan running and the
freezer is staying frozen but the refrigerator doesn’t get cold?

CinemaSasquatch says:

Another good video.

mario aldana says:

I just fixed my fridge after watching this video and didn’t spend a penny,
thank you man. You saved me a lot of money. I came home from doing errands
and the fridge wasn’t cooling. I freaked out a bit so decided to look for
tutorials on youtube. Mine was stuck on defrost so I turned the dial with
the screw driver like you said a baaamm!! It came back on! Last time my
fridge broke I called a technician from a local shop and they charged me
$180 to replace the defrost thermostat which only took the guy about 10
minutes to do. I later found out that a defrost thermostat only costs about
$8 on eBay so I pretty much got ripped off. This time I’m glad I searched
the problem on Youtube first. It’s good to know all this stuff. Thanks
again for sharing this info, greatly appreciated

robert moran says:

Good video. Learn a lot.

marlon sierra says:

You know your stuff ! Thank you for sharing

jesus zamarripa says:

ok can the thermostat loos pressure and the fridge not ever reach a certain
temperature my understanding is the thermostat has a charge and is under
pressure if it loses its pressure and the fridge works and works but wont
cool our it only reaches a certain temperature can that happen that’s my
understanding of the function of the thermostat

Abraham Ramos says:

great presentation. well explain !!! please keep up the great job

Bret Whitney says:

Great video! I checked the fan then the defrost timer and it was the timer.
Gave it a turn and now the fridge is working!


Hi Bill i have a eurotech fm 25 fridge freezer.My problem is it works fine
but the motor keeps on running.I can switch it off by turning the timer
knob to off position but when i turn it on it takes time to come on again
and when it does it keeps on running.

Daniel Wagenheim says:

Hi Bill, thank you for the informative video. I’m sure this question was
asked before but here it is. My refrigerator stopped cooling. The fan is
working, and the compressor to the best of my knowledge is working but no
cool air. I didn’t check the defrost like you showed because the fan and
compressor seem to be okay. What do I check next? Thanks a bunch!

Bella L says:

Hi Bill. Thanks so much for your videos. I’ve been some trouble with my
fridge. It was making a clicking noise then it stopped cooling and the
freezer fan works but it doesn’t freeze. it’s summer right now and as it
got warmer the fridge no longer works and it began to leak. I don’t know
where that water came from. I vacuumed the back of the fridge and the air
in the freezer became a little cold but nothing significant. What could it
be? I’m a do-it-yourselfer 🙂 Maybe if it’s too much work I should buy a
new fridge. Sometimes the money spent on fixing an appliance is enough to
buy a new one.

harvey gutierrez says:

i have a horizontal refrigerator and my freezer stops freezing and cooling,
i opened it and the wires were frozen completely! I melted it and then it
worked fine for a couple weeks but then it started doing it recently :/

Fareed Ghazali says:

fridge is not as cold as it should be

Jarrett Maiben says:

thank man you just save me a whole lot of money,,,,,,

mustafa alkharsan says:

you cant imagine how im appreciated for this video cause its work with my
fridge which i allmost was going to buy a new one . thank you very much

sea ray Aleman says:

Hi i just got me a samsung side by side frig that stays on cold to where it
starts to frezze everything unless i disconect it for half hour then it
starts to kool normal

duggy788 says:

hi bill i have a new fridge outside in my garage it works ok in the summer
time but as soon as the winter comes in, it starts to defrost it self and
won’t freeze, is there a sensor i can disconnect or something to make it
work outside in winter.

ruperthead says:

Hi Bill, great video mate!
I came home after a week away and my fridge freezer was warm and all the
food ruined. The light inside is still working but the whole thing is
otherwise dead. No fan running, no noise from the wee gas tank thing at the
back. It’s one of them new models with the circuit board thing inside it.
I’m a qualified Electrician but never really worked much with electrical
components. Any ideas what it could be?
The unit is a BEKO A-CLASS, FROST FREE, CDA539FS-2.

mike anderson says:

thank you.

Ernesto B says:

What shuld be the reedings ?? Can you show how to check it usin a volt
meeter plz

howard ashcraft says:


BenelliMF says:

The other day my refrigerator stopped cooling but, the freezer still worked
fine. Today, the freezer started making a strange noise. 

Andrew Moore-Crispin says:

Thanks for this video. Very clear, helpful and well presented. 

Omar Hill says:

I am having that problem with a fridge that was working when I got it. .I
had to store it on a open porch for two months that being march and April
here in rochester ny were we did get a winter storm or two in late March.
Just brought unit in yesterday every thing is on but no cold air could
thermostat still be the problem ? 

Ian Little says:

Hey Bill,, I’ve got a real old Viking Refrigerator with Freezer up
top.. (cant find model number yet) The thing seems to cycle between +5 C
and -5 C … Am beginning to take it apart and will follow your checks
. Seems to me to be a feak out defrost cycle,, likely many times per
day.. thinking must be thermostat.. your thoughts ?

Sam Jayawardane says:

Hi, I have a side-by-side door 25cuft Whirlpool fridge that’s about 2 years
old. I want to manually send it to defrost mode but I cannot find the
button to do this. Could you tell me how to make it kick into defrost mode
please. Thanks a lot if you can help. 

Roxanne Fitzgerald says:

Hi, i have a whirlpool thats 5 years old just my husband and i the
refrigerator side isn’t maintaining proper temp. although the freezer is
fine and makes ice. not sure what to do. whirlpool is a ripoff

Deborah Kinton says:

if the coils have never been cleaned and the fridge stops cooling what to
do if cleaning the coils and it still won’t cool?

Daniel Ambrose says:

Dude, YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Been staring at that refrigerator in my basement
for years. Was going to drag it out to the curb when found this video. A
twist of the screwdriver and she fired up!!! Defrost timer, guess I just
have to replace that bad boy. Thanks!

Paris Gonsalves says:

Hey there. So my freezer is the temp of my fridge and I hear the fan, the
fridge part is warm to somewhat cool. What should I do first. Buying a new
fridge is way out of my budget so any advice is greatly appreciated.

Brian Ordoyne says:

thank you brother!

KaSandra Stallworth says:

This tutorial was very helpful…my refrigerator was in defrost…I may
need to purchase a defrost timer…so where would I find one and how would
I go about replacing it?

Mike Shaw says:

Thanks for your great video.
My frig goes off once in a while and when I tap the controller it goes on.
What should I do?


sexylitehaiti sexylitehaiti says:

the fan works and the conpressor works. .my refrigerator is not cooling.
there is no ice buildup in condenser insdie fhe fridge. what do you think
is the problem? i am sure it is not the defrost timer because no there is
ice at all.

Kiki Lang says:

My freezer and frig are warm, but cooling a little bit The fan is running
all the time, and cubes tray freeze where the air blows on it, the cubes
are water in the front. whats up? 

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