Maytag Refrigerator Repair – Not cooling in the fresh food compartment – MFF2557HEW

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Service your trusty Maytag Refrigerator with the following issues: Not cooling in the fresh food compartment Visit us at To fin…

Comments says:

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Strange Earth Records says:

I just did the repair. It all looks good. Sitting here waiting to see if it
worked. The suspense is killing me (as well as lack of fresh food). Thanks!

Kody Duckworth says:

Thanks for the video

jonpgh says:

You might want to mention to be careful installing the circuit boards since
the green ribbon is only attached with tiny soldered wires which are easily
broken like I did.

Patrick Davis says:

I have a simular problem. I have noticed that my freezer is not
defrosting. I have checked the thermester and the original one was bad (no
continutiy when cold) so I changed it. Thought I had it fixed but not so.
I checked the heater and the continuity is ok with that. The fan is
working so I think the only thing left is that the control board is not
turning on the defrost heater. My digital read outs work ok. Is there a
way to test the control board to insure that this is the problem?

jonpgh says:

I would also suggest removing the light shield first because there are two
side clips on the whole compartment which can be accessed and will ease in
unattaching the unit.

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