Maytag Refrigerator Repair – Leaking water – MF12569VEQ2

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Service your trusty Maytag Refrigerator which has these following dilemmas: Leaking water Visit us at To do the repair you need…

Comments says:

Our technician installed the duct bill rubber cap that is already on your
refrigerator. He removed it to clean out the drain and then reinstalled it.
It’s a rubber cap that stretches over the drain and has a slit in it for
water to get out, but moisture and humidity cannot get in. There are
updated kits for some of the units also. I recommend you watch this video
to see the new design kit Whirlpool just came out with. Call our parts
department at 1-800-830-5465 to see if your unit’s model fits this new kit.
Have your model number ready when you call. If this kit fits it wit will
correct your problem permanently. Here is the video link Whirlpool
Refrigerator Repair – Ice build up in the bottom freezer – GX5FHDXVQ02
Good luck with your repair. 

Lee Exum says:

I have the same question also. My fridge leaks was going to try your
repair, but don’t know what you installed behind fridge.

lynnejenni says:

I’m not getting that last part. What is that part you put into the back of
the fridge to prevent future moisture? Where is that being attached?

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