LG Refrig FUSE Repair Part1

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How to repair my LG Refrigerator’s blown FUSE Part1. This video shows you what I did (slow pace) to fix the blown fuse on the circuit board. If you follow wh…

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Bill Walsh says:

Thanks for your posting!! you are a life saver. I didn’t have the funds at
the time to get it repaired. It worked like a charm!

DizzyBizzy88 says:

Retiredman2006, you absolutely rock bro!!!! Thank you so much for posting
the two videos on fuse replacement on LG fridges. I have the LSC26905TT
side by side model, and it cost me a grand total of $3.99 to fix my
problem. In my case, the fix was even easier, because the larger 250v/15A
fuse in my model simply pops in (and out), so no circuit board removal much
less soldering was required at all. I will also mention to anyone doing a
repair on this LSC26905TT model that the circuitboard electronics are
located on the top of the unit, not on the back (just follow the power cord
to where it connects with the unit on the top). Very thankful, thanks

Roger Epperly says:

Didn’t have this model, my fuse was just clipped in. Got fuse at Walmart in
automotive and replaced. Thx for the help!

Rowdie Embry says:

Thank you for your video, it helped me a lot! I purchased an LG fridge off
Best Buy a couple years ago and it just totally went out, no lights or
refrigerant or freezer… Best Buy said sorry for your luck, it will cost
$150 for a service call plus parts and shipping, this saved me over $350!
Was able to fix it in less than 30 minutes! Thanks again

Courtney Tucker says:

FIXED! Hallelujah ! I know nothing about electronics. Took a stab at it
since I may end up with a broken fridge anyway. I cut the pins at the fuse
instead of taking the pins out of the board. I fused the wires to them
instead. I first tried to shortcut and solder directly to the fuse but it
never held……should have done it your way first. Thanks a bunch, saved
me 1000 bucks :)

Jon Dalbey says:

Thanks your fix worked perfect. However when I opened the panel and did a
visual inspection my fuse did not appear to be blown or “burnt like yours
in the video, but checking it with a multi meter is sure was. So any out
there, double check yours before you give up ( like I almost did ) and call
the repair man. What a good feeling to save hundreds and not to mention all
your groceries. ..

Bikeman1 says:

Nice video — I just replaced one of the 2 fuses on an LSC27910TT (side by
side circa 2003) — the 15 amp one — and it was a removable (conventional)
fuse — the other one was smaller and soldered-on but it had not blown.
Does anyone know why this fuse may have blown? There were a lot of dust
bunnies around the intake for the coils and one thought is that they had
overheated a bit and caused to compressor to run too long or hard

Mel Ruffin says:

have a g.e profile pss26sgpass. the frig runs and cool and then goes into
express defrost, wondering what is wrong with it.

Bikeman1 says:

I just read on the web that 2 of the common reasons for fuses to blow are
compressor problems (including bad ventilation perhaps) and the defrost
heater in the freezer. If a fuse blows repeatedly, the compresor can be
checked by removing its relay and seeing if the fuse blowing stops. The
defroster can be checked for simple continuity after complete removal —
its usually behind a plate on the back inside wall of the freezer. If its
short, replace the heater. Here’s a good video
as always, unplug the fridge before doing any examination or work

I’ll keep an eye on mine with the new fuse but I am betting it was a
cooling issue on the compressor

TheMacedon67 says:

18000 visitors x 200$ repair =3,600.000$ at least in savings for customers,
and loss for producers who permanently attached fuse on motherboard!!!!???.
Thank you, I am starting my repair today. The big fuse was blown, All the
best and post more videos . Make online account where we can donate for
better video camera for you :)))).

Marvin Bowen says:

I’m going to be doing this tomorrow on a LG model LDC22720st purchased in
2008. Here’s hoping I do it all correctly. I would prefer getting clips to
mount the fuse but I don’t think that is going to happen with the single
hole configuration on the PCB. The holes are 36mm apart.

steve90813 says:

Thank you so much!!! This video helped me repair my frig and save a lot of
money. You’re awesome.

jaime juarez says:

i change the whole circuit board for $203.95 including shipping cost and
tax and ordered it from Repair Clinic based in Canton,Michigan.I lived in
Toronto,Canada…unfortunately IT STILL DIDN’T WORK STILL..i noticed also
that the old mother board’s fuses were all intact,meaning it;s not
burn-out.I was forced to order this mother board per advised by a
technician which cost me $80 for his visit and another $25 for his “never
did”labor.My LG fridge is only 4 years old($1400).

retiredman2006 says:

Happy Holidays! Glad the fuse replacement got your refrig back online.

retiredman2006 says:

Yes, your way is a faster less effort fix, but if you blow the fuse again
you have to take the circuit board out again. Hopefully you will never have
that fuse blow again but for me I like the ease of twisting open the fuse
holder and changing the fuse with the circuit board in place. I do not
promote just changing fuses, you should always try to figure out why either
of the 2 fuses blew. I use it to buy time to keep from losing all of my

retiredman2006 says:

A slow blow fuse is what was needed. The compressor kicks in with a very
heavy load sometimes getting too close to exceeding the limit of the fuse,
If it keeps blowing the fuse, then you know it time to look for the over
load cause.

retiredman2006 says:

Yes, I was safe but that’s my opinion. The replaced fuse is a slow blow
type mostly to handle the compressor kicking in. Replacing the circuit
board with the same revision is a waste of money. On the 2nd time it blows,
I would then go back to LG Tech support.

Brett Bauscher says:

I tried your repair and it worked perfectly. Thank you sir for your help.

Deanstuff says:

Thanks for posting this. You saved me an ugly repair bill. I believe the
250V 15A fuse is the correct one for a 120V supply voltage (in the U.S.).
250/15 was the original fuse on mine as well. The 250V 9A fuse would be for
a supply voltage of 220V. I used the ceramic radio shack fuse you showed in
the video. Hopefully it will fare better than the first.

retiredman2006 says:

Wow, some one just quoted $541 to replace the circuit board by a refrig

retiredman2006 says:

I just updated my description with the class action lawsuit settlement for
my LG refrigerator, go check it to see if it applies to yours.

byrumjr says:

I have found the easy and best way is to buy the same fuse and just lay it
on top of the old fuse and solder the ends of the new fuse to the ends of
the old fuse. No chance of melting the motherboard.

emilyjanemonroe says:

I’d really like to thank you for taking the time to film and post this
video. I live in Chicago and was quoted $700 for this repair; $400 for the
new board, plus union labor. After watching your video, my husband picked
up the parts, plus some spares for next time, for under $20. We used my
old soldering iron and had it repaired in less than 15 minutes. We were so
thrilled to save that money, especially since times are tight around our
house. Thanks a million.

jiamartin says:

Thanks you very much. Fixed my LG refrigerator before my wife came home
from travel. Your video saves my money and time.

Ken M says:

My Kenmore 795 fridge has exactly the same board (its mfg by LG) I did this
repair a week ago and its still working. Thank you for the video!

retiredman2006 says:

Glad my video helped. My reward is knowing you did it safely and saved big

ordernowsolutions says:

I just called LG this morning after waking up to a refrigerator that wasn’t
working (I have the same model as you in the video just in black). They
quoted me $100 to come out plus parts and additional labor to fix it. Rough
estimate was $400 plus, and they couldn’t come for 3 days. I then went on
amazon to look for the board and found one for $160. I decided to see how
to fix it and stumbled on this video. You have no idea how thankful I am.
$18 later and my fridge is working!!! Thank you!

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