LG Freezer repair (French Door, bottom Freezer model)

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Update: 1 year later, it is clogged again. I am convinced that this happens because the door seal is not making a good connection. When that happens, it star…


scott ferrell says:

we have the same type of LG fridge / freezer. water has been leaking out
the freezer due to ice building up at the bottom recently. i think that it
started after we set the freezer to 7 (the highest / coldest setting
possible), which makes me think that ice has blocked the hole to the drain
pan, causing the water to fall into the freezer bottom. i’m guessing that
this is the case for most people??? … that it is ONLY water / ice
blocking the hole to the drain pan and not dirt or lint? if that is the
case, i’m wondering if it’d be a lot easier to either let the freezer thaw
out for a day (which is not practical if you only have 1 fridge to keep
your food cold) or use the hair dryer on the tube that connects to the hole
/ drain pan. suggestions?

TheWoodWorkingPilot says:

Great video! I’m having the same problem. I will soon try this out and
report back.. Thank you, you’re awesome!

Buck Buchanan says:

Thanks for making this, now I know what the problem is, and I think I can
fix it.

Arleigh Crawford says:

Very helpful. We have a Kenmore Elite but it looks like almost the same
fridge and freezer. I already knew I needed to get the back wall out to
look for the drain hole but when I did there did not seem to be a hole! Hit
YouTube for help and your video helped me realize that what I thought was
the bottom of the pan below the coil was actually more ice! Once I got that
out I saw the hole and just kept pouring in hot water and then sucking it
out with a turkey baster. I eventually slipped a flexible bit of wire down.
I also have a wonky door seal so your guess might be right. I will see if
the problem reoccurs. Thanks again!!.

Pierre duPont says:

Very helpful – thank you. Worked like a charm. I have LG LRBC22544st which
is not a french-door up top, but same freezer below, the layout of the
freezer and coolant pipes is identical to your video. I found a hair-dryer
to work best to thaw ice before I could remove the chunks. Also, the
plastic drain-pipe in the back had a black rubber ring, about 1-inch wide,
around the very bottom of the removable plastic pipe that guides the
freezer drain down to the pan. This rubber ring appears to have corroded
and mostly fallen apart (eight years old?), and may have covered part or
all of the bottom of the drain-pipe – lots of little pieces in the large
pan below. It also appeared to have clogged the bottom of the drain pipe,
so maybe water wasn’t getting out of the pipe into the pan below in the
back. I can’t see what purpose that rubber ring serves, so I have taken the
remainder off of the white plastic drain pipe before reinserting the drain
pipe. All looks good and seems to work – in another few weeks I’ll know if
water has once again frozen. BUT THANK YOU, DRAYU – you made all this look
easy, and it was.

John Burkhardt says:

Thanks. I got rid of all of the ice, but it still wasn’t draining.What
finally did it was fixing a clogged defrost drain check valve.

Robert Skold says:

Thank you for your video. Probably wouldn’t have been able to fix it with
out it.

madhava1008 says:

Excellent Thanks!!! The extra good news is that someone gave us this
same model of fridge near new…..probably coz of this problem

Corey Driscoll says:

You sir are a genius. We have been dealing with this problem for years. The
repairman came out once and was useless, told us to try and unclog it from
the back but didn’t even mention there would be ice covering the hole from
ontop too. Saw your video last night, and spent the day today fixing it.
Looks like alls going to work out well. Thank you!!!!

drayu says:

@kenken303030 glad to help!

CHILL00712 says:

A kind gentleman told me if the freezer works the fridge works! Told me a
defrost heater and thermostat could be my problem! I bought the parts
couldn’t find the evaporator but thanks to your video I think I can now!
Thank you so much drayu!!!

Tj Masters says:

there is an offical part that does what you mention here, costs about $13
US can be found on Amazon, but I can’t seem to locate it. Just a fancier
fix for what you mentioned above. If I can find the part number I will post.

drayu says:

@Kassem7thstTARD glad to help another through LG hell and useless repairmen.

drayu says:

Happy it helped!


im pretty mad that i am haveing this problem my fridge was completly sealed
i cant even open the door . would anybody happen to know what setting is
the normal for the freezer because i cant find my

vhooloogmail says:

Works the same for Sears Kenmore Elite bottom drawer (which is just a
rebadged lg model). Might achieve same result by just unplugging
refrigerator for 24 hours and going to back and blowing hair dryer up the
drain pipe if getting the drawer out is too much hassle. Also make sure
door is closing properly, maybe add weatherstripping? Thanks for the video
– excellent.

drayu says:

@redhedgrlie glad I helped someone else save some cash. Congrats on fixing
it yourself.

Leslie Struzynski says:

We have been dealing with this every 10 day ice chip for over 2 years
now..unreal! What a lemon of a fridge. Now we have the light staying
on…which is covered by recall…yeah. Hopefully I can get my husband to
follow your video and we can make this headache of a fridge normal again. I
wish I hadn’t spent $2500 on it…its a hunk of junk!Thanks for taking the
time to do this!!!

drayu says:

Glad to help! This fridge is a nightmare as the years go on. Love the size,
hate the problems.

drayu says:

glad to help

Kyle Knebel says:

Thank you drayu, this was the fix for my LG LFX25978. The back panel has no
screws on this model , so a hook inserted into a vent hole near the top,
and then a light tug a couple times brought the panel forward. It kind of
hinged at the bottom, and then the connectors could be detached from the
back wall, and the panel moved out of the way. Hot water loosened the ice
block in the tray, then a spatula helped pull the large ice dam out of the
drain area. Avoid touching the sharp cooling vanes.

KellyE says:

We had the same problem. I showed our repairman this video and it helped A
LOT. We are in a rural town so when he saw LG and said nocando. But I told
him let me google it. Only small blessing in this one is we still had ice
on the bottom. So that told him the compressor was still working and he
elected to give it a shot. Thanks for the video. Another good thing about
rural country people. He charged us $50 for the call thats it. I understand
no parts but still. Now I will be the door police.

Spiritual294 says:

Great job! thanks for the help. Very useful.

Shamus Rickerby says:

Thanks a million Drayu… really appreciate it

kenken303030 says:

amazing! repair man told me $75 to diagnose it, and about $100-$150 to fix,
thanx a million!

222davenport says:

The fix is to take a 6 inch #12 peice of copper wire and hook it over the
black heater rod (under the evaporator coil) and guide it down into the
drain hole. This will conduct heat down into the hole and prevent ice
buildup from forming.

norfnife lemon says:

Thanks for doing this video. I have had the same problem since I moved
overseas and ever since it has been icing up. I have ended up ordering a
new evaporator fan( behind freezer panel inside) and a new door seal. What
a pain in the ass……Anyhow if it wasn’t for your help it would have been
slung in the trash!

drayu says:

@lstruz I have the same hatred for the fridge at times. Good luck with the

CHILL00712 says:

OMG!!! Great help drayu!!! Mine is doing the same thing as far as the ice
goes but it also gives me an “Er Er” on the panel and the fridge was not
cooling but the freezer seemed fine besides all of the ice…which I’m
thinking (Er Er) this means some type of error! I figured out if i unplug
it for an hour or two it would work a while but the error always came back
with a fridge that was getting hotter and I almost tossed the fridge out
the back door.

demato says:

Denis, i am going to give this a try rather than taking it all apart. i
suspect a hair dryer will work just as well.

Pat Cassella says:

Worked like a charm, just hope it lasts another year before I have to do it
again, thanks for documenting

btbkg97 says:

Thanks for the video!

Gee Lee says:

You restore my faith in mankind (which does need restoring from time to
time). You saved me and others thousands of dollars by taking time to share
your knowledge and experience with us. I had given up on fixing this noise
and could not get local repairmen to even work on an LG product. I was
going to throw in the towel and buy a new one until I came upon your video.
Thanks ever so much.

htnam123 says:

Thank for posting this awesome video. I have a question for you. If the
drain hole plugged up. How & where the water leak going to flow out? Mine
filled up the tray and overflowed slowly and soaked the wall for days
without us noticing it. Until the carpet got wet on the other side of the
wall. Would to ice make cause the leaking? How do I isolate the problem?
BTW I have the three doors frig w bottom freezer bought in 06’s. Thanks a

phillr3 says:

Thanks for this video. It gave me the courage to do the same thing myself.
All started to an obnoxious grinding sound from the freezer when cooling.
Turns out it was ice accumulation around the evaporator fan and shroud.
Main problem I had was the door. Couldn’t separate the hinges. Ended up
just removing 4 large screws at the door base to remove. Total project time
1.25 hrs. Now Sounds absolutely quiet when running. Thanks again *thumbs

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