Icemaker Repair

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This movie looks closely at common problems with a Whirlpool Icemaker. Learn how the icemaker’s thermostat, heater, water valve…


applianceassistant says:

Scott, The small tab that keeps the arm up is very small and should be easy
to pull down. However, if the arm feels jammed the ice maker may be stuck
the harvest portion of the cycle when the internal cam lifts the arm. The
harvest arm should rest in about the 3 o’clock position. I’m wondering if
the power connection is okay… you may want to check for 120 volts from L
to N. Hope that helps.

Gene parrott sr says:

Icemaker overfills, and LM is 70 ohms.
It still makes ice except that it overflows.

Steven Holmes says:

All I can say is, thank you. 

Curiosity says:


luuis fernando says:

thanks despite language from Colombia

mrmadmike427 says:

my bail/arm doesnt go all the way down after it dumps a load of ice ice
wont drop unless i press it down …. how do i get this adjustment to make
it go continuous? this is from a like unit i replaced the old one with

AquilasSmokes says:

I’ve got a question. A few months back, our Whirlpool Gold GR9FHMXPS01 ice
maker flooded with water. Our ice tray was one big block of ice and the
bottom of the freezer was one big frozen lake. Thankfully, water didn’t
leave the freezer. Anyways, after cleaning the tray and the floor of the
freezer, the ice maker stopped working.

Any ideas as to why it would overflow with water and then stop working? 

Stephanie Lea says:

I have a Maytag fridge; the icemaker has part #626640 but is identical to
the one in your video. It has the same test ports for the circuitry and
everything. I don’t see the replacement part on your site; can you help me?
Thank you.

Shawn Cyr says:

Thank you for your excellent video. It couldn’t be better.

Ruben Sanhueza Tasso says:

Excelent tutoring Video! My problem ends to be NONE of the above cuz I
notice the Icemaker leaks water in the ;lower area where Control Module
connects with Ice cube tray. I don’t thing that is fixable but I don’t see
any corrosion so im wondering why it leaks all the sudden. I also found
that all the sudden there was large amount of ice block in ice in
container and icemaker tray….

swanthony says:

Excellent video, very comprehensive and helpful to gain an understanding of
the system top to bottom. Thanks!

Dan Newland says:

This video is super well done and helpful. So much so that I find myself
sitting hear learning from so many of your other videos as well! I have
this same model ice maker in my Kenmore freezer with an attached
Acceler-ice MAX ice setting switch. The other day we came home to our ice
maker having spilled water all over our kitchen floor and running in the
basement. The ice bin and bottom of the freezer were solid ice. The water
obviously did not shut off and kept running. After cleaning up the mess I
can’t get the ice maker to make ANY ice now. I want to use my meter to test
the water valve as you showed in the video. Should the freezer be plugged
in and the ice maker connected to do this or should I have the freezer
unplugged from the wall? Again, thank you for your videos! – VERY

Mike Woody says:

My ice tub is frozen , how do I mealt the ice

Anthony Scotellaro says:

I just added an ice maker to a fridge that did not have one, I also added
a water valve and it has not taken any water. I plugged in both, it does
not appear to have power. Do you have any suggestions for me to check.
The ice maker came with a plue with a round plug on it did I miss where to
plug this in?

Raybo sflorida says:


Andrew Lammas says:

Great video thanks. Saved me a repair call!

hondagoal says:

Great video. You showed how to identify the 2002 model with blinking led
(twice and a pause)What is/are the other models and how can you identify
and put into a test mode?

Nino Fiol says:

Thank you, Excellent tutorial!

Joe Vago says:

Outstanding video. Thank you!

xxhaimbondxx says:

Our new fridge is Whirlpool and makes a loud buzzing sound for about 5-10
seconds around the ice-maker area. Dealer and the manufacturer said it’s
normal, however, I’m still not satisfied.

ycdocs120 says:

Why does everyone wear mechanics gloves whenever they touch a screw driver.

Gerry Hernandez says:

What a wonderful video! You should be a professor. I’d go back and get my
masters in whatever you’re teaching. This is one of the best instructional
videos I have ever seen!

ED Jamison says:

I have a Kenmore refrigerator and I just set up the water. I am getting
water from the water dispenser but no water is going into the ice dispenser
to make the ice. I checked all the hoses and they are all clear. what would
be my next step to check?

Brian Gingrich says:

my ice maker only harvests twice a day, can anyone tell me what’s wrong

Richie Lanzetti says:

the ice maker stopped working about a week ago and every time i turn the
lever on to make ice more icicles build up and it makes like 10 very small
cubes. the icicles build up on the very back wall of the freezer from top
to bottom 

jh1151 says:

great video, I have the same icemaker showen in the video everything works
well exept it takes about 4-6 hours to make a batch of ice or about 4 days
to fill the bin. I have another refrigerator with the same icemaker and
that one will fill the ice bin in a day and a half. is there an adjustment
I can make or is something wrong with it.

Jane Derderian says:

Thank you for this helpful video! It showed me how easy it is to remove
the icemaker. I discovered the plastic cup in the back where the water
flows in was solid ice, causing new water coming in to overflow resulting
in the leak inside my freezer. I had to pour a little bit of hot water
into the cup as it was frozen to the pipe bringing water in. But once I
did that, removing the icemaker was a cinch, I was able to clear out
the ice that caused the clog and reinstall. I’m a 51 year old single mom
so your video saved me a lot of money calling for a repair :)

Scoop Joe says:

my problem is the ice doesn’t come out easy, I have to help the ice out.
From a 2005 GE icemaker

Richie Lanzetti says:

please help i have all icicles all in the back of the freezer top and in
the bottom of the freezer can anyone give me any suggestions i thawed the
feeder tube out once about 2 months ago but it keeps doing it 

K Nguyen says:

My refrigerator is Whirlpool Conquest & the ice maker S# 106 2198597
Problem: Ice maker does not make ice & the is not water in the ice maker
L & H Mold Heater = 7.8 KOhm
L & M Timer Motor = 7.8 KOhm
N & V Water Valve = Over load (Open circuit ?)
Please help, thank you
Khanh Nguyen 

William Greenleaf says:

Scott, my icemaker keeps leaking out of the ice door. any ideas on how to
fix? Also the ice keeps freezing together

harvey katz says:

very good demo… it’ll help me a lot work on my broken unit. THANKS!

Richie Lanzetti says:

the water from the freezer works when i fill up a cup too from the spout 

Richie Lanzetti says:

also its icicles and blocks of ice forming 

ProfSC says:

Great video–thanks! I have Whirlpool model # EB9SHKXVQ03. Ice maker works
fine, but every 2-3 weeks or so I have to take everything out of my freezer
so I can chip about an inch-thick sheet of ice off the bottom of my
freezer. Thoughts?

Ducktruckful says:

I replaced water valve but didn’t help my problem! it still ices back of
freezer wall under ice maker. the water seems to shut of with timer ok(not
dripping). water seems to be running out between ice maker & water trough
where it fills water tray in ice maker! Need Help!

randy haugen says:

Thank you very much I’m handy with the tools but it’s easy to break tabs or
other plastic parts,having you walk through the repair process it becomes
very easy! Thanks again

Ducktruckful says:

sound like I have a bad water valve.. freezes up tray in back of water
feed & will ice up the inside of freezer wall. also makes a loud noise like
a motor running…

michaeltran10 says:

This video is awesome! You guys are awesome! Great video! The best one I

applianceassistant says:

If your model has the ice bin mounted to the freezer door, there is also a
pair of optics boards mounted to the freezer walls that replaced the bail
arm as a shut off device to sense if the bin is full… What is your model
number? If you do have the door ice bin, I have some trouble shooting help
for that style on my website but no video yet unfortunately : (

applianceassistant says:

Nice! Thanks for the comment!

Josh Prowse says:

My icemaker stopped working after I removed the bin to dump the ice into a
cooler. Water doesn’t pour into the tray, and when I manually added water,
it does not empty when frozen. All ohms readings are OK except the timer
motor, which jumps all over the place in the hundreds readings
(234-365-213-475-275-etc). Is it easiest just to replace the entire ice
maker unit or is it possible to troubleshoot this to a finer (read:
cheaper) component to order and replace? Thanks, great video.

globalmac69 says:

Thank you. A simple adjustment, learned from this video, saved me much

Joe Panetta says:

My ice machine has power going to the solanoid coil from the ice machine
terminals but the solanoid coil is not energizing. I can energize the coil
by jumping out brown and black wire. Could you give me some advice or a
solution to this problem.

applianceassistant says:

If the ice maker is not harvesting the ice you likely have a problem with
ether the thermostat or mold heater… and in that case it would be best to
just change the ice maker. However if the bail arm switch is not making
good contact it will also stall the ice maker before the harvest cycle…
so you may want to check that switch before you change the whole unit.

applianceassistant says:

It sounds like the ice bin may be broken. There is a bar that is mounted on
the bottom of the ice bit that opens and closes the ice shoot to direct the
ice through the grinder or allow it to go around. The bar is shifted by a
solenoid in the back of the freezer compartment. take a look at that bar
and how it is mounted, and also look at the hole in the back of the
freezer. with the door switch taped closed and the door open, hit the ice
paddle and see if that solenoid is moving… Good luck!

kmayberry5263 says:

my icecream maker is ice salt and a pastic bag

the1realanalogman says:

Tremendous video! I have a Kenmore 106.8580280. Sears parts a horribly
expensive and I would like to do a ” generic” ice maker replacement. Any
suggestions? Thanks!

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