How to repair most refrigerator ice-makers for less than $20

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NOTE: THE M004 MOTOR AND FRONT ASSEMBLY CAN BE BOUGHT ON EBAY AND OTHER SITES FOR ABOUT $10 TO $20. This video shows how to repair the most common (Whirlpool…

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MechanicalAnimal says:

Great and well produced video. Some people would replace the whole module
not go in and swap the actual motor. That’s level 2 DIY! 🙂 Thank you! 

Robert Hardy says:

I just replaced the inlet valve. My ice maker has an issue. Water is not
being sent up to it. I ned to know if you have a video showing me what to
look for ? I also wish to know, would confusing any of the plastic tube
leads cause this ? The 2 for the bottom of the chambers are 2 different
sizes so no confusion there. However there is 1 firm,opaque lead for the
front of the inlet assembly and 1 that runs off to a second attachment,
also opaque and firm. I saw your video on how to install the inlet valve
and it showed me what I had already figued out but yours only required 1 of
the firm lines. The part that yours came with that MINE uses, you
discarded. Anyway, input,ideas ? Thanks ahead of time. GOing to try to
figure this out tonight, hoping you see this today. Have a party tomorrow
for the family and not wanting to buy and deal with the logistics of
storing 5 bags of ice :)

Greg Raizk says:

Just replaced mine today. I am back in action. Great video very helpful

Minh Pham says:

Thank you. It costs me more than $2.50 to replace mine, but doing it myself
makes me feel good. Thanks for the clear instructions.

Life Art Photographers says:

Fantastic video!

Duke McDonald says:

$2.50 plus shipping? Where? How?

John McClendon says:

Very clear instructions. Well done and thank you!

Barbara Gott says:

My icemaker makes plenty of ice but only will dispense crushed ice.

Greg Raizk says:

I have this problem. The white dial you see in this video has broken off,
so I assume that if i replace the motor it will work?

Will T says:

Can someone post a link to where they have purchased the motor component
for a low price 

Rick James says:

You’ll not find the motor by itself and they want to sell you the whole
unit for $150. However I did find the entire front plate w/motor for under
$25! on ebay

Fucknuts says:

fucking retard

hammydude12345 says:

Sorry, I don’t.

EDarien says:

Wow. So I just called a local appliance supply store (Naples, FL) and they
say the motor is not being sold separately, but I can buy the whole plate
piece for $107. Quite the jump for a $5 motor. Looks like repairmen aren’t
the only crooks in the business.

Karen Paek says:

I’m having a lot of trouble removing the motor from the gear. Any

Thomas Fallon says:


Tim Othy says:

The fill is time-based (~7 seconds). You have a restriction in water flow.
Either the solenoid valve in back of ref or you plumbing to the valve has a
restriction. Cut off water to the ref, take off the water line to ref and
check water flow. The water should be at a flow of 30-60 psi. Why does this
make them hollow? The icemaker fills from the back to the front. If you
don’t get enough water, you will have empty chambers to the front.

Robbles Meaks says:

I just pulled my module off and I found my motor did not separate.
Additionally, I found my gear drive had a stripped tooth. Video have me the
confidence to pop that sumagun open.

mukwah1111 says:

P.S. My icemaker worked intitially when I bought my fridge. But the ice
tasted nasty. It had almost a metallic taste. We tried emptying the bin ..
letting it make more ice… dumping it… more ice but it still tasted
gross so we never worried about it after that. . I hope I can fix it & get
better tasting ice. But cant find the M004 motor that you used?

hammydude12345 says:

$40 is a great price, I was charged $300!

hammydude12345 says:

I checked skycraftsurplus and they list the M004 motor as out of stock.
that’s where i bought mine. hopefully they will get it back in stock. the
motor is also known as 2m 5228b 130rpm. if you find another supplier please
let me know.

Alexander Brandon says:

These videos are extremely helpful and well presented. Thanks! If I may
humbly offer one piece of advice for future videos, your voice is cut off
when you fade between takes, so some of the words are difficult to hear. If
possible try a straight cut, and when recording leave a second or two after
the last spoken word before stopping the camera. Again, thanks for the
helpful tips!

herbthedwarf says:

I also had a problem with the IR LED board. Any cheap alternative fixes for
that? Sucks to have to buy both boards. I’d like to do a board level
component replacement, but can’t figure out what component is bad. Anyone
know were I can find schematic of the emitter/receiver boards?

herbthedwarf says:

I bought the whole replacement module because i had a bad gear. Then I
bought one of the M0004 motors. Looks like there is a newer designed
motor/gearbox because the motor is slightly smaller and the motor/gearbox
doesn’t have the same connections. Anyone know were to get a gearbox.

hammydude12345 says:

sorry, i don’t know where you can buy just the plastic gear

zazarays says:

The motor in my icemaker (which looks basicly the same) is a m008 1.5 Wat
120 volt. Yeah…it sounds like ur repairman wanted to pay off some extra
bills or go party that weekend. It looks like about $40. for the whole
thing at ebay

Tim Othy says:

The thermostat to start the cycle is behind the modular head. with no water
at front the thermostat cools faster, The water doesn’t. Cycle will trip,,
bust through ice, which is half frozen. As it rotates, the water will drain
out of the center of the cubes, back into the mold. Hollow ice is then
dropped into the bin.

Ty Henrichs says:

I have a different type of motor. Its a m006 15 w 120 v 60hz it doesn’t
disconnect with the gear shaft easily, by turning, and is improbable to
reconnect without the proper tools. just wondering if you had any advice
for this type of motor for cheap repair.

gmoscajal69 says:

I put a brand new ice maker and wire harness and still dos’t make any ice
can you tellme what else can be

Bob A. says:

What’s the cause for hollow ice cubes?

Raymond Laramee says:

Great tip thank you, But skycraft does NOT ship to Canada. Do you have a
Company that does? I have tried everywhere here where I live and have had
no luck.

mitubesoutube1 says:

Thanks for the advice. Could you explain how to reinstall the plastic gear
I asked about so it is properly aligned? I presume it might be referred to
as a sequencing gear for the icemaker?

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