How To Fix / Repair a Haier Thermoelectric Peltier Wine Cooler / Refrigerator

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Buy the cooler and heat compound here: – This video shows the d…

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Ken W says:

Great video… I fixed mine for less than $5.00. FYI, the Peltier
Thermoelectric I bought from China off Ebay was reversed in regards to hot
one side cold on the other. No big deal to flipped and reinstalled.

Eric Jodouin says:


my small desktop refrigerator use to be so cold that ice would form over
the sink. For several years now it is only slightly colder than the
surrounding air. Before I disassemble the Peltier unit, is there any chance
that I may just need to replace the fan? The fan currently functions but it
may not be as powerful as it use to be 10 years ago. Any advise is

Thank you,

Kathy Miranda says:

Thank you thank you thank you!!! I was about to throw mine away! I have
ordered the Peltier part for $10. I need 3 of them for my unit because it
is dual cooling, but so much cheaper than replacing the unit!!

straycats59 says:

is there a way to check my tec1 12704? and how important is the thermal
paste? when I hook my tec up it doesn’t get cold, its for a haier wine

Rory Siwik says:

Seriously…. a $200 dollar wine or drink cooler has a central component
that costs less than $ 5 in most cases? Build your own folks.

mccdivot says:

My unit quit working within a couple of years of purchase and has not
cooled since. I would like to dig into it to see if this is the answer
however, not sure I want to buy all of the stuff I might need to repair
i.e. heat sink paste. I don’t mind buying all of the parts I need. How
important is the heat sink paste and is there an alternative? Thanks…

stuffdoggg says:

Mine has a dual unit ( black and decker) only gets to about 50 deg. What
temp should it be cooling at? I just thought these units were bad at
cooling but nowThinking of doing this fix… just for fun ;).

pjwillxx says:

I’ve had an old wine cooler that wont work for ages, been looking for a
company to service it and came across this – will be doing it myself –
thanks for the video!

Mcklouski says:

Your awesome thanks!!

keninorlando9 says:

Hey… wanna start a new business? I’m bored making prints so… just

Richard Newell says:

Thanl you for showing me what is worng with my wine coolers. Now I have to
fined the part, again excellent video..

blusaphire14 says:

What do you do if the fan isn’t spining?

Ole J. Schön says:

Thanks for this great video … I don’t have a Haier but the system is
identical. I found no one who could repair my cabinet but after watching
this video I took out the parts and purchased what I needed from ebay (just
had to search on the partnumber). I’m pretty sure I will fix this when the
parts arrive. 🙂

maltboy59 says:


mario alberto says:

I would like to know if you know the reason why the temp display shows 99
when actually inside is 50 degrees. I tried 3 different display and I got
the same results. is the heath sink ? the control board or the wires .
please advice

WineCoolerReviews1 says:

excellent tips. thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Ayoub Ology says:

Hey I would appreciate if you make a video about how to fix a brookstone
back message power supply

Lightdaze says:

Great video, just a comment don’t ever buy a cuisinart cooler, I found one
on the side of the road and I think it cools similar to this unit so I
tried to fix it. The access panel is difficult to remove and has specialty
screws that I’ve never seen before. I had to destroy the panel and hammer
one out just to see what one looked like.

Allison Levine says:

Thanks for the video, I’ve been wanting to fix mine and was looking for
some info on it.

MrBigbmcc says:

artic silver is the best of the best thermal past out there!!

DoroteoVilla says:

Awesome. I have an Edgestar and my fan works and I get a small amount if
cold air jnside but I suspect mine has the same problem as the one in this
video. After its been on, the temperature actually goes up.

John Gelp says:

Where are my lucky charms?

Fenreon Arlius says:

heat sink paste is very cheap online. the way peltiers work, you have to
pull the heat away from the hot side. the more heat you pull, the colder
the other side gets. the paste allows for heat transfer.

joseph buhagiar says:

Do you know the current that is consuming? I am testing the same peltier as
yours in a box with dimensions 43x36x15cm and with 1 peltier, the
temperature from 17.5 degrees Celcius has gone down to 9 degrees Celcuis. I
have a problem about these as when giving power to this peltier, it is
consuming only 3.9A not the MAX 6A. Did you experience this? what is the
least temperature that your wine cellar goes? thanks

RoachForLife says:

Thanks for the vid. If I want to swap the INSIDE fan, would I do this from
the back of the unit or the front (inside)? In this video you worked on the
OUTSIDE fan and the heatsinks (x2) but not the inside fan. Appreciate it

khanzodiack says:

Nice work! I am just wondering if you happen to know how much ampere does
it require for this kind of refrigerator? thank you in advance.

Scott Hartzell says:

where can you get the replacement parts?? Thanks

Dwayne Homan says:

My Haier mini fridge quit working too but the fans would not turn and no
voltage at the terminals. Cut the wires to the TEC module and tried again.
Once I did this the fans ran fine and the output voltage was 12V. Replaced
the TEC and voila! TEC unit was shorted

Allison, Carl Bauer says:

Thank you Ken in Orlando. I followed the instructions given here and was
able to fix my wine cooler. Without the video it would have gone in the
trash, great video!

joshua lucero says:

My fan in the back doesn’t work? How do I fix that

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