How It Works: Freezer

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Kara Metzger says:

I have an upright freezer that freezes on the bottom but not the top…the
evaporator coils are full of ice…evaporator fan?

875billiondude says:

R-134 refrigerant. I think

zoro swords says:

do you have processor inside a freezer?

Indra Ida Bagus says:

Yes, but how it works is same right? I’ve saw all your video about AC and
refrigerators. And what material is it use for cooling, freon? says:

The compressor should cycle off at some point. The normal recommended
freezer temperature is around 0 degrees f. If the freezer is at or around 0
you can try and turn down the thermostat to see if it will shut off. The
thermostat contacts may be stuck or it may just be out of calibration. It
is possible to be cold enough to freeze the food but not cold enough to
cycle off the thermostat. says:

If the evaporator is froze up you may have a defrost problem, or if the
shelves are the evaporator and are completely covered with frost they will
not be as efficient and will need to be defrosted before the freezer will
work properly. Another thing that will make the unit run a lot is if you
have a Freon leak and only part of the evaporator coil is getting frost. If
all of the components of the freezer are working you may have a Freon leak
and the unit may not be worth repairing. says:

Thanks for the comment! says:

Correct. Freon is used as a coolant. There are different blends according
to the application. says:

The condenser coils are important for dissipating the heat.

Royal Sid says:

Thanks.. great video 🙂

hamsterats1223 says:

i just notice that freezers are A/C they work the same :I

okpues77 says:

I have an upright freezer with the condenser coil on the top and sides of
the appliance, and the compressor runs all the time, It freezes just fine
but is this normal or does the compressor need to cycle off ? says:

You’re welcome!

John Smith says:

are the condenser coils important for the freezer to work or could the
freezer work with only the compressor and evaporator coils?

Indra Ida Bagus says:

It’s same with the refrigerator?

OnlyRelaxingMusic says:

Educational, very nice 😉 says:

No, we have a separate video for refrigerators. says:


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