Fixing an Iced-Up Bottom-Mount Freezer in a Maytag-Whirlpool Refrigerator

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In this hand-to-appliance combat, Samurai Appliance Repair Man shows you how to fix an icing-up problem in the freezer of an Whirlpool-built bottom-mount ref…


Cali Angel says:

Excellent video! LOVED the commentary “much weeping & nashing of teeth”
ROFL yes it has been! Two questions: When the drain does work properly…
Where does all that water go instead of the bottom of my freezer and floor?
Do appliance companies RECALL anything?? 

Mike Sobota says:

Fantastic! Watched the video twice and was able to fix the problem in no
time. Thanks so much for taking the time!!

ScorchinScooter says:

Awesome video!! Your instructions are perfect and I am dealing with this
exact issue right now.

Can I leave the ice maker out? We never use it and it has never been
plumbed anyway! It is just a bulky POS!! I would just put the three screws
back in and maybe tape over the connection at the back of the freezer. Does
this effect the operation of the freezer?

Thanks again for doing this video!! 

blkcherry21 says:

Thanks for this wonderful video. I didn’t have ice build up on the outward
part of the freezer. I had tons of ice build up behind the back panel. I
used my steamer to remove the ice safely. I had to do this twice. Will
the P-trap drain eliminate this ice build up and keep it from coming back?
I don’t believe my drain was clogged because all the water ran down the
drain with no problem when I melted all the ice on those sharp blades in
the back. I had a lot of water of mop up. This refrigerator has become a
huge headache. What do you suggest as far as keeping this ice from
building back up? 

Joanna ok says:

Thanks for sharing. I cleared the ice. It worked well. But the ice
started to build up after a few days. Any clue?

Adam Vaughn says:

thank you sir for the ice difference this will help me in the future!!

Robert Lyons says:

When I was attempting to remove the fan cover (shown around the 4:00 mark)
I must have did something wrong. The fan is now terribly loud, but it is
working. Any idea how I can fix it?

RJ Wood says:

I have been removing the ice for a month or two now, still apprehensive to
do this myself. My only question is, how often is this going to happen? If
I’m going to need to do this project again in a year I’d rather just sell
the fridge and get a better model.

Andriy K says:

Thank you!

Stephanie Hambley says:

no ice build up inside bottom mount freezer Kenmore/Maytag 5 yrs old but
water leak on floor

Elia DeCunto says:

Thank you! Very helpful!

Scott Long says:

Excellent video! 

Andy Johnson says:

Thanks man. Just what I needed for my free Friday project!

Bryon Cook says:

This guide is great! The only other thing I would point out is after
having completed this process I had to also take off the bottom back of the
fridge, there is a little slide in there that the water is supposed to run
down to the pan, at the top of the slide there is a rubber gasket (almost
like a nipple) that was clogged with “stuff”. I took that off and cleaned
it out. I just finished putting everything back together so I am keeping
my fingers crossed! Thanks again for the great video (and for updating it
with the easy rack removal).

Gian Ryan says:

That steamer idea is ingenious. Don’t have one, I just might need to get
one. The guilty culprit was a totally clogged drain valve in the back.
Thanks for the videos.

utsuriman says:

hi Sam man> In just 8 mos our bott freezer whirlpool froze up 4 inch thick
across the condensor in freezer> its a 2 yrs old only model > our last
fridge side x side went for 23 yrs strong NO Problemo> Just a lite bulb! R
these bottom freezers all problematic in new tech for fridges? Have any
been recalled? where do i check for recalls? Last: Our drain ran down fine
thru freezer when thawed with hair dryer> Can it block somewhere Else? we
did it ourself last pm cause warrty is out . TY Great VID!

channing narezny says:

your video is great so I did it but 2 days later the drain is frozen and
water leaking into the freezer again . any other suggestions to fix

Travis Glessner says:

You are the man! Thank you so much. Very clear and easy to follow
videos. Saved me a pile of money being able to do the repairs myself. A
million thanks to you SamuraiRepairman! Whirlpool must have been smoking
something when they designed this fridge. How hard could it be to design
something that would drain properly? You da man!

Deborah Staydoahr says:

this is a great . I did it my self and so far so good thanks for all the

Black Badger says:

why does the drain clog? what about the gromit in the back?

Chuck McGregor says:

A much easier method:
Instead of removing all the freezer drawer parts, turn off the
refrigerator. Remove food from the freezer drawer. Set a hairdryer (low
setting if possible – mine had a 500 W setting) in the top tray aimed at
the center bottom of the back panel, propped up as needed. Don’t “fire” it
through the tray basket wires as the heat might damage the metal coating.
Leave the drawer open with the dryer about a foot or so away so it warms up
the whole area – left and right of the center drain. As the ice melts
behind the rear panel and water accumulates in the bottom of the freezer,
mop up with a sponge.

Eventually the ice in the drain will melt and you will see the water in the
collection tray behind the rear panel (use a flashlight to see) will have
drained out. The drain should now be clear (i.e. deiced) You can check by
pulling out the refrigerator and with a flashlight look through louvers in
the rear and you should now see the water in the collection tray at the

I also removed the rear panel. The collection tray, which was dry to start
this process now had several cups of water in it. I sponged it all out and
cleaned the tray.

Took about an hour or so to melt the ice. 

Joe Ulrich says:

Thanks a lot. The info you provided me saved us money. If anyone is doing
this fix, I would recommend doing both the freezer and the duck bill fix. 

CentreVictorious says:

Extremely helpful video. It really is necessary – mandatory – to clean out
that drain valve as well, since the clogged drain valve usually is the root
cause of this problem. It’s easy to take out the drain valve, just remove
the lower back panel, reach in and up, and pull it out. No tools required
other than the nut driver to take the back panel off.

Br Haik says:

Thanks so much,I had a problem with my bottom freezer and did not know how
to remove the door, after watching your video I was able to easily remove
it an fix the issue! I will clean the drain now from the frig I have in
the garage…

ladylansingful says:

I bought this stupid refridgerator thinking it would be convenient to have
a bottom freezer but it has ended up being a pain. Thank God we purchased
the extended warranty for this will be the second time in just over a year
that this very thing you are doing is happening. Makes me wonder if i have
to have a lifetime warranty as long as i own this piece of junk. I agree
with your comment on what was the engineer smoking when they designed this
problematic freezer?

Chris Young says:

Hello SamuraiRepairman, You can achieve the same results without all these
steps. Simply unplug the Fridge, pull it away from the wall and remove the
back panel at the bottom. You can see the exit end of the drain plug above
what looks like a tiny water slide. The water falls down this slide into
the water pan at the bottom of the fridge. Let the fridge stand until all
the ice is melted. Remove the water from the pan, replace the rear panel
and plug it back in.

Abnermoon says:

I have a maytag plus fridge over freezer. No ice build up but the fridge
doesn’t want to stay cold. If I unplug it a few hours it will work, for a
week or so and then get warm again. As much as I spent for this thing I
would hate like hell to purchase another. Whatcha think?

dude2850 says:

Fit a hot wire to the defrost element then extend it down the drain tube,so
when the defrost heater comes on the wire will heat up and cause the
defrost water to continue to flow out of the trough where it builds up with
ice problem solved.

milkywaycenter says:

Samurai…great vid. Qustion though, my Whirlpool is not even 2 years old
and this has started…I’m handy but can I avoid all this by just un
pluging my fridge for seveal day and let everthing melt? Thanks

SamuraiRepairman says:

Also check for air leak at the dispenser flap. Another leak source is the
condensate drain, can suck humid air up through the drain tube. Should have
a duckbill check valve installed in it.

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