Defrost Heater Replacement (part #WR51X10055) – GE Refrigerator Repair

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juan ayala says:

GE Refrigerator Model GSS22QGMDCC Parts

Barry Derbyshire says:

My fridge started tripping the earth leakage. I phoned my fridge technician
and he explained how to cut the wires serving the heater. This solved the
tripping problem.
What confuses me is that he insists that there is no need for the heater.

Hector Fernandez says:

Does anyone know where I can buy the wires that connect to the sides of the
defrost heaters?

juan ayala says:

Hello greetings.
Very kind of you to answer
Yes Is that the problem?
Thank you.Gracias

juan ayala says:

THANKS IN ADVANCE, sorry for my English.
replace three heaters,
damages them.
The thermostat it works well.
Which can be happening
I hope your response

val carpio says:

Good video instruction! vbstealth

julio alejandro aldo ferrari jara says:

Muy bien explicado y se entiende perfectamente a pesar que es en idioma
ingles,pero entiendo muy bien sus comentarios.Gracias saludos desde Viña
del Mar. Pais CHILE.

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