Repair CDs with a Microwave!

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The BEST way to fix even the most damaged CDs. MORE HACKS: TWITTER: FACEB…


ANME5378 says:

Does that work

Sniffer851 says:

When I put the egg in the microwave, Yakko, Wakko and Dot came out and now
they have completely destroyed my house. I better posts beforeAODLD.D.C.D

Jared Legitlastname says:

I accidently got my head in the microwave in the process, how to fix?

FredTheHuman says:

How to basic, the non insanity edition.

superDONbros says:

this is a joke……right?


this reminds me of howtobasic..

PonysPegasus says:

Is this HowToBasic?

Trollie Bear says:

I “accidentally” ate my CD, what should I do?

John Gabriel says:

What if i don’t like sliced pickles soaked in ice cream, chocolate syrup,
and raw eggs? :(

Andres Vicario says:

i kinda ate the CD in the prcess what do i do?

Murderissimple says:

When the fuc# did they have a repair cd button?

Rich Hdez says:

It didn’t work, after all steps the cd now looks worst :(

CrazyTaco245 says:

I tried it… pickle spontaneously combusted…how do I fix? 

Edwin Senpai says:

…People actually fell for this? Faith in humanity was lost. Again.

mustafa rashid says:

The pickle actually tasted good

Yvette K says:

howtobasic might have gotten an idea from this

StrawburryPanda says:

It’s like how to basic 

Fenderman karl says:

This is how +HowToBasic came to be

coler154 says:

this is beginning to look like HowToBasic…

Zerq says:

I got my dick stuck in the CD in this process, how to fix ? 

JoeyLeone1000 says:

ok look. I did this, and the pickle tastes like metal….also, my eye is
hanging out of my eye socket. HELP!!!!!!11OneOneOne

SMGJohn says:

Fucking hell, it works! Thank you Dane, you saved me allot of information! 

DeadlyX12345 Productions says:

Worked for me.

Zane Lastnameisasecret says:

Legit! It worked on my rare game!

Blade says:

My microwave has a repair CD button… 0_-

Ahmed waheed says:

wtf it will break the cd completely

Jonah St-François says:

If anyone actually does this…

Cheddarcheese6 says:

Can the pickle have seeds?


Instructions not clear enough got my arm stuck in my butt

roccotool says:

I read the manual and found the CD button. It worked beautifully! Thank

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