Quick repair GE microwave touch control key panel doesn’t w

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How to quick fix you microwave touch panel. This worked for me and saved me $150 for replacement part. Unplug microwave Remove vent guard Remove control pane…

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Linda Schaller says:

Thank you so much for posting this. It is such an easy fix and it worked.
It saved us a lot of money!

Royal6136 says:

Thanks so much!This really worked!:)

Herb Joyner says:

Worked for me! Thanks that saved me some money.

Daniel Ketcham says:

The vent cover screwed in from the top on mine. 

Mohit Singh says:

Thanks a Ton , very handy tip u provided , thanks again

Clay Preston says:

Worked! How the heck did you figure this out??
Thanks tons.

Kurt Feinberg says:

Fixed. Thank you!

Jeffrey Smith says:

Great video, saved me a bunch of hassle, time, and money. Reseating the
connector did the trick. 



Matt Wilson says:

Thanks! Saved me some money!

Donna Buchman says:

Thank you! It fixed my clock buttons! Still can’t get the clear button to
work but, better than it was!

GalaXy808 . says:

Thank you sir my microwave is good now!!!!!

Benson Mathew says:

I have a GE profile microwave with some of the touchpad not working
—defrost, stop cancel button ect,,, I removed the front panel as shown
the video. I took photographs of the connections on the panel with my
iPhone, then unplugged each connection, one at a time, then plugged it back
to the board.

It appears that vibration from the fan as well as closing the microwave
door over time causes loose connection in the panel circuit, which causes
the touchpad to stop working. It works great now!! Saved $700 in repair
cost!! Remember to unplug the power cable before you start working on it!!

morgan solis says:

Hallalujah u just saved our microwaVe!!!!!!!!!! Thanks soOoOoOoOo much 4

V Hilliard says:

thank you!

Thomas Nakagawa says:

Thanks a lot for posting this video. Followed your instructions from the
video and my GE Microwave is working again. Saved me a repair call.

cisco kidd says:

You may have roaches in. I went to replace one and roaches had destroyed
the whole thing.

Ray Loo says:

This fix worked for me too. Thanks a lot!’
10 minutes of tinkering saved me from having to buy a new one

jbsmom425 says:

Thank you…. you saved me a service call of $75. 

Bill says:

Awesome – this took two seconds and we are good to go on our GE Profile!

Christian Figueroa says:

thanks a lot man, it worked! so far…

John Farrell says:

unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I completely unhooked the panel to
adjust the ribbon, twice but no luck. It was worth giving it a try.

outdors1 says:

You saved me a lot of money. Great work. Thanks for sharing. All mine
needed was to be unplugged and re plugged in. 

Barry DeMillion says:

THANKS!!!! Saved my bacon! Much appreciated!!!!!

LAdams says:

You are the BEST for sharing this solution. It just saved me big $$$!
Thank you! Issue was with GE Cafe Over-the-Range Microwave
Oven CVM2072SM2SS

fako namo says:

Nope. Still screwed

5iowagal says:

I was glad to find your video because my touchpad is doing the EXACT same
problem you were talking about. I have tried and tried to push that ribbon
in. I even took it out and re -inserted it like one of the other commenters
mentioned….and still NOTHING. Frustrating. I am so SICK of DIGITAL
appliances. Whoever decided to put computers in appliances is an idiot.
Nothing lasts anymore. My dishwasher is only a couple years old and its
touchpad is going out. Washer: same story. Now the microwave!

ghattmd says:

You rock! I owe you money! It did work. Although the ribbon seemed in
tight, I loosened it and re-inserted.

jeahman316 says:

HVM1540LP1CS. But this should work most model microwaves with touch panel

kitcat says:

This did not work for me. I tightened the ribbon and it did not work. I
disconnected the ribbon and reconnected it and it did not work. I
disconnected some of the other connectors and reconnected but it did not
work. Called GE consumer service. No help for my model number. So sad.
Thanks for info on how to take off the touch pad. It was worth giving it a
try. Any other suggestions?

sayaditi says:

This video was helpful… however in my case, I had to tighten the 2 white
clips sitting inside the main microwave area on a circular base.

jeahman316 says:

Draggon- your welcome

neo3298 says:

Ur the mannnn

jeahman316 says:

Kitkat- from the info I have found looks like this microwaves touch panel
goes out in about 4 years. There’s a couple of YouTube videos that complain
about it. Sorry I’m not able to help.

kitcat says:

my model was 2009 GE Cafe

BMMG00 says:

Thanks for very good video. I did it fixed my problem!

lionsc says:

It works for me! You save my money!

John Abrams says:

MANY MANY THANKS. This worked for us.

Chang-ho Bay says:

I have very much Tech Knowledge and supposed to be replace touch pad but
It’s simple bad contact connection. Thank you for sharing this

Travis C says:

THANK YOU! I have the GE Spacemaker 2.0 with its tragically
fully-digitalized keypad. This worked for me though and saved me a lot of

matt mcgibben says:

also didn’t have to rip out of the wall to fix with a slugoooooo

matt mcgibben says:

awesome video took less then a min. to fix my maytag when the screen showed
se thank you !!!!

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