Microwave sparks with nothing in it!!! Wave guide cover repair!

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If you microwave sparks with nothing in it. First try to clean the cover I show you in this video. If that Doesn’t work remove it test it without the cover. …


xDwelleR says:

Life is tuff without a microwave!

w8ing2exhale says:

Thanks for this. I too was ready to put my microwave on the curb due to
sparking until I came across your video. I am really really bad at keeping
my microwave clean so my wave guide was covered in grease, old food and
biological experiments. I cleaned it real good with dish soap and a
sponge, dried it off, and popped it back in place and VIOLA no more

Gia Anthony says:

Just popped mine out , cleaned it, put it back in place. Now works
perfectly! Thank you!

Dollar Bill says:

just cleaned mine and now its working perfectly, saved me some squids lol 

Thomas Falle says:

Awesome!!! Worked for me too.

Chalk Hawk says:

Extremely helpful advice! Thank you! I always get a little freaked out
when it starts sparking, but after a thorough cleaning, it did the trick.
Two things are worth noting. First, in my case, I had to gently remove a
plastic fastener holding the wave guard in place, but with a small flathead
screwdriver and a small pair of needle nose pliers, it popped out just
fine. Second, don’t forget to clean both sides of the wave guard…even
though the speck of food causing the problem was on the outside (facing the
interior of the microwave), there were substantial stains and or residue on
the flip side of the guard.

osteencitadel says:

I would just buy a new one if it is a countertop microwave

osteencitadel says:

If you can get a new one like you want for under $100 it is not worth
taking it to a repair shop

osteencitadel says:

No it would get damaged by steam and food.

osteencitadel says:

@syshock2 Now, if I could only get half the amount it cost for a repair guy
to make a house call for everyone I’ve helped…I would be rich!

kitsaplady says:

It worked, thank you so very much!

Ray Rana says:

Thanks I fixed mines as well…

Dany Garcia says:

What if i broke the wave guide and somebody uses is something dangerous
going to happen

gautam chaudhary says:

Thanks for the video. I just fixed my microwave. Cheers to you…!

CdBdBx says:

your tip fixed yet another microwave. the removing and cleaning process
took all of 3 minutes. thank you so much!!!

EPU01 says:

Awesome! Such an easy fix.

Dany Garcia says:

I meant if i took out the wave guide and somebody uses it with out the wave
guide what happens

Rosaura Zamora says:

I found what looked like a brand new stainless steel Oster microwave in my
apartment complex next to a dumpster; so I decided to take it home and
check it out to see if I could fix it. I plugged it in and it turned on,
the only problem was that spark thing. Then I came across this video and
just cleaned it up and put it back and IT WORKS PERFECTLY FINE. Free
microwave score! Thanks for sharing this with us.

bogeyman291 says:

What harm is it if you do not use the waveguard? They cost $15.00 plus
shipping on an Magic Chef , seems alot for small piece of Composition

Vasu Patchava says:

Just followed the process and fixed the issue. Mine is Sharp. Opened the
plate, cleaned it and fixed it back. Thanks for the post Regards

osteencitadel says:

The wave guide only protects the electronics inside. Just google the make
and model number and find the part online. Don’t waste time driving around
town. Even the sears parts store doesn’t carry it. If you use the microwave
without you risk damaging it to the point of needing new one!

syshock2 says:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! I used your video to fix my Microwave!!!! It was
sparking and I couldn’t figure out why. Then I stumbled across this video
and took of the small rectangular cover… cleaned it… and there you go!
Works again!!!!! God bless you!!

osteencitadel says:

Thanks for all the positive comments!!

zaprodk says:

Dude, there’s a Megatron in your oven, amazing 😉 Also, the plate is not a
“Resistor” or Attenuator, it’s simply a plate that is transmissive to Radio

zaprodk says:

The waveguide cover simply ensures that no steam and food residue gets into
the waveguide, where it could char and burn over time. It’s not a
“resistor” in any way if it’s clean – if it gets dirty, it will act like a
resistor, eating the microwave power from the Magnetron, and eventually
char and burn.

eksophia says:

Where did you find the part? Great video, btw, thanks!

WolfiKurisu says:

Yeah, grabbed a new one the same day. The broken one was 7 years old,
anyway. Thanks.

WolfiKurisu says:

I removed my small cover, and there were still just as many sparks. Any
other ideas, or should I just grab a new one?

osteencitadel says:

No over time it would get damaged by steam and food.

Shams Ahsan says:

Thank you so much my friend. Your video was great help. God bless.

demonsparkx says:


nanocalp says:


MauiDems says:

Me too. I have a Sharp microwave and there is about a 4″x5″ thin piece of
what looks like fiberglss that slides up out of the holder (just use your
hand and be careful because I tried to pry and tore mine) Washed it
(scrubbed it) dried it and put it back (tear and all) and now my microwave
works fine. Thanks for saving me $200!!!!

stacy thomas says:

My Friend, thank you so much for this video, it was very helpful:)

VegascomJeff says:

Thanks man! I was able to fix my microwave with this info. I was ready to
replace it. You saved me a couple hundred bucks. My wife would have
probably preferred to get a new one though 🙂

xXKiMaStayzFliixX says:

Can you use it without replacing it ever ?

Adante Paige says:

Dude I used to live there

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