Microwave No Power Repair

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http://www.ApplianceRepairLesson.com This video explains how to access a Whirlpool style microwave so that you can test thevfuses to see if they are bad. Thi…

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Emily Jacobson says:

I have the “no signs of life or power” problem on my Whirlpool microwave,
but would it be a fuse in a case where the power went off, then three days
later, came on briefly for about an hour, then went off again and hasn’t
come back on again. 

Briana Alexis says:

Thank u! 

Nehemiah Jandroep says:

Good job! Needed this!

Patrick Coterillo says:

I have seen on other U-Tube videos that there is a high voltage capacitor
that has to be discharged, is that true?

Bashir Abu says:

I changed the fuse and power came back on, but as soon as I tried to
operate the microwave the fuse blew. solenoid fuse.

ApplianceAdvice says:

Haha! No problem good work tackling this repair yourself:)

Justin Gifford says:

I totally second April House. Service repair for a blown fuse? I don’t
think so. Thank you Appliance Advice!

gtonavy says:

What is amp rating on that fuse?

ApplianceAdvice says:

Your very welcome, friend:)

ApplianceAdvice says:

Yes you are most welcome, friend:)

ApplianceAdvice says:

Good work glad the video was able to help! Thanks a million for taking the
time to leave a comment:)

Andrew Pickerl says:

Thank you! You helped me fix my microwave! What song is this playing in the

April House says:

thank you so much! i have a samsung microwave but this video seems pretty
universal for accessing the fuses for any microwave. i had contacted
samsung first asking them how to access the fuse as the online manuals and
diagrams were of no use. they said there is no fuse and wanted me to put in
a service order…..ummmm, no, its an appliance, theres got to be a friggin
fuse! this video helped me access them, 1 was bad and now my microwave is
fixed and no long a bread box 🙂 <3

Connery Burke says:

Thank you for this info. Have a Whirlpool that stopped working and didn’t
know where the fuse was located.

ApplianceAdvice says:

Hi, sounds like a possibly door switch issue. Do you have a volt/ohm meter?
Come over to our free repair forum and we can walk through a few things.

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