How to fix bad closing door latch Panasonic microwave oven

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How to fix bad closing door latch Panasonic microwave oven.


Jill Fritz says:

You saved me throwing my microwave oven in the trash. I have owned it for
less than one year and began having this problem. I had bought what I
thought was the better (pricier) microwave and it failed within 6 months. I
really appreciate your video. It was precise, understandable and…well, it
was perfect. I am blessed to have found it. Thank you for taking the time
to shoot and post said video. I too did not have the tamper proof torque
bit and used tiny channel locks (very gently). My microwave works like a
charm now. Thank you again and again!!!

John Ingram says:

I “fixed” mine the same way, but once that metal tab was bent, it seems to
lose its strength, and bends more easily. It didn’t stay fixed for long.
Now it doesn’t say fixed at all when I do that technique.

I’m going to try two things: First, it looks like the tabs from the door
have been bent a little bit, away from the edge of the door. I’m going to
open up the inside of the door and see if there are some screws that I can
tighten up the tabs with.

If that doesn’t work, then I plan to use some epoxy to permanently adhere
the plastic piece on the inside (the one you screwed to the metal tabs in
this video) to the metal surface. I read online about somebody with this
problem doing that, and also using a wooden contraption to buttress the
metal tabs from the outer wall of the microwave. I’ve been no photos or
videos, though. We’ll see.

I suspect that the bent tabs in the door are contributing greatly to the
problem. But I was happy to see this well-done video, that demonstrates
the “fix” that worked for me for a while.

I’m curious… has this continued to work for you with extended use of the

John Tex says:

I have a panasonic microwave with the exact same issue. I followed your
instructions exactly and it is working great now. I put a little bit of
white lithium grease on the latch where you mentioned (I had it to
lubricate hinges on my car). It works like brand new now… Thank you so

Mackinac Enderman says:

Thanks, and straight to the point! I went a step further and went on ahead
and *jammed a nail* between the screw seen at 4:18 , and the frame of the
microwave. The point of the nail sits snug in the head of the screw. This
will hopefully act as a wedge ensuring the repair sticks.

motorhead45102 says:

I forget the model but my microwave is a Panasonic inverter 1200w and
sometimes it would when you would go to use it, press start and it would
turn on then turn off. I took the cabinet cover off and did find the poorly
designed door latch/switch mechanism and I bent the bottom part like you
did in the video but I put some oil with Teflon that I had, and put just a
dab on all the parts on the latch mechanism that had a moving or sliding
part, and now the door closes with no effort at all like it used to and now
the microwave doesn’t do what it was doing, but what I found out though is
before the sorta repair the top switch lever would go down really slow when
I would close the door and watch the parts move and that’s what was causing
my problem on why it would start and stop in 2 seconds.

David Klob says:

Thank you SO much for posting this. Our door had gotten so bad that it
wouldn’t turn on anymore, no matter how hard we tried. We thought we’d
probably have to buy a new microwave. I tried your fix and it’s working
beautifully. I’m a musician and not handy at all, but your solution was so
simple and your video so helpful that even I could do it. Thanks!

Scott Ethridge says:

Thanks friend! Worked perfectly for me.

Dan Mozel says:

Thank-you SO much for posting this! I was ready to go out and buy not only
a new microwave, but the trim kit as well! THANKS for taking the time to
share. You’re good people!

Nikki Ivey says:

Thank you so much for posting this…I just love that you can Google
anything these days and fix it on your own instead of having to buy
another. Awesome.

Win Kyaw says:

Thank you so much for your video. I followed your way in similar Panasonic
MW and worked well. I found it hard to take that black part off so I just
unscrewed and bent the metal and plastic part altogether. I almost return
my MW to Costco or buy an used one but you saved my life.

James Froeschner II says:

You have given all of us the answer to the OTHER reason why the Panasonic
microwave door will not shut properly! This repair is simple and you have
made excellent use of the video camera to show us exactly how to quickly
repair our malfunctioning microwave ovens. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK
YOU! :^)

Rebecca Rueppel says:

Thank you sooooo much. I just followed your instructions and it completely
worked! Thank you for helping me save the price of a new microwave. I
couldn’t be happier. You are amazing!

Sundu Kalyan says:

Thank you very much. I followed your instructions and fixed my door issue
with Panasonic Microwave. FYI: The screw bit required to open Torx
Security screw is T20

koffeedragon says:

I believe the bit at the beginning of the video is a security torx bit. In
a pinch, you might be able to use a small flathead to remove a security
torx screw.

Sandra Rieger says:

This trick worked really well for me and it was quite easy (from a women’s
perspective). The only problem is that opening the door is suddenly much
harder. However, since the microwave works now better I don’t mind. The
sad part is that this microwave is only 1,5 years old and already breaks. I
will never buy a Panasonic microwave again.

Porter Woolcott says:

Excellent guidance, but as a suggestion, you might want to try lubricating
the latch first. Our Panasonic 1200’s door had to be slammed before it
would operate and I was prepared to disassemble everything but before doing
so, decided to lubricate the door latch. A thin film of silicon grease was
put on the face and behind the latch’s head. The first closing worked
easier, but the latch did not drop far enough (just touching the button
caused the door to spring open). On the second closing the latch dropped
further down, and the MW operated. I suspect it is more important to lube
behind the latch’s head than the face, because it is the back that is in
contact with the inside of the receiving mechanism. Fortunately, the latch
is large and a finger fits easily behind the head.

yoyoyoyo2007 says:

Thank you so much for the fix. It was straight forward and took less than
10 mins and save me $$$$ from buying a new one. Nicely done!!

Jeff says:

I just repaired two microwaves my work threw out because of this issue. Now
I am wondering if I should bring the microwaves back to work or keep them
for myself. LOL. Thanks for showing us this fix!

Cloud says:

Thank you so very much for sharing this information. I followed your clear
and complete directions and I now have a microwave door that functions
properly again. Your effort to make and post this video is greatly

koffeedragon says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to create and post this video! It’s
perfect! From a woman’s perspective, this fix was very easy and quick to
implement. Since I don’t have a security bit set, I just used a small flat
head to remove the all the security screws. Latch works as good a new.

This is such a great microwave for such an inexpensive price. The best
defrost and reheat I’ve ever used. Granted, there is a design flaw with
metal support tab for the latch, but at least it’s relatively quick and
easy for a DIYer to fix.

Also, I’ve read somewhere that you might be able to “baby” the latch by
lifting up on the bottom of the door when closing it as opposed to slamming
it shut. This works well for me since the unit is sitting on a counter

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