How to Diagnose and Fix Your Under Cabinet Microwave. DIY

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A short informative video, dismantling and diagnosing some common microwave problems. Dan from www.614appliancerepair shows you how to diagnose and points ou…


Michael Marr says:

You not want to touch transformer with screw ­čÖü ´╗┐

Bill Wiseman says:

What about the diode? What about the capacitor? One of these plus the
magnatron tube is normally the problem.´╗┐

frank chen says:

very nice video, and now im ready to take a part my microwave, it wont

Sue Flaxman says:

Hi Dan. I have a GE Profile Microwave over the range. It started
“sparking”. When I turn the microwave on, it starts making noise. Also, I
something starts lighting up behind a rectangular flap on the right side of
the microwave internally. Once this stops, it cooks my food. Is this a sign
that the magnetron tube is going bad?´╗┐

Charles pederson says:

sorry dawg, your an idiot… what about waveguide cover? or mag tstat?
Sue? wipe off waveguide cover….´╗┐

Colleen Bloom says:

To answer questions:
1. yes fan runs during cooking
2. the arc lightning is literally fixed if you replace the only removable
plate in the microwave. On the wall that has electronics, remove and get to
manufacturer /ebay site and enter model to buy a total fix for 5$.´╗┐

Kylie Pritchard says:

I have a Maytag built in over the stove microwave too. I used it a lot last
Sunday and I was thinking it over heated. When I walked back into kitchen
there were no lights on. It must have shut off during cooking. I electrical
outlet does have power. Everything is plugged in but no lights are on ?
Does it have a fuse? What do you think could be going on? Thank you ´╗┐

Paul Duggan says:

The whirlpool under counter microwave I have stopped working today. The
timer will count down but nothing happens. So If I put 2 mins in it will
start counting down but the microwave is silent. I tried starting the vent
fan and it worked so I shut it down and started to try it without the fan.
Now neither of them work. The timer still works though but the microwave
is silent. The exterior and interior lights aren’t working either but I’ll
try replacing the bulbs before I dig further on that. I googled around and
found that it could be the Diode or and the thermal fuse. any suggestions?
could it be the door switch? I was thinking it was a fuse cause it worked
than didn’t. if you think it is the fuse or diode where is it located?
behind the panel or on the side of the microwave?


Jimmy Asher says:

Very good, it was exactly what I need to diagnose my Microwave.´╗┐

EarlHarley59 says:

Hey Daniel, I have an Emerson microwave that is making that same sound
EXCEPT the timer is not set to cook. All you have to do is shut the door
and that humming starts. I have unplugged it and left it for a couple of
hours and plugged it back in. Shut the door and the humming starts. It
still heats food but it seems as though it heats it even faster than
normal. Any suggestions?´╗┐

Canoon Canoon II says:

He did not need some tools…only his hands. Weird!´╗┐

noknocks says:

Hope he’s not working on this with the little boy around. Not very safe to
working on this in the same room with small children. They watch what
you’re doing and try to copy.


>>>>PLEASE HELP DAN!>>>>My 2007 over the range model#MH1160XSY-1, was also
turned on while having a lot of condensation in it, and did the blue- loud-
spark thing and flipped the breaker. I then tried it later, same thing. It
seems to run fine for about 20-25 sec.,then kicks the breaker off. A new
one will cost me $500, so I really need to try to fix this thing.>>>>What
would you recommend to check first?>>>> Any info, will be greatly
appreciated! >>>>Thanks so much for the awesome video!

Vu Nguyen says:

Hi Dan, Thanks for the good video, I just have a question, my microwave is
turn on. All the bottom are working , but when I press the start bottom it
‘s very quite , no noise…I just wonder what wrong and what part should I
replace . Thanks again,

Daniel Hawk says:

no, i do have a wholesale account at a parts store, however that part , the
high voltage transformer was unavailable. I could have gotten one at a used
parts store, however it just easier sometimes, with microwave to just get a
new one.

Xola Lee says:

I wonder why they would not waterproof the area, or keep condensation out
of the area of the circuits. I guess it all remains on cost. Thank you for
you video. I use be in school for HVAC. Do you have a License that allows
you to buy part; that people without License can’t buy?

Connery Burke says:

Hey I need your help … I have a Whirlpool Microwave it blew the fuse
which I replaced. Now it is starting but stops after 2 sec. What could be
the problem

Tom Nash says:

Thanks for this. Turns out now I know my transformer is bad and have found
a used one for $25 on ebay. My next step is to figure out how not to kill
myself discharging the capacitor.

Lora G says:

Hi Dan, my husband would like to ask you a questionÔÇŽshould the fan be
spinning when the microwave is on? We are trying to Dx the problem, however
it doesn’t seem to be the High Voltage part you are mostly talking about
here, it heats everything just fine, we turn the microwave on, the fan is
NOT spinning and it’s making a pretty loud noise, it is not the turntable
we turned it off. We have a KitchenAid it is the same exact one in this
video. Hope you get this. Lora

Daniel Hawk says:

h8tr lol u obviously wasnt using it anyway

Daniel Hawk says:


vizsladoggie says:

Probably the most thorough and informative video I have seen in a long time
on explaining something in laymen’s terms. Most people either leave things
out that may be obvious to the video maker or professional but are
important to diys. Very nice job. I

Bruce lee says:

Great video thank you.

Daniel Hawk says:


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