GE Cafe Microwave Touchpad Failure and Possible Solution.

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GE Cafe Microwave touchkey / touchpad won’t work. Try this to see if you can fix yourself. Really expensive to have a GE Tech fix this.

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John Ktejik says:

why would we push it in then take it out for 20 seconds?

Cole Price says:

Does anyone on here still have the number that Lisa supplied? Thanks!

Jim Taylor says:

Thanks for the info this worked for me!! I hate this dreadful microwave and
other appliances in the cafe series they are overpriced unreliable pieces
of trash. I’m not likely to purchase any thing new from GE anytime in the
foreseeable future.

Benson Mathew says:

I have a GE profile microwave with some on the touchpad not working
—defrost, stop cancel button. I followed the solution posted below by
just removing the panel as described below, taking photographs of the
connections on the panel, unplugging each connection and then plugging it
back.It works great now!! You can avoid a lot of work by avoiding removing
all the panels.. FYI.

“Leave OTR Microwave installed. Unplug the power cord. Remove 2 screws from
fan guard and slide off. Remove screw at top of the touch panel and lift up
on the entire touch panel about ¼ to ½ inch. Take a picture of cables for
reminder. Unplug all the cables that connect the touch panel to the
microwave. Remove the green ground cable by removing the screw. Gently
remove and reseat three ribbon cables. Reinstall. Fan vibration causes the
problem. You just saved $700.00.”

David Hautanen says:

Thank you, this worked for me. I also can’t believe how much I paid for
this microwave and how short of time it worked before needing repairs.

Ken W says:

I thought I would add the information already presented here on the GE Café
Microwave issues. First, thanks goes out to Lisa, for the information on
calling GE. I called today and spoke to a consumer relations
representative. I was then directed to another representative who handles
the “touchpad microwave” program. He was very professional and inquired if
I tried the “hard restart” to which I did. He then indicated that GE has
had numerous problems with the GE Café models and that I qualify for a
replacement. GE, through a third party will have all the work done within
3-6 days. FYI, the circuit board would have cost $629.00 to replace….
$13.00 more than I paid for the microwave.

Alverton Holness says:

Lisa: Thanks! GE replaced my microwave with the defective touch pad.
Interesting that the user’s manual for the replacement says that the
cooling fan comes on automatically if the microwave gets too hot (even if
not being used). 

Brian Moffitt says:

hello i have a micro wave that come on but cut off in 2 sec

mackin62 says:

Good Afternoon, Is there a toll free number other than 432-2737? I called
and there is an $84 charge just to come out to the house. 

Barry DeMillion says:

Thank you! I have a different model but this helped!!!

Linda Martin says:

Thanks so much for the info..I was able to get a new Microwave with just a
nominal fee, because the old micro was 5 years old. I was also able to
acquire new knobs for the cafe range due to the plastic knobs breaking.
They now are metal. Thank you again for this info, it saved alot of

Kimberly Williams says:

Dale, if you don’t mind me asking, how old was your microwave? Thanks!

magic9418 says:

Only worked for a day, Ge is replacing it thanks Lisa for the info

Glen Currie says:

Try taping it with electrical tape so it is secure and doesn’t move.

Makeuptutorial456 says:

can you tell me how to JUST remove the fan guard ?

Joshua Fox says:

I’m going to try this trick, see if I can save the appliance. Thanks for
the great video!!

x2eXu50x says:

How long did it last after the first fix?

Alverton Holness says:

Leave OTR Microwave installed. Unplug the power cord. Remove 2 screws from
fan guard and slide off. Remove screw at top of the touch panel and lift up
on the entire touch panel about ¼ to ½ inch. Take a picture of cables for
reminder. Unplug all the cables that connect the touch panel to the
microwave. Remove the green ground cable by removing the screw. Gently
remove and reseat three ribbon cables. Reinstall. Fan vibration causes the
problem. You just saved $700.00.

Holly S says:

Just got off the phone with Consumer Relations and they are replacing it
for free! And upgrading to a convection one, too! Thank you Lisa

Andrew Bradford says:

That’s good information. Thanks Lisa. Our microwave works fine now… but
I’m sure we’ll have this problem again sometime down the road.

magic9418 says:

I did what you said and it did not work, I disconnected this thermo sensor
along with the other next to it with two blue wires and that did the trick.
Thanks, and if it does not hold I will be calling GE like the ladies above.

ITSbizMarketing says:

I had the same keypad issue occur many times on my GE microwave and found
that unplugging it for 8-hrs restored it without having to disassemble.
Over 3-years this trick as worked 5-times. It may have something to do with
allowing the internal back-up power getting drained and resetting the
system. Might want to give it a shot before taking down your micro.

Intsiknacrested says:

Thanks!!! Your solution worked perfect…for now. Make sure you push that
connector in firmly or the problem will persist.

Dale Milani says:

But to be truthful w/ you, had I not seen Lisa’s post, we would have tried
your method!… well, maybe after trying the one below that doesn’t require
the unit to be removed!

Dale Milani says:

Great directions..but will call on Monday as Lisa suggests…
bought/installed it late 2009 or early 2010… only two “elderly” adults
use it! and certainly refuse to pay $700.00 for service!

John Helm says:

thank-you Lisa!!! I tried Andrew’s solution did not work for me. I called
the GE number Lisa gave and they are shipping out a new unit this week and
will install at no charge. I was very calm and friendly with the customer
consumer relation person and this may have helped me. good luck to all that

bruce lott says:

Just called the 800 number Lisa supplied, and one of GE’s consumer
advocates set up to have our microwave removed and replaced at no cost.
Thank you Lisa for taking the time to post your experience. It saved me a
boatload of arguing and headaches. Thanks again!!

Dale Milani says:

.”I checked the oven, as it’s still here………manufactured in May of
2009…we had some health issues, they have been very nice and held off
coming to replace it..and I am actually going to pay the upgrade fee to the
convection/micro..some $280.00 plus/minus, if memory serves me correctly..
who knows, it just might be the “series” that mine was manufactured in.. if
that makes sense… as to shy it “went”, but they said it can get heated up
and fail.. Cheers! Dale

JD Guckenberger says:

Thank you!!! This was a simple 30-40 min DIY fix!!!

Andrew Bradford says:

This is great news. Glad you took the time to share this valuable

BLT822 says:

Called the number today that Lisa kindly posted and spoke with Brent. He
said he will get back to me by Wednesday due to systems down and can not
verify if my model with touch pad malfunction qualifies for anything! I
will follow up post when he gets back to me. fingers crossed!!

timzaho says:

I can confirm too that a special program is available. But, it is only for
US consumers. We Canadians, though use the same model, do not have this
offer. After spending almost 2 hours with customer relations on both US and
Canada sides, I draw a conclusion that GE as a corporate, is really poorly

Dale Milani says:

meant to mention, ours lights up, but “touch” does not work.. tried
unplugging it, to reset, didn’t help…sorry to say, per manual
instructions. Any other suggestions?

Andrew Bradford says:

The first time it worked for a year and half or so…. The second time
(which is when I made this video) it only lasted for 5 Months! Funny you
commented on this now, because our microwave/touchpad just stopped working
again. I should have tried to glue or secure the connection in, as I’m sure
it has just been moved out of place from operating the unit; which seems to
be the main problem. I wish I had a better answer and results for you.

Alverton Holness says: has a video with step by step instructions
on how to repair a similar Cafe model. It shows how to remove the touch
panel with the Over the Range (OTR) Microwave still installed (as described
in my previous post).

Steve Martin says:

I have the same problem and just got off the phone with GE customer
relations and no luck. She checked, but did not find any program to cover
this for an exchange. She said I needed to have a service call and maybe
they could discount the part. I told her that the part would just go out
again. Any ideas?

Dale Milani says:

Just got off phone w/ GE Cust. Serv. Lisa is correct, they are replacing
our unit…and/or offering a very good deal on an upgrade! Thrilled w/
service! And pleasantly surprised!

aggieman1125 says:

Just called consumer relations (800-836-1215) and was given the runaround.
Model # cvm2072sm1ss. Only option that was mentioned was the $500.00+
dollar part. Guess I’m up a creek…. This is a scam on the part of GE.

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