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Close Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Kenmore Ice sensor emitter boards / infrared repair and replacement. Video shows how to replace …

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Lester Rienhart says:

Cool video! Mine stopped working and there was NO flashing light at all.
Nothing. I just ordered one from ebay and I hope it will light up and
work. If it’s not getting power, is there a fuse to check? Thanks

Brian Hanifin says:

TIP: Make sure your Ice Maker’s ON / OFF “switch” is in the ON position
when you are testing this. In the “OFF” position there is a white piece of
plastic that physically blocks the optical sensor, which will cause the red
light to blink twice as indicated in the video, even though your optical
sensors may be perfectly fine!

I share this tip because I nearly replaced mine today. Luckily I decided to
disassemble the thing first to discover my mistake. :)

sixdin says:

what am i doing with my life

attelaopinionpublica says:

i tought you ACTUALLY was going to repair the boards, NOT FREAKING REPLACE
THEM like a pussy, i wanted to know trouble shoot a component that probably
is about 2 dlls and not buy the whole freking board for 50 bucks…

Don Holtz says:

So, what does this infrared sensor/detector actually control? Aside from
the pretty light not blinking correctly what happens if it is not working?
Too much ice? Too little ice? No ice? Is there a component board level
repair that can be done to fix the boards rather than replacing them with a

ApplianceAdvice says:

Don, did you watch this tutorial?

1RedOne says:

Has anyone attempted to just short they wires on the emitter board to force
ice production? Seems like this part is unnecessary

BallsWideDeep says:

Why do we have IR senors? WTF is the point? Why can’t it use the same
switch as the light?

kramden says:

perhaps you can answer a question for me…Yes, my emitter board beam is
solid when the flapper is “closed”. The emitter blinks twice when the
flapper is “open”, but it continues to blink twice as long as the flapper
is open…I am assuming this is normal, please let me know…thanks-Don

tygamer says:

QUESTION: ***I replaced the ice maker and infrared ice maker control on
both sides. It flashed and shut off when I shut the flipper… No solid
light or light at all now…

Marni Harvey says:

Help! I had the problem that the Ice maker wouldn’t make ice. Then I
replaced both computer boards. Yah I have ice. Oh oh now it won’t stop! I
even tried turning it off and it won’t stop. Any suggestions?

ApplianceAdvice says:

You are very welcome friend. Glad the video was able to help!

ApplianceAdvice says:

No problem glad we could assist:)

YakMan NC says:

oh man.. glad i found this video. it appears I have the same fridge
(Kitchenaid Model KSRP25FNSS00.) The freezer works fine but the light on
the right side does not blink..and it does not make or dispense ice. Guess
I need to order the kit. Do you have a preferred company/site where I can
order the kit? Also on the fridge side the buttons that control the
temperature does not light up. Is this a faulty control board? Thank you

kramden says:

Yes, did watch the tutorial….Problem has since “fixed itself”….But now,
the red light doesn’t come on/blink at all, although the system seems to be
working normally…I guess I better order the kit so I will have it when
the system fails again…

EurekaRecycler says:

Thanks for your help!

ApplianceAdvice says:

Don, to answer your question..yes it should continue to blink twice…….

ApplianceAdvice says:

To stop the ice production so it does not overfill the bucket.

TheEntreprize says:

Your video was a great help in starting the troubleshooting process. Here’s
a quick way to save some money on replacing parts. Try removing both boards
and cleaning both the IR light (on the left) and its receiver (the one with
a switch on the the right) with a Q-Tip thoroughly. This will ensure that
nothing is blocking the light path for the IR. Then simply replace the
boards and you can see if it truly defective or not. It saved me from
spending $100 on parts.

ApplianceAdvice says:

Hi, if you come over to the free repair forum we can help you with this
issue. Thanks

ApplianceAdvice says:

Hi, yes you can short two wires that will bypass the emitter boards. It’s
not recommended to leave the wires in place though only for a short test.

ApplianceAdvice says:

To stop the ice production so it does not overfill the bucket. You have to
replace the kit.

TheGillam5 says:

Hi, I have the same refrigerator, but my problem is that it freezes all
food on the top shelf of the refrigerator size (not the freezer side, the
refrigerator side). I made sure the little door between the freezer side
and the other side was closed. I have my setting on the lowest temp, but
still freezing. Can you show me how to fix this. I have no money for
repairman, but I am pretty handy. I need to know the part number too. Thank

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