Frigidaire Refrigerator Ice maker “How To” Advance Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair Help

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Close “How To” Advance Frigidaire Refrigerator Ice Maker


Pedro Diaz says:

I advanced my ice maker but i can not lift it up and water is not running
please help? it makes ice very little one or two times a day, it makes
little more at night time. thank you.

Felipe C says:

I did that but no water came out 

Cary McAlister says:

i advanced my ice maker as you showed in the video. water immediately
started running into the tray, and leaking into the freezer.

same thing happens when i turn the gear slightly on the front.

it does not harvest as the ice maker did in your video, and with the
running water, it’s a big mess. is it damaged?

351stanger says:

so i have the same fridge and water is freezing before it get to the ice
tray plz help

Josef Roesler says:

You didn’t explain why you needed to take that cover off. What was the

Maggie Padilla says:

YES!!!! Thanks for posting.

db82 says:

This is a life saver thank you so much!!

dragonthc says:

Just saved me $50 Thank you.

OSayCanYouSee says:

Absolute life saver, I wonder why nobody tells you how to start the cycle
in these systems? Well, thanks a lot for showing me!

ApplianceAdvice says:

Hi, please come over to the forum and we will assist!

ApplianceAdvice says:

Haha! Glad it helped friend.

robinrob2 says:

Don’t know much about them. I was here trying to get help with mine, but
saw comments saying 24 hours to begin normal.

kkeel65 says:

i noticed a few days ago my ice maker stopped working. I run my lines thru
a water filter, so it was time to change filter (over due). I also replaced
the lines thinking they may have been clogged up. i was just about to order
a Solenoid Valve when i saw this post. So far, so good. Water poured into
tray. I’ll check and see if everything works….GOOD STUFF. My question is
WHY did it stop working

ApplianceAdvice says:

Hi, normally are 24hr.

ApplianceAdvice says:

Thanks for the comment and you are welcome:)

WoodAndFire says:

Thanks for the video I had already removed it to see what was wrong almost
hired someone to fix it for me. Thank You.

ApplianceAdvice says:

Glad we could help. You are very welcome!

robinrob2 says:

I notice the Frigidaire cover has written on it, “do not pull ice cube
ejector fingers to manually start”. This refrigerator is brand new
yesterday and is spitting out about 3 cubes an hour. Any ideas? Thanks.

ApplianceAdvice says:

Hi, we would like to help. Please come over to the forum located at the top
of our homepage and we will assist.

Ron Openocean says:

Scored honey do points today with this! Thanks!

Peteeboy2011 says:

Hey I got ice thank u

ApplianceAdvice says:

Hi, this ice maker is set to harvest every 3 hours if the temp in the
freezer is zero.

Charles Michael says:

Hey, I have a refrigerator just like this one with the side mounted ice
maker. I connected the water supply a few hours ago but no ice is being
produced and I looked at the ice maker and I’m not hearing any noise to
indicate its functioning. How long does it usually take to produce ice for
the first time?

kazzymax88 says:

PLEASE READ! I’m so glad I found this as it definitely gave me a heads up
as to what the problem was. However, I still followed the manufacturer’s
warning about pulling on the fingers since that puts lots of stress on the
2 plastic gears and only indirectly moves the one for the motor.. So, after
taking the front cover off, I noticed the notch in the left gear’s metal
post. Figured a flat head screwdriver might work, carefully turned it
counterclockwise and voila… it started moving again!

danny mccray says:

how do you speed it up mine makes is real slow

Cissie Murphy says:

I was wondering if you could help, my 2009 Frigidaire is not making ice. I
have shut the power and rebooted, nothing lol. I did the advanced thing ,
nothing . I really do not typically let it run and make ice all day, only
when needed so it is really never used. I have no water leaking from
underneath so I think hook up is good. HELP !! lol thanks cissie

ApplianceAdvice says:

Yes, you are very welcome! Thanks for taking the time to post a comment:)

Charles Michael says:

Yep, I think patience is the key. After about 12 hours it started to
produce a little bit of cubes 🙂

robinrob2 says:

update-one tray every 3 or 4 hours. Water goes in at beginning of cycle and
freezes but waits to eject.

Dana Smith says:

I tried pulling on the fingers as you show in the video but it would not
start turning on its own to go into a cycle, (our ice maker is identical to
the 1 in the video.). So then I tried what kazzymax88 below says about
using the flathead to manually turn the gear…so I did that and turned the
ejector fingers all the way to thew other side so they are down touching
the ice cubes…how long should I wait for the heater to melt the ice and
continue popping the cubes out.

Gail Barnett says:

My ice maker will not send cubes, it only sends crushed ice, I know there
is a lver in the back that controls the ice. If I put the lever in the
cubed position, the next time I get ice it is CRUSHED again!

endrightwinglunacy says:

Dude, you are the BOMB! I installed a brand new ice maker on our brand new
fridge freezer, and the maker wasn’t working…I checked everything; I was
convinced it was the water supply, but no. Tearing my hair out I found your
video, lifted up the fingers as you show, and low and behold the f*ing
thing starts working; this was on a brand NEW maker, and nothing in the
instructions about having to do this. Thanks again!

ApplianceAdvice says:

Hi, there is no way to speed it up really. If you lower the temp in the
freezer it might help but this ice maker will only harvest a load every
three hours.

Mustangmilton says:

Thank you for the information and the video. I was able to determine that
all parts of the ice maker are working properly, leading me to believe that
the freezer temp was not set cold enough. Now all I have to do is wait and
see if that cures the problem. Thank you again.

ApplianceAdvice says:

You are very welcome, friend!

Edward Hineline says:

Good Video and did not advance for me but followed others advice here.
ANOTHER tip: I tested ALL my valves and water was going to top at ice maker
but not going into ice maker. Took hair dryer inside freezer at point where
water comes in. Left it there on low for 5 minutes. Next cycle, a small 1
inch icicle came out AND water! Woot.

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